Finding My Mojo, Finally

I’m sure you’ve noticed the lack of updates here.  Aside from merging A Cowboy’s Wife into My Wooden Spoon, I’ve just been trying to catch-up, gather my thoughts, and create a plan.  I think I’ve finally found my mojo and it’s refreshing.  Merging and letting one blog go has taken a huge weight off of me and I feel somewhat free.


I’m actually sitting in San Francisco as I write this.  I had the opportunity to hang out with the folks from Blurb and I have to say, I walked away with inspiration and creative ideas for me, you, and my local community.   Blurb allows you to create books – Photo books, Text books, or Photo & Text books.  The quality is OUTSTANDING!  I’ve always wanted to make one with our cowboy photos but today, I knew that creating a cookbook with all my family’s recipes would take priority of wants.  How cool is that to self publish your own cookbook?  Anyways, I’ll get into more Blurb later on because they are coming out with some more fun things and innovative apps that I can’t wait to share.  And just to keep in full disclosure – I was asked to be an ambassador or Blurbarian and proudly accepted.  They flew me out (at their expense) and shared their story and it’s pretty great I have to say.  I think you’ll love the ideas I came up with for creating a book!!

Easter was great!  Truett had a blast hunting eggs with friends and came away with tons of candy and fun toys.  I love seeing their excitement.  We went to my friend Sheri’s house, who is a great cook!  She had so much food that I left feeling like a stuffed pig.

How was your Easter?

My 17 year old had prom recently and looked absolutely handsome.  I can’t believe he turns 18 this year and will be a senior.  I FEEL OLD!!  Truett starts Pre-K this year and I have to say, I’m COMPLETELY EXCITED!!  I love him to death but my goodness, he’s a handful right now and really needs physical & mental stimulation that school can provide.  Socializing & playing with kids, learning all sorts of new things, and just being around others will be great for him.

My weight is going okay.  Because I’ve missed several sessions due to a busy life and travel, I’m not where I want to be but I’m still on track and will reach my goal. I’ll get you a more detailed update soon.

I leave to Chicago on Sunday to meet with the folks from Gatorade.  I’m really excited because I’m sure many of you already know how much I love sports.  I think it’s the perfect company to get to know!  I believe we even get to meet NBA Kevin Durant’s Mom!  How fun! Although, I must admit that I don’t watch basketball so much.  My boys are super excited about me hooking up with Gatorade so I’m the cool Mom of course…and that makes me squeal! It’s hard to look cool to your kids when they’re 15 and 17.

So that’s what’s happening with me.  What’s happening with YOU?  I want to hear! I want to know what you’ve been doing and what you have planned.  SHARE WITH ME!!! I want comments! My new goal is to comment back!!!

Until next time……..


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  1. says

    I love *hearing* the enthusiasm in your words.

    HOLY cow Truett looks so big! Love that shot.

    I’m so excited to hear more about Blurb. I dream of printing my own cookbook and a book from my blog for the kids.. can’t wait to hear more.

    <3 you lady

    • says

      Thank you Rachel! And Truett IS big!!! He’s a giant compared to the other kids that will be in Pre-k with him! LOL

      YOU WILL LOVE BLURB WOMAN!!!! And you know what…it would make a kick ass photography portfolio!!!!! ;) Updates coming soon and special things for my readers:)

        • says

          Yes ma’am! I’ll be taking ALL my boys, including our “other son”….he’s a friend of the boys who has become part of the family pretty much. I heart him and his Mom. It’s been nice having those offline friends & relationships but I do miss my online homegirls;)

  2. Heather says

    Looking forward to the new evolution of your sites! Good for you for putting your family first! :) I’m a sahm to two girls – and we have a summer filled with swim team, friends, ans summer camp. It’s going to be busy but fun!

  3. says

    Did the Blurb people address how what they do differs from Shutterfly and others who offer the same type of photo or photo/text book capability? Perhaps they have lower prices or the quality of the finished product is better. I’ve made some very nice nice books on Shutterfly and would love to find an alternative if it’s better. Thanks.

    • says

      Hi Annette,

      The finished product is absolutely a big difference. The quality is outstanding. I’ve had shutterfly’s and a couple of others and these do not even compare. The attention they give the paper is amazing. They work hard to bring the best papers at an affordable price. If you’re wanting a book as a wedding book or photography portfolio, their pro-line paper is the best and the colors are RICH and true to photo.

      I honestly could go on and on……I wish you could feel the books, the binding, and the paper. If you had a Blurb book and Shutterfly Book in our hands, I guarantee you’d be able to see the difference.

      Also, the template process used to create your book is SOOOOOO easy!!! I have more posts coming about it!