Fire Update: All Food Ruined but Could Be Worse

Fire Update: Man, it’s been a long 6 days.  I’ll try to give you a brief rundown of things.  In 6 days, over 80,000 acres burned, hotspots still flaring up, no power still, and about $1000 worth of our food ruined.  Fun times here on the ranch.

Well, I know how tired I am so I can only imagine how tired those firefighters are.  I know my husband has been helping nonstop on very little sleep but you do what you gotta do you know?    We’ve been staying at hotels all week..well, the boys anyways. I wanted them where they would be safe, close to food, and just comfortable to where they don’t have to worry about anything.  I traveled back and forth staying with my husband in our house, then one night with the boys, etc.

This entire event was just awful to witness.  I’m so thankful to see how many homes were saved but absolutely sick at my stomach to know that the cattle and other animals were destroyed. When we me and my friend Ollie drove down Highway 181, I never thought I’d have to see what I did.  In the midst of the black ground and white ashes, there were dead deer and cows, completely burned.  I lost it for a minute, breaking down and crying.  It was just so sad to know that they couldn’t escape.

I had a couple of meltdowns I reckon but I’m thankful for Ollie staying by my side up until she had her own emergency, which if you follow me on facebook, then you’ll know what it was. If you don’t, her son had a 4-wheeler accident and to be flown to Abilene.  He’s okay though.  Obviously he had a bad concussion and a blood spot between but all okay. He’ll have headaches and blurry vision for a bit but will pull through fine.   Even through her own crisis, she still managed to stay in touch and see if we were okay.  That’s a friend.

My body is tired and my brain fried but things could have been so much worse.  We may have lost all our food but at least we have each other, and still our home.

I just wanted to give a HUGE HUGE HUGE thanks to everyone for their support online and off.  We’ve some really awesomeness going on from all the volunteers and with the donations.  I personally want to thank Doris Monroe for not only calling to see if we’re okay (daily almost), but making sure all the volunteer firefighters were getting fed, including my man.    It’s kinda sad but when things like this happen, you see people’s true colors and get to see who really cares about you and the community.

Anyways, things are okay right now.  We are still waiting for power to come on which might be one day or 5…we’ll see.  Thanks for everyone!  I’ll be writing some posts to get caught up online so be warned, there might be a few roll out quickly!

Have a good’un and enjoy the photos.

From our house – Fire is East of us on neighbors.

This photo made the Sweetwater Reporter, our local newspaper. They used a few of my photos actually and gave me credit, unlike Ktab.  In this photo, they were trying to save cows…they weren’t successful, however, those same cows that ran towards the fire, were later found alive!!! All but one anyways.  That’s great news!

Fire on the ranch we live on..making it’s way towards our home.

We quickly had to put our truck in reverse and get the heck out of there!


My Father-in-law’s entrance got burned, along with his carport….but missed his house and our cows.  whew!

Off of highway 181….looks like winter!!

And finally, a truckload of food ruined…hauled to the dump.  *sigh*

Have a good weekend y’all.





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  1. says

    Glad you guys made it through it so far and hopefully through it all once the fires are completely put out. As for the food, you should be able to recover that from your house insurance. When the hurricane nailed us here years ago we lost 2 freezers full of food and we were reimbursed from the insurance company along with the cost of the damage to the house which thankfully was minor.

  2. says

    Oh Lori that is terrible! I am so glad you and the family are at least safe. Is your home okay? I’ve been following you on Facebook and watching this on the news, praying for you and everyone there. The poor animals. How scary. Is there anything I can do?

  3. says

    There really are no words, Lori. Feels just like the devastation out here from the tornadoes. It’s like, something you never ever once expected to see in your life. Almost makes you feel like you’re on another planet all of a sudden, huh? (Speaking of the devastation left behind.)

    On the fire itself, though, wow. Just wow. Now that’s another planet thing – a whole other dimension. And a very scary one at that! Geez!!

    I’m so sorry you lost all that food, but, I’m so glad that your family and your house made it through. What a mind-numbing experience.

    {{{{BIG HUGS}}}}

    • Debbie Simmons says

      The fires were horrible! The loss of animals, devastating! The loss of food, sad. To know you are all OK, safe and sound is wonderful. I followed you on FB too. In fact I would check in early in the morning and then late at night again to see how things were going. Looks like lots of prayers were answered.