Gobble Yourself up a $50 off $100 Old Navy Coupon by Rockin’ Out!

I was so excited that Old Navy wanted me to host this week’s coupon giveaway because I know how many of you LOVEgobblepalooza_logo Old Navy! On Thanksgiving Thursday, families can play in a live game of RockBand and receive a chance to win a $200 Old Navy shopping spree. Customize your very own $10 off a $50 purchase good on Thanksgiving only by using the super cool Band Name Generator to make up a band name and logo. Dress like a rock star and purchase limited-edition rocker tees! Learn all about it starting Nov. 18 at Gobblepalooza!

While you’re there creating your band name, check out all the other cool things you can do like make a shopping list and add your band to the event list! They are really making it so much fun. I love how they are engaging customers this holiday season!

If any of you buy these rockin’ tees, I’d love for you to send me a photo of you in it! I’ll showcase the folks that wears them and it will be fun to see the look since a rocker tee is a little out of my element…but it looks good on you, I just might try it myself!  You can email photos to oldnavyrocker (at) acowboyswife (dot) com


5 winners will receive a coupon valid until November 24th for a $50 off $100 at Old Navy.


Head on over to Gobblepalooza and use the Band Name Generator. Come back here to this post and tell me the name of your band and if you want, describe your logo. Did you notice any outfit changes with the SuperModelquins when you changed the music preferences? Is there a song that your whole family loves? I’d love to hear it!

***I’m giving you unlimited entries but every single entry has to have a band name that was created from the Gobblepalooza site.  I hope to see a variety of names and not any copycats. Please play by the rules.  It’s very generous of Old Navy to offer these coupons so let’s show them respect okay?!!

This contest ends on Nov. 21 at about 8amCST. That gives you plenty of time to use your coupon!

Gobblepalooza_eventSALES…..Starting on T-Day hundreds of select Old Navy locations will be transformed into a family, fun shopping extravaganza with 3 Days of Rockin’ Deals, including exclusive one day deals:

  • 50% off all outerwear
  • $15 Frost Free jackets for kids
  • $15 adult jeans.

ENJOY Y’ALL! and for more info, check out the M80 Newsroom!


  1. Heather Patterson says

    WooHoo!!! Let’s hear it for “The Patterson Boom”!!! We plug in our iPod to the stereo system in our home and have music playing throughout CONSTANTLY! You will hear all of us (inlcuding my 3yo) singing different parts of different songs…while my 1yo bounces up and down (aka – dances). One of my favorite things to do is to stop what I am doing, grab my children and/or husband by the hand and dance to a song in the living room. A song that has remained a favorite in our home is “Big House” by the Newsboys. Love, Love, LOVE to hear my 3yo singing outloud and dancing to it…AMAZING!!

  2. Marci p says

    hmmmm….. shadow of palumbo! lol. I think I like Glamert better but hey, why not. I love Adam Lambert, Rush, Led Zep, Yes, and good ol’ southern rock Steve Ray, Los Lobos, Alman brothers and of course the Dead.
    My one son loves my music (except Glambert, doens’t like him at all) but my daughter is into Demi someone or other and that type of Disney stuff. Sheesh, you think I raised her better. lol

    So, can a rocker and roller enter on a cowgirls site? lol

  3. C. Griggs says

    Mine is Old Navy Red Velvet Griggs, the Red Velvet is written in a unique font surrounded by a reddish-brown halo surrounded by a yellow halo, the Griggs is in the center of a blue oval.

  4. Katie McCreary says

    We are Old School McCrearys-our logo is Maroon and light blue with old school in Maroon as an arrow and McCreary underneath in light blue like it is hanging on a sign

  5. Michele Ziccarelli says

    We the Bad A** ON TOO FAST TOO ZICCARELLI’S – Skeleton Head with BRACES (LMAO) – little wild, lotta crazyyyyy fun!

  6. Michele Ziccarelli says

    Old Navy’s Gobblepalooza.com – Subliminal Ziccarelli

    Old Navy’s Gobblepalooza announces headliner for 3-days of rockin’ deals: Subliminal Ziccarelli. They were just an average family with rock star dreams. Then they used The Band Name Generator and got a band name and a sweet logo that gave them instant fame (and a few groupies).

    We’re rockin’ now!!!

  7. Jennifer Taylor says


    Big Blue Taylors

  8. says

    My band name was The BullWhip Vredenburg and my logo looks like harley wings in orange and a target circle in the middle. The girl changed by wearing red framed glasses and a purple knit hat.

  9. Megan says

    “Lavoies of Doom” LOL… scary logo with orange monster hands with big claws. The SuperModelquins look like 80s punk rockers… pretty funny :)

    I like that they switched this up, so it’s different than usual since all of the good coupons get taken up SO quickly!

  10. says

    We are the Stormy Tomorrows and we all hold a calendar with the days crossed off for the whole month. Each day has a cloud on it. Our logo is a puffy cloud in blue and white and little umbrellas hang down from it as in a mobile.
    .-= April Storm´s last blog ..Meet My New Kitty =-.

  11. Betty says

    That was fun. My band is called “The Stomp” and has a brown background with crossed bones in the background.

  12. Melanie says

    Band Name: Old School Couchmans
    Logo: Brown Arrow with white lettering that has Old School and a blue signing below that has Couchmans on it

  13. says

    ok this one has to be my favorite! loved the wigs the modelquins were sporting!. the name was Mondas of Doom and our logo has some scary monster hands on it!
    .-= tzigane´s last blog ..my kids =-.

  14. PaKou Her says

    Red, White & Her. The logo was awesome – a retro, industrial era feel with two fists in the air!

  15. PaKou Her says

    Sweet, Sweet Hers. The bubble letters with hearts was sweet, and the brown and blue color palette was really nice.

  16. PaKou Her says

    The Honkey Tonk Hers. By far, this was my favorite! Very reminiscent of classic country – like June Carter Cash and John Prine. The stars and font were great!

  17. Ashley says

    I was over joyed with excitement about finally getting the chance to create my band name– ahhh and get 50% off one single item, who doesn’t love this deal.

    The Rambling Rices (we will rock on!) Slightly an 80’s feel to it and the stars sorounding “Rambling” give it that extra flair :o)