Forever a Keepsake in My Heart

When me and my husband first decided to marry, we had nothing.  No money, no home, nothing….well, except a Polaroid camera given to us.  I don’t know what we were thinking but thanks to some family members, we were able to pull it off.

me and him

My Aunt took me to a pawn shop where we bought my wedding ring for $40 bucks.   My SIL’s wore prom dresses and I borrowed a family member’s wedding dress.  Hardly ideal, of course, but it was what it was.   I loved that ring for obvious reasons so you can imagine how saddened I was when I lost it in the Canadian River a few years into our marriage.  And because we still didn’t have much at the time, we replaced it with another cheap no-fitting ring.  It became to where I couldn’t even wear it on my finger since it wasn’t sized for me in the first place.

wedding ring

A few more years after that, my husband broke out the big bucks (just under a $100 at Walmart) and bought me the ring I’ve worn forever……until our 20th Anniversary that is, when he presented me with a new one at our Anniversary dinner.


Now keep in mind, I’m not big on fancy stuff but this was beautiful.  My heart melted as he put it on me and it was like getting married all over again.   It just brought back all the memories of how hard we’ve fought to keep our marriage full of love through all the ups and downs.  I can’t imagine any other anniversary being as wonderful as this 20th Anniversary was.  We are blessed….I am blessed.

Keepsake Melody Wedding Ring

The ring, just like our previous ring, came from Walmart.   It’s called Keepsake Melody.  It’s a beautiful ring with 5/8 carat diamond and 14k white gold. I love that it’s white gold since I almost only wear silver anymore.  It will blend it perfectly now with my other pieces, only more beautiful.  It has a princess-cut centerpiece which is stunning in person. Pictures cannot do it justice at all.   It’s also certified by Keepsake which is cool. I’ve never had such a fine piece of jewelry that was certified.   I’ll be honest here you guys.  I shop at Walmart (we have always shopped at Walmart) because of the affordability.  I see the jewelry but never considered them having finer pieces like this.  There have been times when we’d walk in a mall and I’d see those super fancy, overpriced jewelry stores knowing that I could never pay $2 or $4000 for a ring.  It’s a huge comfort to me to know that we don’t have to go to those stores and pay crazy prices to get such high quality jewelry.

melody ring from keepsake

So while I’ve always been proud and thankful for all the rings I’ve had through our 20 years, I gotta say, this will forever be a Keepsake in my heart.


Mr. and Mrs. Falcon

mr and mrs falcon


Disclosure: I am an official Walmart Mom. Walmart has provided me with compensation in return for my time & efforts to create this post. Opinions are my own, always.

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  1. Mary Ogunbiyi says

    That is a beautiful ring. I got my engagement ring from Walmart (Keepsake) and I love it! Walmart is very afforable. Although I’m outgrowing my current ring, I look forward to getting a new one and Walmart has some nice ones!

    • says

      It is affordable huh Mary! 5.8 cart of diamonds for under $700! And it’s certified. It’s been a long road and while a ring is just a ring, it is a nice reminder of the path we’ve been on and what lies ahead.
      How many years have you been married?

  2. Katherine Puente says

    Such a beautiful “beginning” to what I’d call a rare, unexplainable, and the most beautiful kind of fairytale love story that most people only dream about! A lot of similarities to my fairytale love story about my husband and I. I just hope and pray that we can make it through so many years TOGETHER and still be so much IN LOVE with each other as the first day we first met and even more than the most important day of when my life first really began…. when I gave my life, heart and soul to the man I believe God made just for me… my BEST FRIEND and SOUL MATE! My gorgeous and loving husband David!

    • says

      I love that story Katherine! How long have you and David been married? It’s so much work….I think people always think ‘it’s greener on the other side” when things get tough but much of the time, it’s not and love is worth fighting for. Blessings to y’all!!

  3. Adeana Hardin says

    My husband and I have a very similar story. We will be celabrating our 34th anniversary this comming August. We too didn’t have much starting out. My huband was in the Army for 20 years and we did a lot of moving. needless to say 3 different wedding sets were pawned through the years. about too years ago my husband decided we needed to get me a set to keep, since I hadn’t even had a set for about ten years. We also found our set at our Walmart in Copperas Cove, TX where my husband was an assistant manager at that time. I still have that ring and plan to for many more years. God put the too of us together and it hasn’t been easy, but but as the vows say “As god brought us together, let no man put assunder” We have been blessed by God with A Long Blessed Marriage. To God be the Glory.

  4. says

    Awwww Lori! What a sweet love story. It reminds me very much of my own love story with my hubby although we’ve only been married 9 years. Congrats on 20 years of marriage! Ya’ll are so cute together. That ring is absolutely stunning, I can’t wait to see it in person ;)

  5. Lauralee Hensley says

    Our first set of rings came from Fingerhut and they weren’t that great, but we had them until our 15th Anniversary. Never lost mine, but it just never fit great either. We just have plain bands now. Yours looks very pretty and I think the white gold is nicer than the yellow toned gold. I also like the look of rose gold, but you usually only see that in antique rings now.

  6. says

    My ring was my husband’s grandmother’s. It’s not huge, but it’s perfect and filled with love from very happy marriages, his grandparents’ and ours.