Getting Settled

Just getting settled in and saying hey. Got back from football tonight. The hornets are 6 and 0 baby but so is their rival the other hornets, which also happens to be the team we are moving to and playing for now! HA! I keep filling up my compact flash memory card with pictures of the boys and their friends. We will miss the old team! GO HORNETS:)

Anyways, some of the links in the video are:

youtube group and a flickr group

Wal-Mart Eleven Moms

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    Holy cow, woman! Are those pictures I see on your wall and you just moved in? I’d say you’re doing pretty darn well. Congrats on the velveeta deal. That is so amazing! Good for you – see what happens when you put yourself out there? I’ll give you some time to get settled in, then I’m gonna bug you for an interview. I know you’ve got a great story.

    Marys last blog post..Caroline from Morningside Mom