Getting the Lowest Price at One Store

We all want the lowest price no matter what it is we are buying and many of us hate going from store to store.  With Walmart’s ad match policy, you don’t have to do that.

How it works:

If you find a lower price advertised at another store, simply notify an associate, who will match the advertised price at the register (the item must be identical). In order to assure that the policy is implemented across all stores, Walmart has provided extensive associate training on their ad match policy.

A couple of ways it works:

  • Buy one, get one free ads with a specified price
  • Competitors’ ads that feature a specific item for a specified price at a specific retailer
  • Preferred shopping card advertised prices for specific item

I always recommend you read the entire policy.

I’ll be testing the ad match policy two times for you guys.  The other day, I used my iphone with the competitors ad and lower price on it. I simple showed the associate and they gave me the lower the price without any questions asked!  If you look, you’ll see the Doritos are $1.99 at the competitor’s store.  At Walmart, they were $2.50.  That’s a fifty cent difference so I asked them to match the price.

You can see they rang up at $2.50 and she took that price off and gave me the $1.99 price.

I had no issues at all and plan to do a video for you with another ad match scenario.  Now Walmart’s ad match policy claims that you don’t need an ad and while I love the concept, I’m skeptical of the associate actually following through.  Stay tuned for that!

Have you tried ad matching at Walmart yet?


Disclosure: I am an official Walmart Mom. Follow me and my fellow Walmart Moms as we share our experiences and ideas! Walmart has provided me with compensation and gift card in return for my time & efforts to create this post. My participation in this program is voluntary and my opinions are my own, always have been, always will be.

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  1. says

    On the buy one/get one free deal, does it matter if Walmart sells the item for a lower price to start with? I mean, I tried this years ago with a Walgreen’s ad – same exact item. The bottom-line price for 2 of them was lower than buying 2 at Walmart, but the Walmart price for 1 item was lower than the Walgreen’s price for 1 item. So, the manager said he couldn’t match it, because he couldn’t sell an item for a higher price – even if the end result was that I was saving money.

    Also, what’s the policy on things they used to call ‘gimmicks’ ? For instance, they wouldn’t match a turkey sale last Thanksgiving because the other store required a $25 purchase to get that price – which made no sense to me, since it Walmart was against the gimmick of making people spend a certain amount of money to get the deal, then they could have just waived that purchase requirement while honoring the price. Every other year they had honored the same deal, so maybe it was just that manager I talked to. And, yes, if I don’t get a deal I think I’m supposed to at the register, I have the cashier call a manager just to double-check. With the new policy and training, we should all be able to avoid that in the future.

    (I realize I could actually read the policy myself, but I just decided it would be easier to ask – and now that my son works at Walmart, I’ll have to start asking him)