Grilled Asparagus Using Olive Oil

If you don’t already know, me and my 16yr old son are starting P90x.  This also means we have to eat healthier and the easiest, best way to eat healthy during the Summer, is to take advantage of the grill (and the man cooking..haha).  It’s no secret that Olive Oil is a healthy fat so we do try to use it often on everything from grilled vegetables to salad dressings.  Of course, we buy ours at Walmart and we use the Great Value brand mostly because of price but also use Mazola brand.  Do you have a favorite that you like?

Substituting olive oil, a monounsaturated fat, for saturated fats or polyunsaturated fats can:

  • Reduce blood pressure
  • Inhibit the growth of some cancers
  • Benefit people at risk for or with diabetes
  • Lessen the severity of asthma and arthritis
  • Actually help your body maintain a lower weight

Just like anything else, cooking with heat can reduce the amount of nutrients but our mentality is – ‘it’s better than butter’.  We’ve, many times, slathered butter all over our vegetables before grilling and I know that this has to be a better option. We have used the Olive Oil spray and just sprayed them! And overcooking is not recommended….as you can see, we overcooked ours just a bit but that tends to happen when you’re watering plants, talking on the phone, and jumping on the trampoline in between!

I’d love to know how you use Olive Oil!  I’ve heard you can make lip balm using it and I know there’s an Olive Oil soap that is amazing.  I’d love to try other non-food ways to use the oil. Share if you know some!

You simple pour just a little bit of Olive Oil all over the Asparagus and sprinkle with salt & pepper.  You might even toss some Parmesan cheese too after they are grilled. YUM!

Ummm, yeah, stay focused when cooking people!! Clearly overcooked but still tasted great!

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  1. 1

    Kay M. says

    I use olive oil for almost everything now. We eat very few fried foods anymore (the biggest exception being our turkeys at Thanksgiving – those MUST be fried!! LOL! ). I also use infused olive oils to cook with to add a little flavor!

  2. 2

    Sunnie says

    You are a brave woman for trying the P90X! I hear its a butt kicker, but in a good way! Let us know how that goes, maybe? I like making my fresh brocoli, by laying it out on a cookie sheet, sprinling it with salt and pepper, (lemon pepper for me!) and olive oil and putting it in the oven on like 350, 400 for 15 minutes or so. Good luck pretty mama!

  3. 3

    Cat Davis says

    This is one vegetable I still haven’t tried yet. Well, at least not since I was a little kid. My mom made it once with some weird sauce and I decided then and there I hated it but I really should give it another shot because it sure does look good.

    • 4

      Christine says

      There is definitely a right way to cook asparagus! You can also throw it on a cookie sheet, sprinkle olive oil and seasonings on it and cgrill it in the oven. Whatever you do, tho, do NOT steam it… It’s much better this way!

  4. 5

    Christine says

    We LOVE grilled asparagus. And grilled artichokes. Heck, we just love food. Lol