Get Cookin’ with Paula Deen

Can you believe it? I got to meet the Queen of Butta, Paula Deen at the Blogher Conference in Chicago.  {{WOW}}  This is probably my fourth of fifth time showing this picture off but I don’t care.  It IS Paula Deen after all and that’s freakin’ cool.

Now I love Paula for her cooking (and Paula’s cookware, especially the wooden spoons..heehee) because I consider that the best southern comfort food around, however, it is her life story that is inspirational and captures my heart the most.  A quick recap for those of you who don’t know what’s she’s about……

Before she got into the professional side of cooking, Paula was a homemaker and bank teller.  In 1989, she divorced leaving her with $200 in her pockets and two teenage boys to raise.  Instead of wallowing in self pity, she started a very small catering business, The Bag Lady, where she would make up sandwiches (and other food) and have her boys deliver the food.  She never delivered food herself due to her fear, Agoraphobia, fear of public places.  Paula has said that her fear was probably due the fact that she was held at gunpoint at one time in her life.  GAH!!!

Next thing you know, “The Bag Lady“, outgrew her kitchen and moved on to bigger things.  She was hired by Best Western Hotel, to cook of course and within 5 years or so, she owned her own restaurant, The Lady and Sons.  Freakin’ awesome I’d say!!  I’m sure she never imagined that she’d own her own restaurant, much less come to be as big as she is now.

Almost 10 years later, after her divorce, she published her very first cookbook, The Lady and Sons Savannah Country Cookbook.  She moved on to TV, promoted on QVC, and went on to make other cookbooks.  In 2003, Paula Deen got her own cooking show, Paula’s Home Cooking.  Can you tell I’m a fan yet???  I even get her magazine!


After all this, she’s still a-goin’ and has launched something new called Get Cookin’ where she shares her stories and such through her own words, photos, and videos!  And guess what, you can participate too by uploading your own videos and photos.  Connect with her and other foodies on a more social level.  LOVE IT!  You get to see her as herself…sometimes no makeup;)

Finally, one more picture of me staring the beautiful Paula Deen while she answers a question for someone…….clearly I’m in love.  She’s an amazing women to say the least and I’m so honored to have met her.

P.S.  She really is just beautiful inside and out.

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    I gotta try to say that I <3 Paula so much. It took me a while to warm up to her ways, but it was her story that drew me in and now she's like the bff you want living right next door.
    I don't get jealous often, but I would so love to sit down with Paula and tell her what an inspiration she is.
    So glad you got a chance to meet her- love the pics and I'd be braggin' on them and showing them off as well.

  2. says

    This is great Lori – I love Paula’s story! I just learned of your site from Shellie at – really love the information here and the recipes look delicious!

  3. says

    I love Paula too! She is great, beautiful and inspirational! I was born and raised in Savannah… I remember the days of the bag lady- Had lunch from her alot when I worked downtown! She has gotten so popular. She makes Savannah proud!

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    SO love these pics! I’m completely in awe of you and your celebrity magnetism! First Shaq and now Paula? Seriously – you’re my bloggy hero!!! =)

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    Ummmm Can I just say how jealous I am!! I mean pea green with envy! You lucky lady!!

    You look fantastic and the Queen of Southern Cookin, Hey Y’all, Queen of Butta- she is rockin it as usual.

    Okay, I’m lesser shade of green now, but one day, one day that’ll be me sittin next to her getting a photo op! How cool would that be… (in a totally non-stalkerish kind of way) *laughing*

    Kudos to you and oh love the new look of the site – love what you’ve done with the place :)