Home Depot to the Rescue ($100 giveaway)

When my husband decided to get serious about building bits and spurs, we had to invest a good chunk of money on materials and tools.  After searching at several places, it was Home Depot that saved the day.  We found every tool that we needed including the powerful Drill Press that we couldn’t find anywhere else!  We spent well over an hour in there, not because we couldn’t find what we were looking for, but because we kept finding things we needed wanted.

So, with that said, I think a GREAT gift for anyone with a hobby like that, is the Home Depot Gift Card.  And don’t forget the women either, there are so many things to buy at Home Depot that anyone would be thrilled with a gift like that!   So many of us are do-it-yourself ers and if you’re not, you should try!  It can be fun and rewarding.

They have some cool gift cards too I might add, in fact, I believe there are 17 to choose from so that you can find the perfect one that will suit the people on your gift list……check some of these out and scroll down:
Home Depot GC2
Home Depot Gift Cardhome depot gf4

OMG, how cute is that little bitty toolbox to put a gift card in?!!! You know you love it!

Well guess…..I happen to have a $100 Home Depot Gift Card today that you can enter to win.  The Home Depot is absolutely generous folk and I was honored to be able to bring this to you courtesy of them.

How do you enter??

In the comments below, tell me your worse DIY story. Did you intend to build something cool only for it turn out completely wrong??  Did it rain on your project?  Your story must consist of more than 2 sentences…if it does not, you will be disqualified.

I can’t wait to read your stories.  Good luck to all.

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Giveaway ends on Nov. 30th. Winner will be chosen and announced on Dec. 1st.  One story entry per person.

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  1. 304

    linda says

    I spent 2 days painting my cabinets only to find out that there was something wrong with the paint. You so much as touched it and it rubbed off. I was ticked. I had to sand them all down and start over…

  2. 305

    Marla says

    I would buy some of thos eportable heaters to try and keep energy cost down this winter.

  3. 306

    Kelli says

    We replaced all of the doors in our home with new doors. It was a very hot and tiring day, but we were tickled with what a difference the new doors made. The very last door to be put into place was our back spare bathroom…. otherwise known as the “cat room” as this is where the cat’s little box is “hidden”. We had installed a cat door on our previous door and had all intentions of doing the same with the new door. We carefully routered the door for the hinges, drilled the holes for the door knob and cut out the area for the cat door. Only when we put the door into the frame did we realize that we had cut the cat door area on the TOP of the door instead of the bottom! We now have a “bird door” as well as a cat door. This gift card would really help us in replacing this door!

  4. 307

    Amy L says

    My husband was laying carpet in our basement, and assured me that he measured and cut it very carefully. When he got it all laid out on the floor, it was a few inches short at one end. At least it was just the basement, and not our Living room!

  5. 308

    Brooke says

    I’m simply not handy. No one ever taught me. But I decided one day that I wanted to retile the kitchen floor. This one or two day job took 6 weeks and in that time we had to hop on small puddles of tiles to get to the one toilet in our apartment.

  6. 309
  7. 310

    Lindasu says

    I was repainting the inside of my home myself room by room. Two of my three dogs insisted on being in the rooms with me. One night I was trying to finish up the last coat in one room when I heard a “thunk”, looked over and the corgi/chow mix had managed to walk through and fall into my pan of “cafe au lait” paint. As I’m trying to wring him out and get him to the bathtub I look over and see the dachsund has managed to get it all over her paws and was sitting up against the wall, so she also had it all over her. The third dog just sat and smirked at the other two stooges.

  8. 311

    Lynne says

    My worst was when I decided to drain the holding tank since it was getting a bit water logged. I’d seen it done and it looked pretty easy. I hooked up the hose, ran it outside, and let it drain. I ended up draining out all the water in the house, even from the toilet tanks! Of course it was a weekend and I couldn’t find a plumber so I ended up running a hose from my neighbor’s house so I had water until Monday. The plumber came Monday morning, fixed everything in about five minutes and made me promise I would never touch plumbing again.

  9. 312

    Geoff K says

    In my first apartment, an ancient brownstone, my roommate and I had the brilliant idea to strip and re-do the floors in the kitchen ourselves. Well, after weeks of pulling up tiling that seemed implacably stuck to the subflooring, we discovered that the subfloor itself was hopelessly warped and wrought with water damage and some type of fungus or moss! Well, we learned our lesson and paid a pretty penny for a pro to correct the damage — and by the time we paid for it, all we could afford for our new floor was new vinyl tiles that were just as ugly as what was there to begin with!

  10. 313

    Barbara Camp says

    My husband knew I wanted my kitchen ceiling repainted. One day while I was at work, he decided to tackle the project. First of all he is totally color blind. Second is he didn’t cover anything before painting. Needless to say, we had to scrape paint off everything, had someone else come and re-paint a brighter white color, and the best part of the whole thing is I got new floor covering, because there was so much paint splattered all over the floor.