Holiday Almond Popcorn Crunch Candy

In need of a very good treat to give for the holiday?  Almond bark, popcorn, pretzels, peanuts oh my!!  This is the perfect, affordable treat that when wrapped in cute holiday buckets and plastic goody bags, will make anyone smile!   You can make it small and large batches and even use different themed bags & buckets for different holidays.


  • *Air pop corn popper-because my husband is a freak and thinks that Microwave ovens (along with everything else in this world) cause cancer.  I think that SEX causes cancer and that we need to keep that out of our house too!!!!! (lol)
  • *Vanilla Almond Bark
  • *Spanish peanuts
  • *Pretzels
  • *Popcorn


I melt one entire block thingy of Almond Bark on my stove top (again the microwave issue with the man) in a plain ole pot on LO to MEDIUM LO, until completely melted. While the candy is melting, Me & Orville Redenbacher get the poppin’ party started!! I fill the popcorn to the level indicated 2 times. This usually gives me enough popped corn for a full batch of Goodies. I used a fairly HUGE bowl.. Add popcorn, peanuts, & pretzels. When the candy is completely melted (whew, my arm is tried of stirring occasionally to prevent scalding) I add the melted candy and mix until completely covered.

Pour onto a wax paper to cool, as a little holiday cheer, I sprinkle red and green candy decor (sugar) over popcorn goodness before it cools.. Fill up your favorite holiday gift bags, add a cute lil bow or ribbon. There you have a perfect scrumptious homemade gift.

I also have a picture of just a Christmas candy that I make, just excluded the popcorn. Mix candy, pretzels, and peanuts until covered, and plop down on wax paper until cool. I also add the colored sprinkles for some holiday flare…..Get your filthy hands outta there I am taking a picture…….

Ingredients Holiday Candy

Butter melting

Popcorn from Orville

Candy Popcorn Mixture

Popcorn Mixture spread

Get your filthy candy grabber’s outta there, you no microwave wanting Nymph…or you’ll pull back a stump..

Popcorn Candy Breakup

Happy Holidays Ya’ll!!

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