Holiday Travel Promotion with Alamo and $100 Amex Prize Package {Giveaway}

Rental cars are very popular during holiday travel. I know for us, it would be ideal since our tires are not so good and family is 6+hrs away.  Choosing a rental is also ideal if you need something larger or something better on gas.  Alamo is providing you guys with a special promotion to use this holiday season, as well as, giving a prize package for me to give away here!

My favorite things about holiday travel are getting to see all the pretty decorations & lights in the towns we travel to.   It’s fun to go through states and see the various styles used as well.  I know here in Texas, we go all out in a western tradition!   I also thing traveling in the car with the kiddos makes for great conversation and fun games.  Truett’s always wanting to play ‘I Spy’.  He uses the “I spy with my little bitty eyes” and he makes us say, “I spy with my big ol’ eyes”.   It’s just a time that we can all be close and nobody can head to their rooms or town or a friend’s house.  And finally, the best part is knowing you’ll arrive at your loved one’s home to celebrate the best time of the year!  And with the money you save with the Alamo rental car promotion, you could stop in one of those towns and buy a gift to take wherever you’re headed.

Before I get to the giveaway, let me share the promotion with you so that you can save some money when traveling via a rental car this holiday season.


Deal: $20 off Specialty

Details: Offer available for the rental of a Convertible, Minivan, or SUV at participating locations in the United States and Canada; not valid in Manhattan, NY. Minimum three-day rental required. Valid for rentals November 19, 2012 through February 10, 2013.

And to add to this, if you sign up for Alamo’s loyalty program, you’ll get an additional 10% off ANY Alamo promotion! You can follow all their weekly deals and check them out on Facebook.  As always, check the website out for additional details, terms & conditions.


One lucky winner will receive the following to help ease their holiday travel and make it a more joyous family vacation!

  • Alamo branded Striped Boat Tote bag
  • Alamo branded travel coffee mug
  • Alamo branded sunglasses
  • Alamo keychain
  • Travel scrabble game
  • iTrip iPhone/iPod adaptor for your car
  • $100 Amex giftcard


(required) Leave a comment here telling me what your favorite part is about holiday travel.  (one-time entry)

BONUS ENTRY: Check out my sponsor’s website and tell me which vehicle you’d rent for your holiday travel?  (You may do this daily, sharing a different vehicle each day.)

This giveaway ends on December 11th, around 10pm CST.    Disclosure: Giveaway & post is sponsored by Alamo. All opinions are my own, always.




  1. 251

    kfloveinme says

    If i was traveling to LA, I would have let my hair flow in the wind in the Chrysler 200

  2. 252

    Lisa Brown says

    I would rent the Chevrolet Impala

  3. 253

    Linda Lansford says

    fave part is seeing family and friends

  4. 254

    Dane says

    I love meeting other people who are travelling as well. There’s nothing like a travel buddy that you meet at the airport and by the time you land, you’re new best friends. I’ve made so many great friends this way.

  5. 255

    Sheila K. says

    I love taking long road trips!

  6. 256

    Dane says

    I’d rent the Jeep Wrangler. I rented a Jeep in New Orleans when I went there and it was a great experience all around. Plenty of room and not much smaller than the truck I’m use to driving.

  7. 257

    Sheila K. says

    I would rent a Prius!

  8. 258

    Angela Kinder says

    My favorite part is the scenery! It’s so gorgeous no matter where you are!

  9. 259

    Angela Kinder says

    I’d probably rent the Toyota Sienna… I so want one!

  10. 260

    Marcia Goss says

    My favorite part of holiday travel is getting to see my Mom and sister.

  11. 261

    Marcia Goss says

    I’d like to rent a Dodge Grand Caravan.

  12. 262

    Mary Beth Elderton says

    I love how excited the kids get with family and holiday things around.

  13. 263

    Jessie C. says

    I’d get Toyota Sienna

  14. 264

    Shumara says

    Seeing friends and family of course! The excitement that builds on the way there is contagious!

  15. 265

    MelissaO says

    Well, I love to travel during any time of the year and holiday season is no exception!

    wolverina401 at gmail dot com

  16. 266

    Megan M says

    I love to see the lights and decorations! Thanks

  17. 267

    Wendy Kroy says

    I would love to cruise in a Cadillac CTS.

  18. 268

    Denise S says

    I don’t travel for the holidays, but I like tracking our progress on a map.

  19. 269

    Donna L says

    Chevrolet Spark.

  20. 270

    Britt Brill says

    My favorite part of holiday travel is listening to Christmas music and singing along!

  21. 271

    Sarah L says

    Nissan Versa

  22. 272

    julie says

    I’d also luv the NISSAN MAXIMA:)

    jmatek AT wi DOT rr DOT com

  23. 273

    Ann Fantom says

    I would like to rent a Chevy Spark

  24. 274

    Anne Taylor says

    Infiniti G37

    nancyrobster at gmail dot com

  25. 275

    Brynn says

    I love that it gives us some quality family time which there isnt always a lot of time for normally!

  26. 276
  27. 277

    BlackAsphodel says

    Chrysler 200

  28. 278

    Linda G. says

    My favorite part about holiday travel is getting to see all the decorations!

  29. 279

    Thomas Murphy says

    I would rent the Hummer H3

  30. 280

    Elena says

    Toyota Sienna 12/9

  31. 281

    Carol Mclemore says

    Getting to see family:)

  32. 282

    TIA BEVERLY says

    my favorite part is seeing friends and family

  33. 283


    My favorite part of holiday travel is getting to stay home, :)

  34. 284

    Jacob says

    I like the winter scenery. I live in a city so most snow and ice gets removed and dirty but driving through the country (which I have to do) you get to see fresh snow, snow on trees and it’s just so beautiful

  35. 285


    I’d rent a Dodge Durango

  36. 286

    Jacob says

    I would pick the Infiniti G37 – nicer than my actual car

  37. 287

    Amanda Sakovitz says

    ford mustang

  38. 288

    sarah Marion says

    I love being with family and friends…holidays are the best when everyone is around!!

  39. 289

    sarah Marion says

    Lincoln MKX

  40. 290

    Ellen C. says

    The excitement and anticipation of getting there is great. Thanks for the chance.

  41. 291

    Stacy O says

    My favorite part of holiday travel is getting there. The actual travel tends to be painful.

  42. 292

    Lim says

    Seeing everyone lights.

  43. 293

    Caryn S says

    Traveling to see family

  44. 294

    Caryn S says

    I’d rent a Toyota Prius

  45. 295

    Michelle Hudak says

    I’d pick a Jeep Wrangler

  46. 296

    Brittney House says

    I love when we finally get to our destination and get to spend time with family

  47. 297

    Brittney House says

    I would like to rent a nissan altima

  48. 298

    naomi c says

    i am thinking a sports car today – like a mustang?

  49. 299

    Carolyn G says

    I love traveling to see the family!

  50. 300

    Carolyn G says

    I would rent the Toyota Prius