He Drives Me Crazy

in a good way that is.  After 15+yrs with the same man, I love that I’m still in love with him.  I love that when I watch him from afar, he still turns me on.  I love that I get that little girl tingling crush feeling when he winks at me or slaps my behind.

So many marriages end within a couple of years and I find that so sad.  Marriage ain’t all blissful you know.  You actually have to work at it, sacrifice, negotiate.

I know you better be looking at that horse in the background or my man’s boots;)

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  1. says

    Aww I totally agree with you!! My hubby and I are watching our best friends of 14 years (they have been married for 15 years) go through some real hard times that we don’t think they are going to pull out of and just turn to each other so thankful that we are still in love. 13 years and counting :-)

    Jennifers last blog post..Watch Out For The Flying Bottle!!!!

  2. Genie says

    I love it that the wives of cowboys are not afraid to admit how much they love their men and that the love continues through good times and bad. Is it because cowboys are real men who haven’t been emasculated by the PC business world?

  3. says

    lmao @ better be looking at horse or boots. you know what women look at when a man wears a pair of wranglers! ummm…nice horse, btw! ;-)

    you’re right about marriage…i knew it was work, me ex did not. it also didn’t help that he was the materialistic sort who got w someone only for what they could do for him (he’s still the same and w a woman w lots of $$$). i’m on marriage #2 now..the LAST one no matter what happens.

    ciaras last blog post..My New Love Is Now ALL Mine….

  4. says

    You’re so right!! We’ve been married over 19 years and we’re in the Army. That’s hard for any marriage, much less a military marriage. I’m proud of us and people think I’m weird when I tell them that we still love each other. He’s about to retire and that’s going to add a whole new chapter in our life story. Should be interesting!!

    Dang if my hubby doesn’t still have an awesome Wrangler @ss, despite my ever widening figure!!

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  5. says

    Well…you really seem happy, that’s terrific.
    14 years here and counting. We both work full time and sometimes we are too tired to even talk but we are still in love here.

  6. Karin says

    So good to hear about long marriages when I see so many falling apart. You’re right – it’s work, but anything worth having takes a lot of work. I feel the same way that you do – 24 years and it only gets better!

  7. says

    i’m with you…it’s sad how many marriages now end in divorce, especially after just a few years. that last pic of your hubby is great.