Getting Guns

What a day it was.  Aside from all the errands and sunshine, the my mood was somewhat somber.  I think all the heavy thinking from yesterday put me there.   Sometimes I forget what kind of support system I have around me but when I write posts like I did yesterday, I’m quickly reminded.  I received a lot of emails and messages through facebook with offerings, help, guidance, and a shoulder to lean on.   They all meant something to me and read them over and over but Dorene shared a link with me from a woman who is (was) much like me & my struggles.  I found myself nodding my head throughout the entire read because I thought she was talking about me in SO many ways.  It opened my eyes to a few things, which I’ll share over the next month.

In the mean time, I’ll share my day and hope you share yours with me too.

I’m eating regularly now, still keeping it within 1300-1500 calories.  I’m doing great and very proud of myself.  I started breakfast off with Kashi’s Harvest cereal.  I tried a couple of theirs and was grossed out.  They either tasted like cardboard or were so hard that I thought my teeth were breaking but I do like the shredded wheat one.

I’ve been drinking TONS of water…but not just regular water, the new Propel Zero! I didn’t even know there was a new Propel until I went into Walmart the other day and saw them in the door entrance!  They have NO calories, unlike their other version that has 10 calories.  It tastes the same to me and my trainer is just happy that I’m getting something else in besides soda.  In fact, I’m getting to where soda is not as appealing as it once was.  WOOHOO!

For lunch I had a really great salad which chicken chunks. I actually have this often now because I love it so much.  And you see that Diet Pepsi?  I didn’t even drink it. I ended up drinking water. GO ME!

I’m still working out three days a week. My trainer Sarah at Anytime Fitness has been FABULOUS!  She’s very sweet, very encouraging, and I try my best to make her feel welcomed.  They moved here from Austin, so I imagine she’s missing her friends.  Anyhow, she gave me a great pancake recipe that is totally healthy and shares all kinds of tips with me.  She also LOVES to make me do squats. blargh!  She puts me on these machines regularly as well.  She loves to make me warm up for about 5 minutes on this machine.  It’s much harder than the treadmill or elliptical, that’s for sure!

I also spend a lot of time working my upper half with this machine.  She’s gonna build up my “guns”.  I’d say my upper half is pretty darn weak. Much weaker than I realized so I’d love getting guns and being able to flex along with my boys!

I know you can’t see them now but they are there dadgummit!  You just wait….they’re gonna be awesome.

And this is what I do when I’m around any mirrors! I’m so lame I know but who can resist all those mirrors at the gym!!

So that was my day for the most part. I was getting really sore from yesterday’s workout so I took it easy.  I rested, we cooked out for supper, and I reflected on the fact that I have it pretty good, despite my spiritual issues.

How was your day?

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  1. Lauralee Hensley says

    Your salad looks tasty. I drink so many fluids I could float away. I don’t mind drinking water, so I drink it several times a day in big glasses that hold 24 ounces.