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One of the things my husband did on his way to Colorado was pick a colt for his brother from his brother…get it?   What I didn’t know is that he would come home with 2 colts!  Yep, he went and bought one on his little visit.  They’re cute little boogers ain’t they.  Because they wouldn’t go into the pens on their own,  my son saddled up and led them in.  They’re just yearlings afterall.  They don’t know what the hec is going on. 




ooooo, I want one of my own.  Hey, wait…maybe if I sweet talk my man he’ll give it to me! 



These photos were taken by my man!

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    SO CUTE! I saw a bit on the news a few days ago about a 2 yr old who could use a rope. He was so cute and it made me think of you. I watched it hoping maybe I’d see you. LOL

    Leigh’s last blog post..New Blog!

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    awe!! They are so cute!! I love the dark bay one!! I am a sucker for bays!! They are some good looking yearlings!! We just had a baby today!! She was supposed to be all colorful but is just a breeding stock filly. She is a cutie though. She’s on my blog.
    Your man takes some good pictures, and I am sure he would give you one colt if you begged and pleaded! They are adorable.

    Andrea’s last blog post..Things That Go Bump in The Night!