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When you live out on the ranch and miles away from town, having fresh food isn’t usually feasible unless you’re growing your own garden or making everything from scratch and while I’d like to do both, my green thumb is black and I don’t have time do to homemade all the time.

I had actually seen the Marketside products many many times at Walmart but had only bought the large 16″ pizzas. We loved those a great deal but I had never really considered buying anything else. Don’t ask me why, cause I really don’t know.

On Tuesday, we actually had the pizzas but different styles and in thin crust. I’m normally not a fan of thin crust but me and the boys thought it was really good and we didn’t feel so full at the end that we were gonna bust our jeans, like you do with thick crust! lol We added the ceasar salad to have a little balance in the meal and Those croutons were so buttery and fresh tasting!!!! I wish you could taste one right now. My husband who always eats croutons even took notice and he’s a quite man when it comes to food. Truett loved the lettuce so much that he actually ate more salad than pizza!! I must be doing something right in that boy’s raising!

On Wednesday we had the Marketside Soups, Fresh Artisan bread, and threw in more salad.   I fell in LOVE with the Loaded Bake Potato Soup and the Chicken Tortilla Soup.  TO DIE FOR!   I love bread so much.  The bread was really good and fresh.  Slice it up and add a dab of butter and your in heaven. One of the things I noticed every time I opened the soup up, even before being heated up, was the smell of the ingredients.  You can literally smell the herbs and all.  SO fresh.  The soups are my favorite by far!

On Thursday, we had Marketside’s Fresh Pasta and veges.  Wow…the three cheese tortelloni was amazing!!! And the Spinach Ravioli was sooo good!!  The sauces were a perfect match but those steamed vegetables really knocked my socks off.  I had the ravioli with a dash of Parmesan Cheese (I use Great Value) and it was a very filling and delicious meal.

On Friday, ate some of the Marketside dips. Probably the fave around here was the Chipotle Ranch Dip. My boys really liked it. I thought the Buttermilk Ranch Dip was good too but I’m not a big fan of ranch…just my guys are.  We also decided to just have a salad and went Southwestern!  The salads come complete with toppings and dressing. You only need to buy the bag and you’re ready to eat!

Overall, all the food was really great. I’ll definitely be buying the soups, bread, salads and pasta…pizza.  The dips were good but I think that we’d only buy those during football or when hosting a get-together.  We are just not big dip eaters.

I have to say, it really did all taste VERY fresh.  Sometimes you hear fresh and wonder but when I could smell separate ingredients….it was just awesome. And even in that Southerwestern Salad, you could smell whatever seasoning was in those strips.  We added tomatoes to all the salads except the Caesar.  One of the salads did have tomatoes but they weren’t just wonderful. They were ok.

Other than that, I give the Marketside brand two thumbs up for holding it’s reputation for being fresh.  Tons of flavor going on everywhere.

Have you tried any of the Marketside products? At our Walmart, they are by the Deli section!

Disclosure: Compensation and product has been provided by Walmart for my time and efforts to review the Marketside products. All opinions are my own, always have been, always will be. WE LOVE FOOD!  Check out what my fellow Walmart Moms have to say about them if you get a chance!

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