Goldfish Mac ‘n Cheese from Pepperidge Farm

I wonder how many variations of mac & cheese there are in this world.  I could founder on mac & cheese and mash taters, seriously y’all.  And while I do like to make it from scratch, it’s not always possible, especially during the school year.  There’s a new one in town though,  Goldfish Mac ‘n Cheese, that we just had to try.  We love the Pepperidge Farm crackers so we figured these would be a hit as well.  They have  several varieties and Truett was pretty tickled by the little fish noodles.

Goldfish Mac n Cheese boxes

The 4 Pepperidge Farm Goldfish Mac ‘n Cheese varieties include; Cheesy Pizza, Cheddar, Butter Parmesean, and Nacho Cheese.   They are available at Walmart for $0.98 a box.  We tried the Cheesy Pizza because who doesn’t like pizza?

Goldfish Mac n Cheese

The flavors are definitely much stronger than I thought they’d be.   Truett LOVED it but I think I just prefer it in a southern comfort form.  I just don’t do change well. In fact, I’m one of those that orders the same thing over and over again because I don’t want to try something new.  That’s clearly the problem right there.   Truett kept smiling at the little fish noodles and said it tasted just like pizza!   And since Toby ate pretty much a whole box on his own, I assume he liked it as well.

goldfish macandcheese

If you need a quick fix to get those kiddos fed, then you should definitely try it out.  I’ll probably save my ‘from scratch’ version for the grownups though.   Let me know if you’ve tried and what your thoughts are!


Disclosure: I am an official Walmart Mom. Walmart has provided me with compensation and gift card in return for my time & efforts to create this post. Opinions are my own, always.

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    I’m with you, give me the traditional macaroni noodles in my mac & cheese, I don’t even like the other shapes in the blue box brand. I did learn from an Italian woman that the sauce you have determines the shape and size of the pasta you serve it with due to the way it “grabs” the sauce.. Cheese sauce needs that elbow macaroni with the hole down the center. A marinara sauce can go with just about any of the pasta shapes but I made a dijon chicken that you serve over that corkscrew pasta because of the way the sauce clings to it.