My husband hates when the hay comes in because that means it has to be unloaded.  What he hates even more is when his sons aren’t around to help!..LOL.  I love to watch him though because it reminds me of just how strong he is.  The way he can throw a hay bale over his head on top of a 4 & 5 layer stack!  GROOOOOWWWL!  Don’t you know he was happy to sit and relax in his massage chair after unloading a trailer full of hay!

Here he is scanning the project.  He’s looking at the barn where he’s gonna throw the bales and pondering on whether he should wait for them boys or not.

NAH!  He don’t need no stinkin’ boys by God!  He’s a man and a strong one at that;)

Well, he’s thrown them all down off the trailer.  Now it’s time to stack!

Yep, you knew it was coming.  He has petered out and it taking a break.  I’m sure if knew I was watching right now, he would have kept on a truckin’ though, after all, they can’t let a woman see them resting!


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  1. Chrystal says

    I used to haul hay with my dad. Since I was the oldest, I was out there helping at a very young age. To this day I still loveeeeeeeeee the smell of alfalfa hay…..mmmmmm I can smell it now! But yes from the pic I can tell it’s not alfalfa! LOL