Halloween Spider Using Duct Tape

I love Halloween so when I was challenged to make something using Duct Tape and a pumpkin, a spooky spider instantly came to mind!

First off, you’ll need duct tape and I don’t know if you’ve noticed lately, but duct tape projects are the trend these days.   If you check out your hardware section at Walmart, you’ll see a whole display of colorful, fun duct tape rolls.  There’s everything from the basics to camo, to 80’s style, checkered, pink zebra, and so much more.   I picked basics for my spider.



  • 1 roll each of black and yellow duct tape (red roll optional)
  • 1 small pumpkin
  • 16 flexible straws
  • Black Sharpie
  • Scissors
  • Drill (or something to poke hole)


  1. Remove the stem from pumpkin.  Clean pumpkin of any dirt so the duct tape sticks well.
  2. Starting on bottom of pumpkin, place one end of black duct tape, going all the way around until you’re back at bottom. Tear off and continue this step until pumpkin is completely wrapped in duct tape; set aside.  Starting at bottom of pumpkin will keep the top smooth for presentation.
  3. Take two straws, inserting one end into the other like shown in photo below.  This will be your spider leg so make sure the ‘joints’ (flexible part of straw) is appropriately placed.
  4. Bend your straws before you tape them since you won’t be able to bend them afterwards. Take strips of black duct tape and cover each leg (should be a total of 8 legs); set aside.
  5. Drill 4 holes on each side of pumpkin to insert legs.  Your bit should be a tad smaller than straw size.  If you don’t have a drill, you could use an ice pick or regular screwdriver & hammer.
  6. Take the long, bottom end of straw and insert into each hole. You may have to slightly fold the end if your straw together to get it in the hole.  To secure them, place a small strip of black tape around.  Note: Make sure your legs are laying right before securing.
  7. Draw an eye with a black sharpie onto your yellow roll of duct tape.
  8. Cut out eye with scissors and stick on pumpkin. For a ‘mean’ look, tilt the eyes slightly.   This could complete your project, or, you could add a little more detail to eyes.
  9. Using red roll of tape, draw and cut out a piece for center of eye, like shown in photo below.  If you don’t want to buy a roll just for this small task, you could also use a red sharpie.  I wanted to have duct tape on hand for future projects so I bought a roll.
  10. Place red center into each eye (or draw it in).  Using your black sharpie, fill in any spots and outline.   That’s it!  You’re done!

For a better look, click on images to enlarge. 

You have now completed your Halloween Spider Using Duct Tape!!  HOW CUTE IS THAT!!  We love it!   What ideas do you have using a pumpkin and duct tape?


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