Football Fiesta

It seems like every weekend we go into a food and football coma.  Seriously.  It’s playoff time and while our unreliable, totally predictable Dallas Cowboys didn’t make it, we still have teams we are rooting for!  GOOOOOO BRONCOS, FALCONS, AND PACKERS!!  Okay, the TEXANS too but they are not my faves.  ((hiding))  ~~Show me what you got Rodgy Rodgy~~  Of course, you can’t watch football without food.  It’s just the way it is you know?  We normally do all sorts of finger food and appetizers but this weekend, we decided to have a little fiesta with a mexican pile on.

mexican pile on

Since Toby is trying to eat healthier and Tyler could care less, we thought a mexican pile on would be a fit for all.  Toby used whole what tortillas, Tyler used flour tortillas, and the rest of us created nachos.  There were plenty of fresh goods like black olives, onions, lettuce, tomatoes, and homemade hot sauce.  We even opted for fat free refried beans!  My husband made his delicious guacamole dip that we all founder on.  It’s sooooo good!



Football was awesome this weekend!  I didn’t think the Texans were gonna pull it off but they did!  And the Ravens won!! YAY!!  I love to watch ‘A Football Life’ and instantly fell in love with the Ray Lewis’s attitude on and off the field so I’m happy to see them win and help make Ray’s retirement awesome!  I wish them the best of luck against the Broncos, who I will ultimately be rooting for.   My other picks are the Texans over the Patriots, the Falcons over the Seahawks, and the Packers over the 49’rs.

nfl jersey   nfl team tees

By the way, if you want a nfl jersey, get it at Walmart!  The price is great. We bought one used one time for $60. Lame. I also wanted one of these nfl team tees but they were sold out.   We always buy all of our NFL themed paper goods at walmart but don’t usually think of apparel. I have no clue why.  I compared the prices to several other places on the internet and I have to say, it’s a pretty big bargain to get them at walmart.  You know how expensive that NFL gear can get don’t ya?  Gotta save when we can.

Okay, back to food.  Here’s a few pics of the boys building their burritos and nachos.





I personally thought using nacho chips were the best way to pile on this mexican feast.  I didn’t have all that tortilla bread to fill me up and could enjoy the best part.


No matter if it’s NFL or sixman football, we can always find our blue colors at our local walmart.  And of course, these guys will always be my favorite football players.

toby and truett


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  1. says

    I didn’t even know Walmart sold NFL stuff. That could have saved me a buttload with everything I spent on Packer’s stuff for Matt. (And I wan NOT sad to see the Cowboys lose).

    Your feast looks scrumptous! But I have to know, what in the world did you do to those poor black olives?

    • says

      LOL!!! My husband picked that can not realizing that ‘chopped’ met minced in this case. He was sad but said they still tasted good. :) AND YOU CAN SUCK IT CAT! COWBOYS WILL REDEEM THEMSELVES……eventually.

      • says

        LOL I wouldn’t know what to do with olives that looked like that. I like to get those JUMBO whole ones and slice them myself. Then the kids fight over who gets to drink the juice.

        Booooooo Cowboys. I still shake my head for marrying a stinkin’ Cowboys fan.

  2. cassie l. says

    oh man, i love mexican pile-on. my mom always served shredded coconut as an option when i was growing up. sounds totally weird, but it was really good!

  3. Lauralee Hensley says

    Boy your boys just get more handsome don’t they. I like your idea about the chips with the good stuff piled on high. I prefer thin crust pizza’s because I’d rather taste the stuff on top of the pizza rather than just tasting a bunch of crust, and your idea for the mexican food is great because it’s basically the same thing. You’d be tasting the good stuff on top, but also have a little crunch with the chip. I’m not much of a football person myself, but the hubs is. So, I hear it when he is watching.

    • says

      Thank you Lauralee! We got so full on this food and had a great day overall. It was fun for all to be siting around the kitchen bar, eating away, watching eachother pile our food on.