Getting My Walk On

The other night, me and my husband were talking about weight.  We were talking about how much harder it is for a woman to lose weight than a man, etc.  But as usual, he said I’m fine the way I am but had a suggestion.  He said that I should walk to clear my mind.   He mentioned how it can’t be mentally healthy to get up and go straight to work on the computer and that I needed to get my body going before sitting down to work.  He made some good points throughout the conversation so I decided to start walking, both evening and mornings.

I walk to the cattleguard and back which is about a mile.  A great start for me.   I listen to my Joyce Meyer podcast while walking to give me inspiration.  The scenery is so pretty in the early a.m. and around 8pm.  I’ve been carrying my camera just in case I see something spectacular.  On this walk, the only spectacular thing I saw was me.  HA!!

I’ve been taking vitamins and I’ve noticed that they make me feel a LOT better. Clearly I don’t get all the nutrients I need from food so I know that vitamins are essential for me.  I’m currently taking a prenatal vitamin, fish oil, D3, Calcium, and Magnesium, all at the advice from my ex-trainer.  I’d love to get Complete Nutrition but can’t afford to spend that extra money right now.

I cut soda out a little more and while I drink tea in place of it, I’ve been watering down my tea and drinking a lot more water.  I don’t know about you but there is something about being able to drink more water out of a bottle…..odd no?

Anyways, I find that walking has really helped me clear my mind, just like my husband said it would.  If I lose weight, great…if I don’t, I know that it’s helping me mentally & spiritually so that’s awesome.  Gotta be good for the heart too!   I’m feeling a lot better and making myself get more sleep.  So with that note, it’s 11pm and way past my bedtime. ‘Nite

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  1. says

    Good for you! I started walking as well (on an indoor track) and have increased my water intake. I have to always remind myself that my skin and hair will love me for staying properly hydrated. yesterday for the first time I actually ran *gasp* I am so sore today but I feel like a champ! Best of luck to you on getting healthy! Enjoy :)

    • A Cowboy's Wife says

      Thanks Shelly.

      I think my water intake is a big factor….I’ve hated water since I was a little girl so if I drink it, it’s usually in Propel Zero form. lol I’m trying though!

      Good luck to you! And the whole reason I’m taking prenatal vitamins are for my hair, skin, and nails! It’s proven to be one of THE best vitamins. :)

  2. Lauralee Hensley says

    I used to walk before our community built up so much, and really stopped doing it after I was followed a couple of years back. Thankfully a retired Army guy that lives down the block alerted me to the fact that a truck was following me. I was followed before a few years back by a vehicle out here too, but running cut across the prairie back to our apartment (when he lived in an apartment. I now have a gun and a conceal carry. I’ve taken training and no how to use it. I’m a good shot, well at least on paper targets I am pretty right on. So, I guess I should go walking again. It did clear my head and made me feel better when I went walking by myself. The problem is, every time I turn around Life Lock is alerting to another sexual predator that’s been released from prison or jail that is now living in my community and often not that far away, a mile usually. Makes me a bit nervous. I can’t believe the number of them that live out here. I read a report about a month ago, that more of them migrate into the rural based communities (probably because they have to live where they can afford to). If I were you, even if you think no one is around when you’re walking, I’d at least have a can of pepper spray with me, and a knife, for protection, just in case.

  3. Lauralee Hensley says

    Sorry for the typo’s and wrongly spelled words. I’m getting a headache and this happens everytime I do.

  4. says

    Lori that was a great post. I have been riding my bike at night and keep saying I will walk in the morning. Well I just haven’t done it. It always sounds good till morning gets here. Your post has inspired me to get off my butt and get out there in the morning. I know I will feel better mentally and physically for it. Thank you for the vitamin advice. I need to take some as well. I will check out the vitamin section at Walmart on my next trip.

  5. says

    I never thought about how getting up and going straight to the computer (which I do most mornings) might not be the best thing for the body. I like the idea of a brisk morning walk to get the creative juices flowing! Thanks for the inspiration!

  6. Anja says

    I just found your website and i love it. Especially the pictures, makes me wanna cry. I always wanted to live and work on a ranch ever since i was a little girl. But i realize that probably never gonna happen. I wish i still had time to walk a little bit by myself, but having a Autistic son that’s not gonna happen any more. I used to walk or go running and i felt good. Now i only run after my son, to make sure he ain’t breaking stuff or running out on the street. Looking at your pictures made me realize once again, that we probably would have a more peaceful life out there, where we don’t have to worry, that our son get’s run over or what people think. I just could let him run all day and let him exhaust himself. sigh i’m day dreaming right now of exactly that. Any way, i wish you and your family all the best. keep up the walking, it will show at some point.

  7. says

    “On this walk, the only spectacular thing I saw was me. HA!!” ROFL!!! Good one! :) That was good advice he gave you. My mom listens to Joyce Meyer pretty much everyday, inspirational stuff.