Gift Guide Roundup – Truett’s Toy Picks

Toy buying can be quite a task can’t it?  Sometimes it’s hard to find the ‘good toys’ that your child will continue to play with, that will last longer than 3 months.  Having a 19, 16, and 6 year old, we have definitely gone through our share of toys over the years but I’m hoping that I can make your toy shopping much easier this holiday season with Truett’s Toy Picks.  I’ve picked his top 6 most favorite things that he continuously plays with.

Hot Wheels Terrain Twister
Guaranteed endless fun! This will go on grass,
dirt, gravel, and even water! It’s built to last.
Buy at Amazon for $79.88
N-Strike Nerf Gun
If you can keep up with the ‘bullets’,
you’ve got a toy that will last. Truett loves this. Buy for $16.88
LeapFrog LeapPad
We can’t say enough about LeapFrog
products. Truett has learned so much
with them. 5stars! Buy for $99.00
Noah’s Ark Match Game
Truett constantly plays this match game. He
also loves the built in Kaleidoscope. Great
brain game. Buy for $17.99
Phineas & Ferb Portable Speaker
Truett carries this everywhere with his iPod.
It’s loud, durable, & water proof! There are
other characters too. Buy for $29.99
Kidz Gear Headphones
LOVE these! They are safe for Truett’s ears and
come with a case and all sorts of colors. Have
lasted over a year. Buy for $19.99

Finally, if you’re looking to go all out and request that big gift from Santa, I highly recommend the JumpSport Trampoline. This thing has been the most fun ‘toy’ for our entire family. We jump on it almost every single day. We might jump for fun or when we need a little exercise. This company provides high quality trampolines, far from the ones you’ll buy in the store. You’ll be able to see the difference as soon as you start opening the package. We highly recommend this!

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