Football Hero!!

Check out who got Football Hero at Highland. Yep, my son Tyler. We are very proud of him! I thought I’d share a few photos and my speech. Each Senior parent was allowed 1 minute to say something to/about their Senior. Here’s what I wrote:

I have to admit, I sometimes wondered what kind of young man you’d turn out to be.  Between carving your name into everything, cutting holes in your clothes, and holding Toby down ALL the time to spit on him (all at the age of 5)…I really did wonder.  But look at you now….

Your athleticism, dedication, and respect for the game on and off the field will only be an inspiration to the upcoming Highland Hornets.  While you’ve struggled academically just a tad throughout the years, you have so many other qualities that will carry you far in life that are just as, if not more important.  I think it’s our hardships that have made you appreciative and grateful for everything that comes your way.  I’ve said it many times but you have this incredible work ethic and mannerism that would make any parent proud.

We love you more than you can possibly imagine Tyler.  From the moment you were born and your dad was counting every single toe and finger, to now, to wherever life takes you…we’ll always be proud of who you are and what you stand for.  Enjoy every second of the game tonight, play your heart out, and beat those cardinals!!!!!! 

Tyler Falcon and Megan Thompson WOOHOO! Sorry, my camera was out of focus I guess.

Highland Hornets, Senior Boys 2012

Tyler and Toby Falcon (Senior & Sophomore)

Tyler and his mama:)

Tyler and Kara, the gal that has broken him out of his shell, makes him smile, and keeps him in line!

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  1. Sunnie says

    They are both good looking boys! Good job on making such a fine young man! And kick some ass in the football field Tyler.