He’s An Ol’ Vaquero

~~from another time, hands as fine as the dealer in reno…..(name that song)

This is my man.  I know, he’s hot.  Thank you.  I was going to blog something else today but because I got caught up on twitter all night, I had nothing. So you get this fine cowboy. heehee

Photos are from the book he’s in and they’re actually supposed to be black and white but I thought I’d try a different color….

Cowboy Falcon

cowboy photos

Ranch Texas Cowboy

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  1. says

    As you may or may not know, I have always had a ‘thing’ for cowboys so you go right ahead and publish your man any ol’ time you want…then tell me more about the book!

  2. Chelsea says

    Just a fun little fact about the word “Vaquero”– did you know that’s where we get the word Buckaroo? White guys mispronounced it and said it with a “B”. (Go ahead and try it) Vaquero with a “B” morphed into buckaroo. Learned that from a cowboy documentary that my cowboy, appropriately named “Buck”, made me watch last winter.