Green Giveaway – Bissell, Brita, Tide and Green Works

If you’re like me, you’re taking baby steps towards a greener lifestyle.  Every little bit helps right?  I have a long ways to go and I’m sure many of you do too so to help, As one of the Eleven Moms of Walmart, I have brought a nice little green package to the table for you!

Four products that one winner will receive are:

  • 1) Bissell Little Mean (Green Machine) Floor Cleaner – Less packaging, PVC free tanks & hoses, and is great for cleaning spills & stains.
  • 2) Brita Water Pitcher – Love ours! Great way to reduce using bottled water.
  • 3) Green Works Cleaners – Great cleaners that do work, are eco-friendly and even include some biodegradable wipes.
  • 4) Tide Coldwater – Huge fan of Tide here. Using Tide coldwater will help save  energy & money.  Just like it says, you’ll use it with cold water instead of hot and clothes come out very clean with the added cost to your bill!



Leave a comment with a ryhme using the word “GREEN”!

Additional ways to enter. Each must be left in a separate comment.

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This giveaway ends on April 30th, the last day of the official Earth Month for greener living!  You can read official rules to all my giveaways if you like.

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  1. alison says

    the best part of the world today
    at least from what I’ve seen,
    is that so many people really care
    about living life more green.

  2. Dezi says

    I commented on your amazing photos of your little cowboy outside. I love them! Wish I could get some like that of my boys…

  3. Dezi says

    I subscribed via Reader, but it was a while ago and I don’t know if it only counts if I subscribe at this time… but either way… love your site. :)

  4. Nadine L says

  5. McKim says

    My kids think I’m mean
    when I make them clean
    but would think it real keen
    if I were the prize winning queen!

  6. Alicia Webster says

  7. Dianne F says

    “The hurrier I go, the behinder I get”
    That’s an old saying I live by each day.
    My little place on this good earth
    Is in a constant state of disarray
    Amid the turmoil, though, honestly..I clean
    With 3 little grandkids, 2 dogs & 2 cats
    I use products that are pure & “green”
    With “gardening” tots, this past weekend
    With muddy clothes & dirt on my floors
    All these great products would be my “friends”

  8. Gary Collister says

    The only regret that I have for all of us is that the “Green” revolution should have begun a long time ago, but better late than never.

  9. Estelle says

    The Bissell Little Mean Machine
    Is a great choice if you’re wanting to go green
    Tide Coldwater detergent is the best
    To give your hot water heater a rest..

    Okay, that’s all I’ve got. I’m for sure not a poet but I love all the prizes and you know it! Geesh, that’s corny, too.

  10. says

    I commented on “Developing a Photography Workflow, the Basics.” That post really helped me get motivated to do something with all my pics!

  11. Mellisa W. says

  12. Mellisa W. says

  13. Melissa says

    I’m “green with envy” over these green products.
    I need to win so I my house can be “green clean”.

    Okay, I’m terrible with rhymes. That didn’t even come close to being a rhyme!

  14. Margaret Smith says

    I love my house to be nice and clean,
    I’m diving right in and going green.
    I’m thinking of my kids futures and dreams,
    So I really don’t mind, making the present green.

  15. says

    Household chores are plenty of work
    I slave all day trying to keep the place clean-
    hubby relaxes and says with a smirk,
    “There must be an easier way, that has yet to be seen.”

    As he watches TV, I shoot him an angry glare
    and keep on spraying, wiping, dusting and sweeping
    with the smell of chemicals hanging in the air
    soon enough he starts to choke, his eyes begin weeping-

    “Big changes are ahead.” he says as he takes my hand
    “But honey, whatever do you mean?”
    “A new revolution is taking over the land-
    we need to protect our environment by going green.”

    Eager for his help, we head to the store.
    Wonderful healthy alternatives, with a reasonable price.
    I can now clean my walls, counters, bathroom and floor-
    and DREAM of hubby helping me out-now wouldn’t THAT be nice?!

  16. AmandaK says

    I know I’m part of a team because I’m trying to go green. There’s nothing you can do, there’s nothing you can say to make me change my way. Green is the way to go. That’s the way the river flows.


  17. Valerie says

    Going green
    Can be hard
    But being clean
    Is worth your guard

    Eh, does that even make sense? Haha I tried

  18. Erica C. says

    I’m lean, I’m mean, and I’m trying to be more green!
    thanks! I’d love to try the filter especially!

  19. Jill e says

    going green is easier than it seems.
    Start with water and light bulbs
    and soon your house will gleem.

    That was lame..but worth a try!

  20. susan varney says

  21. True says

    Jean, Jean, you’re looking very green.
    Was it something in the ice cream,
    or that vat of Brylcreme?
    Jean Jean you’re making a make a scene.
    We all can’t be lean, come off of that beam.
    Have the frat boys call in the Dean
    The splat that she’ll make is going to be obscene.
    God help us all with a drama queen.
    Jean, Jean…

  22. Lauralee Hensley says

    I like beans that are green,
    but my husband does not like to eat green beans,
    and thinks I pretend that I’m a green bean feign,
    but really they don’t have many calories for American or Sabean
    and can help anyone dieting become lean.

  23. brenda helgeson says

    of all the things i’ve ever seen
    the most beautiful are my daughters eye of green
    i loved them from the very start
    my first look captured my mothers heart

  24. Tanya Moyer says

    Roses are red
    Leaves are green
    These are awesomely cool products
    That keep my home “green” and clean!!!

    Great giveaway – Thanks for offering!

  25. Tanya Moyer says

    I am a feed subscriber via Bloglines!

    Great giveaway – thanks for offering!


  26. Carol says

    A Cowboy’s Wife, She’s tall and lean
    Her giveaways are peachy keen.

    I hope I win, I’d make a scene
    If I should win this prize so Green!

  27. Todd Barwick says

    There ain’t no rhyme for green.
    Wait that’s orange.
    Orange and green don’t rhyme.

  28. Jaque says

    I believe that green is definitely the color of pristine….I know it’s awful. :-(

    Thank you for reading my feeble attempt at poetry…or rhyming. :-)

  29. Beverly West says

    After a winters sleep, beneath the sullen cold ground, green grasses again sway, flowers glistening with morning dew,
    The children play, the horses neigh, shades of green, petal blossoms drifting softly past me, echos of past songs of old, whisper their memories.

  30. shelley says

    I really want that bissel and that water pitcher. So if could please give me these green prizies. Ok that sucks lol! Go Green everybody!!!

  31. tung ton says

    primp & preen
    shining like a beam
    of light through a screen
    set me free from my dependence it seems
    that i need to go green

  32. MRS.MOMMYY says

    you are a big fool
    and to many quite ugly and a tool
    if you aren’t going green
    you are just ugly and mean

  33. Sonya Allstun says

    It is never too late to go green
    nature is a beautiful thing
    What a wonderful thing
    feel the peace and the fresh air
    take a minute breath it all in

  34. chris says

  35. April says

    There’s alot of green to be seen
    The trees, bushes, grass…everything is so green
    I look into the mirror, and what do I see?
    Green eyes staring back at me
    looking like the depths of the sea
    I look down at the scar on my knee
    and remember that tree I climbed when I was only three
    I turn to the window next to me
    and watch as the sun’s rays stream through the leaves
    The birds hop and climb through the trees
    and they look like they are all admiring the green!
    Oh how wonderful green can be?!
    Don’t you agreed with me?

  36. Teresa C says

    The only way to feel like a queen,
    Is to live your life being green,
    So try that Bissel Green machine,
    And get your floor just super clean.

  37. Karen H says

    To save the planet
    We all have to work at it
    Make a effort to keep it clean
    Take the Pledge to go GREEN

  38. Heather S says

    Our house stays clean
    Using products that are green
    We are conscious of our choice
    To give the planet a voice
    Love our Earth with all your heart
    Take the pledge and do your part

  39. Dorene says

    If I go green, winning this would be so keen.
    If I have to clean, the way to go is green.
    Thanks for the change to win.
    If I don’t, it would be a sin.

  40. says

    i like my house to be clean,
    and it’s even better when i can do it “green”!
    anything less is obscene.
    but don’t think me mean,
    our world deserves to be treated like a queen!

    Larens last blog post..what would you do?

  41. Linda says

    You’r in the groove if you walk and move
    You are wealthy if you live healthy
    Your life is a dream if you make the scene
    Of going lean and keen as a Green Machine.

  42. Mary Marlatt says

    I love to keep my house clean,
    while all the time being green.
    It helps to have some caffiene
    to help me rev my machine!

  43. Elena says

    My name is not Jeanne, Kathleen, or Joaquin.
    I am not fifteen.
    I own a mini-trampoline.
    And I’d like to win so I can go green.

    Thanks for the contest!

  44. Amir says

    I am going oh so green
    I’m starting by planting a tiny bean
    It will grow
    I’ll have you know…
    No chemicals will be used
    And Mother Earth won’t be abused.

  45. Mindy Holt says

    I have been trying forever
    to get strong and lean
    the way I try most often
    is to eat things that are green!

  46. Janna Johnson says

  47. says

  48. says

  49. says

  50. says

  51. joan says

    All want to go green
    In this land today
    To make our earth more clean
    And our next generation will have a brighter day

  52. Pamela S says

    I think it’s really keen,
    That these products are all green.
    So come on don’t be mean,
    At my house they must be seen!!!

    Ta da!!!!!

  53. says

    We might feel quite blue but still want to live “green”,
    how much easier it would be with the Bissell Machine!
    And all of the products that you have shown here,
    Can make living “green” something we find quite dear!

    Julieannes last blog post..Tapestry of Grace review

  54. Jennifer Short says

    There once was a Bissell that is green,
    the spiffiest, niftiest vacuum I’ve ever seen,
    In a jiffy it swept up all the dust
    I love it, not I’m in lust.
    And it’s just a cleaning machine!

  55. says

    I love green and hope I’m still alive to see when the bennefits of our green efforts pay off. I know that even if I don’t, I’ve made a conscience effort to help our planet and future children lives.

  56. BRIAN E. says

    Thanks for the giveaway.

    The chemical brew with which you clean
    The harm it’s residues’ do to our streams
    Would lessen, it would logically seem
    If more people would just go GREEN !!!

  57. Jessica Gugel says

    I love to clean
    with my green machine
    it makes my house sparkling clean.

    Ok, I’m not a good rhymer, but I gave it a shot.
    Thanks for the great contest and Happy Earth Day!

  58. Joanne Schultz says

    As a color, I do dislike green,
    but environmental-friendly is like a shot of caffeine.

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  59. Monique Rizzo says

  60. Becky S. says

    Green spleen I love to clean! Now only if that were true but I sure would like to clean more if I won!

  61. Katy M says

    I am the color GREEN
    I am older than your TEEN
    If you think about the earth,
    Then you’ll know of my worth
    And learn to not to treat it so MEAN.

    Thanks! :)

  62. Kirsten says

    The pollution on this Earth is obscene
    I want to help keep it clean
    So don’t be mean
    And give me some Green!

  63. Linda Traurig says

    The new thing is green
    Its the way everyone wants to be seen
    If your are green you are “keen”

  64. Toby says

    Going green is keen
    and if my entry is seen
    as the winner of the green machine –
    In my house I will certainly be queen!

  65. Debra F says

    I compost my kitchen scraps as a part of going green
    not only does it reduce garbage, but I have the best garden you’ve ever seen!

  66. Ms.Michelle says

    Please let me win the Little Mean Green Machine
    So that my floor would get clean
    With the Brita Water Pitcher
    My water comes out clearer
    The Eco-friendly Green Works Cleaners
    Makes me wanna go greener
    This economy going down isn’t funny
    Using Tide Colwater will help save energy & money
    Since going green
    My life has been serene

  67. Carolyn Dudgeon says

    Being green here in Tennessee is not the popular thing to do. But I try my best. My sister gave me some great cloth bags to bring to WalMart so as not to use all that plastic. I feel like I’m the only one, but I don’t care!

  68. Doug says

    Subscriber, Cows wish to be green
    But this too shall pass
    Their flatulence is only heard, not seen
    Unless you look at their…patties.

  69. Cassandra Berholtz says

    The only way I clean
    Is by using green.
    We must all do our part
    and using green is a way to start.

  70. julieh says

    It would just be too mean
    Considering the beauty of our world
    To not do your best to go green
    And keep nature’s love unfurled

  71. Andi says

    Don’t be a meaning.
    Become a greenie!
    Thank you the world will say.
    And a good time to start
    Would be the month of May!

  72. LindaD says

    There once was a place that was green
    Both in color and the environmental scene
    People there were polite
    It was quite a sight
    If I win this I’ll feel like its queen.

  73. Christy Goodwin says

    In order for our family to be green we have to do it as a team!
    It is our dream that our children and grandchildren can breath air and live on an earth thats clean!!

  74. Melissa D says

    It’s so easy being green
    even when you start to clean!

    Okay, I’m not a poet, but my heart is in it :)

  75. Sarah Hirsch says

    We should all be more green,
    helping the planet is what I mean.
    Save our earth for future generations,
    let the world live up to expectations.
    Start small – recycle, reduce, reuse.
    Before you know it, GREEN will replace the blues.

  76. Sharon Seneker says

  77. Lisa G. says

    Being green isn’t as hard as it seems!
    Just give it a try! I promise I don’t lie!

    lisalmg25 at gmail dot com

  78. Jessica says

    Let’s all cut back and go more green
    Drive cars that use less gasoline
    No garbage floating in the sea
    A healthy world for you and me

  79. Cynthia Sheeks says

    Reuse, recycle, keep it clean
    That’s the path to going green
    On the road to a better life
    And maybe a win from A Cowboy’s Wife

  80. barbara wright says

    There once was a mom who went green
    She faced hassles that you’ve never seen
    Her husband averse
    Her kids even worse
    But the Earth gave a smile and was clean.

  81. Kelly R. says

    I don’t want to be mean,
    But you need to go green,
    If you want to be seen,
    Make your life over green!

  82. Adele says

    It’s easy to clean
    With stuff that is “green”.
    The products I see
    Are OK for me.
    They’ll give my house a wonderful sheen.

    Thanks for this offer.

  83. Ann says

    You can still be clean
    While being green
    Set a new goal
    It’s how you’ll roll
    Start to change your life
    win “green” at A Cowboy’s Wife.

  84. Jennifer M says

    According to Kermit, “It’s not easy being green”
    But we all need your help to make our environment clean.

    Reduce your packaging is one way to go green
    And is some of the knowledge I shall glean!

    Like you, I want to be keen,
    Polluting our environment is just plain mean.

    This Green Giveaway is fit for a Queen,
    And will help prevent my wallet from being lean!

  85. Terry C says

    If I were to win, I’d not only be clean
    but it would help me to become more green.

    braaisjo at gmail dot com

  86. Tammie says

    I’m a floor cleanin’ Bissell
    A little green machine
    I round up spills, stains and other such
    To keep your ‘township’ clean

  87. Latisha DePoortere says

  88. Ingrid says

    There once was a lady name Janeen,
    While mopping her floor, she hurt her spleen.
    Sadly, her floor had no sheen
    Until one day she went Green!

  89. Nanette Olson says

    I am so keen on going green,
    Pleas help me if you can
    Let me win the Bissel Little Mean Green Machine
    To make my house spic and span.

  90. Leigh Nichols says

    I hate to get mean, but you’re not goin’ green!
    And I’m gonna have to poke you in your spleen!

  91. Jay F says

    There once was a man from Moline
    Who loved hammers, claw and balpeen
    For him without fail
    Everything was a nail
    Smashing cans was what made him green.

  92. Rhonda Clemens says

  93. says

    Tide, Bissell and Brita and cleansers of Green,
    One of the best prizes that I’ve ever seen.
    If I could win I’d feel like a queen,
    and hope that my kids would use them to clean!

  94. jeanie says

    Don’t make me scream, go green!
    Don’t make me mean, go green!
    I’ll be a drama queen if you don’t go green.
    Let’s all dream of a world gone green.

  95. Jeanette H. says

    That wonderful Bissell clean machine
    sure looks good in green
    I bet it’s great to clean
    You’ll want your home to be seen
    by everybody inbetween

  96. victoria lynch says

    I am a mean clean dirt fighting machine. Baddest little green queen that you have ever seen.

    I had fun with that

    thanks for the giveaway

  97. Helen says

    Mornin’, gotta get my coffe bean,
    I work out every day to be lean,
    many say that I’m nice and not mean,
    Carry my stainless steel bottle to be green.

  98. Beverley Justice says

    I like me life better
    Now that it’s green
    We’re all feeling fitter
    And that’s not a dream.

  99. Yvonne Butler says

    Since I went “Green”
    I am the “Queen”
    And if I win the awesome prize
    I’ll wash my loads by size.
    Some Large loads, but most will be small
    Then when their all “clean,”
    My laundy will be “green.”

  100. Yvonne Butler says

    I subscribed to your site and want that extra entry in this AWESOME GIVEWAY. Thank you for allowing me to join your site and enter this giveaway. Looking forward to being on a a Coyboy’s Wife’s site, my grandson rodeo’s as the Little Christian Coyboy.

  101. David Clark says

    My wife likes to keep our house pristine.
    We love our planet and want to go green.
    To nature some chemicals can be pretty mean.
    All we want to do is keep our house clean!

    Thanks for the contest.

  102. Heather C says

    Once upon a mid-day green,
    I saw a bluebird stop to preen.
    I smiled and watched him from afar…
    And then he pooped upon my car.

  103. Charlene Kuser says

    Im not mean Im just going green
    The planet needs to be saved
    each person can be brave
    and make a difference
    Stand up and be heard

  104. Bev says

    The grass is green, the sky is blue.
    Let’s all keep our planet looking new.
    If we all use less, our resources will last.
    And our landfills won’t fill up so fast.
    We’ll save some green, if we don’t waste.
    And we can all enjoy a nice green place!

  105. Renee Turner says

    Green is the way to be
    Green is for you- green is for me
    Just give it a try and you will see
    How much fun being green can be