Help Me and My Man Pick Our Vacation Resort in Mexico

The only time I’ve been to Mexico came about by accident.  We lived towards El Paso so we went to see the city…next thing you know we’re in Mexico.  After driving in a few miles, we decided that we just needed to drive right back out.  We just didn’t know the area so instead of risking getting lost, we went home.

Well, we are going to Mexico again but by choice this time around it’s all thanks to Villa Group Resorts, who will be providing me and my husband an all-inclusive trip (<–disclosure).  I’ve actually been offered the chance to go to Mexico a few times but without my husband (from another company) but that’s not something I have been willing to do, at least right now.  He makes me feel safe and in a place that I’m not familiar with, that’s a good feeling to have; not to mention he’s Spanish.

There are three choices for us and I’d like to hear your thoughts on it.  And, perhaps you’ll decide to join us eh?  Wouldn’t it be fun to be there at the same time?? I know, wishful thinking I reckon but still…it would be cool.  Anyways, here is the first resort.

1) La Estancia Nuevo Vallarta

2) Cabo San Lucas – Villa de Palmar

3) Puerto Vallarta – Garza Blanca

You’d have to go read about them to know details but would appreciate anything you have to offer. Maybe you’ve been to one of them?  They all look fabulous, one more family oriented than the others, but I have a feeling that no matter which one we choose, we have a wonderful FIRST honeymoon. We’ve been married over 17 years and this would be our first.   Our honeymoon night was spent at a hotel where my husband passed and I drove to my parent’s to watch the big Mike Tyson fight that night, and then next day being spent watching Superbowl Sunday.  I love football but would have preferred something else.  This will just be heavenly. Thank goodness I’m “fixed” or we would likely come back from it and in 9 mths had a baby.

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Also, I would love to hear (if you haven’t ever been to a resort) why you haven’t?  Are there any questions you have that I might can get answered for you?

P.S. All this was offered through RoleMommy!

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  1. says

    My husband and I loved Cabo and talk about going back all the time. I’m sure you’ll have a great time wherever you choose!

    • A Cowboy's Wife says

      I know we will! It’s just hard to choose when you’ve never been to any of them. I can’t even imagine my man on a resort doing nothing. So odd!

  2. Stefanie says

    We went to puerto vallarta last summer. It was nice ut john says the beaches on the cancun side of the coast are so much prettier. Also the water was a little rough when we were there.

  3. Dorene says

    I did a little research on the 3 locations and the Garza Blanca got the best reviews from tripadvisor. I would definitely pick that one..gorgeous. I hope you all get to really enjoy your “honeymoon”, no matter when it comes along, it’s a treat..ENJOY!

  4. says

    I voted. It wasn’t easy, though. All three look great. I’ve never been to Mexico or stayed at a resort anywhere. Why? Raising an autistic child, money is really tight. When we can afford to go away on vacation, it’s either camping or a cheap motel/hotel.

  5. Vic says


    My name is Vic and I live in Mexico. I am an American man who decided to live here at least ten years ago when I first went to a locale described to me by a man who lived here at that time. I was living in Laredo, Texas, when he first told me about the place I presently live. He painted such a vivid impression of this place that I had to go. I could not at the time…but, I filed away his story into my “memory banks” for future reference. It`s a long story and I will not tell it here. If anyone wants to know more about where I live, they can write to me directly. I have been here for 4 years now, and had been visiting this place for 6 years prior.
    I do not like “touristy” places. Just like being in the states with a Mexican flavor. Some need to feel the “security” of staying at a resort that could just as easily be in Miami, Fla. I am not one of those people. There is so much more to do, and places to explore when you go off the so-called beaten path.
    I live here…there is a huge difference between living in Mexico, and spending 5-7 days at some tourist resort. A huge difference, I have to say. Not for the faint of heart. But, it sure is a bunch of fun. And, with the way things are going in the US, my homeland being changed right before my very eyes, into something that is nearly unrecognizable to me…I think it prudent to have an “escape” plan. Mexicans have good family values still. And, their TV channels are not anywhere as “trashed up” with what passes for entertainment these days, as our are. Weather is great nearly all year long too. If you are the outdoor type, you couldn`t ask for better. Beaches…well, mind what time of the year you go to them. Can be very hot in the summer months. Better to come to the beaches in the fall. Cancun has great beaches…but is so commercial. There are great places to go to in the state of Vera Cruz. Europeans tend to favor Playa del Carmen, close to Cancun…less commercialized there. Would be a good choice for me!! The Caribbean beaches are the very best here. A new resort is developing within the Sea of Cortez, called “Loreto.” Looks very promising. Here is just one of many sites you can look at for that area.