Game Time! Quick and Easy Food for Football

My guys depend on me to have their snacks & food ready for game time. I really dislike cooking on game days because I’m a huge football fan and would prefer to sit on the couch and watch with the rest of them. But the fact is, I am in charge of bringing the food to the fans so I’m always making things that are simple and great fillers. I shared with you my shopping list of football food the other day and now it’s time to share what I did with it all.

First, I started with what took the longest, which of course was the jalapeno poppers. They are the most time consuming but so worth it! Here is the whole process with photos of making the jalapeno poppers. I’ll show you all the finished food at the end of the post.

Now that those are done, I’ve moved on to Truett’s favorite, “pigs in a blanket”, using lil’ smokies and crescent rolls. I took one triangle and cut it into two pieces, then rolled a lil smokie up in it.

Then I moved to hot dogs, a teenager favorite around here. Every since my mom showed me how she makes them, it’s now the ONLY way we do it. It’s a simple process. You take a piece of foil big enough to wrap the hot dog in. Lay the bun down first, layer with the weiner, some chili, and a strip of Kraft Velveeta sliced cheese. Wrap it up and set on the pan. We partnered them up with the pigs in a blanket on the same pan to save time.

While those were baking, which is just a few minutes, I whipped up some homemade bean dip. Super simple! Take a can of refried beans, a can of ro*tel chili, chili powder, cumin, and salt; mix together. I warmed it over the stove top together but you don’t have to. You can add sour cream, cheese, and salsa for a 7 layer type of dip but we wanted simple this time around. I bought one big bag of Frito Lay Fritos and one smaller bag of Great Value ‘corn chips‘ since I had never tried them. We thought the Great Value ones were just as good and will be spending our money on those in the future. The Frito Lay bag was around 4 bucks and the Great Value was $1.50. The Great Value bag was smaller but even buying two of them to equal the big bag of Frito lay, would be cheaper.

So we have Jalapeno poppers, Pigs in a Blanket, Hot dogs, and Bean dip. We bought some soda and had tea on hand. Because my guys picked the food out, it was a big hit!

Maybe you’re looking for snacks that are a little lighter? You might try these 3 appetizers.

Top it all off with the fun, Football Oreo cookies! Truett LOVED them and even kept trying to throw a pass with one, to his Dad! They just give that perfect little touch when throwing a football party at home! They are a limited edition of Oreos but when I saw them, I just had to have them!

If you need more ideas, I’ve got queso, sweet fries, hot sauce, dips, and brunch bites.

Food is not the only thing game time is about, it’s also about halftime games, pre-craft ideas for the kids, and making sure you have a fun football environment for everyone enjoying the game! Go check it out because I put together some fun ideas for you that are easy and budget friendly. And if THAT doesn’t get you in the mood, I have a big ol’ list of over 50 of the best football movies ever!

What do you do for game time?

*Disclosure: I am a participant in the Walmart Moms program. Walmart has provided me with compensation and a gift card in return for this post. Participation in this program is voluntary. All opinions are my own, always have been, always will be.

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  1. Brenda says

    I just wanted to tell you that my husband and a few friends are here, and I made your jalapeno poppers, pigs in a blanket, and the bacon wraps, and they are sooo good!!