Food Challenge Questions

I’ve gotten a few questions about the Food Challenge. February’s Food Challenge ends in 6 days so you better hurry if you plan on entering!   I’ve secured GREAT prizes for March (<–valued at $200) and May!!  If you’d like to sponsor a prize for the food challenge, email me at [email protected]

1) The recipe does NOT have to be original.  You can either give credit to where you found the recipe, or you can modify the recipe just enough to give it flavar.  Either/or is fine.  This also means that bloggers, if you have the recipe published already, you are still more than welcome to enter it.

2) Your photo does not to be professional. I know that some of the entries look professional but they are not. They just took a lot of time to capture a great photo.  While a photo is required, you won’t be judged on your photo so please don’t let that worry you.

3) EVERYONE can enter.  Several have stated that they don’t have a blog but you don’t have to have a blog folks.  I have a form that you can fill out and attach a photo to if need be. You can also upload your photo to a free service like flickr or photobucket.   I’d love to see bloggers and NONbloggers enter! The more entries, the better the prizes!

4) The Food Challenge is open to the US and Canada.   I’ll let you know in the challenge whether or not the prize is available to you or not. I try to make sure they are available to all but it can be expensive for the sponsor to mail through customs so I apologize in advance if it’s not.

That’s it!  If you have any other questions, just ask!

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