Home Depot to the Rescue ($100 giveaway)

When my husband decided to get serious about building bits and spurs, we had to invest a good chunk of money on materials and tools.  After searching at several places, it was Home Depot that saved the day.  We found every tool that we needed including the powerful Drill Press that we couldn’t find anywhere else!  We spent well over an hour in there, not because we couldn’t find what we were looking for, but because we kept finding things we needed wanted.

So, with that said, I think a GREAT gift for anyone with a hobby like that, is the Home Depot Gift Card.  And don’t forget the women either, there are so many things to buy at Home Depot that anyone would be thrilled with a gift like that!   So many of us are do-it-yourself ers and if you’re not, you should try!  It can be fun and rewarding.

They have some cool gift cards too I might add, in fact, I believe there are 17 to choose from so that you can find the perfect one that will suit the people on your gift list……check some of these out and scroll down:
Home Depot GC2
Home Depot Gift Cardhome depot gf4

OMG, how cute is that little bitty toolbox to put a gift card in?!!! You know you love it!

Well guess…..I happen to have a $100 Home Depot Gift Card today that you can enter to win.  The Home Depot is absolutely generous folk and I was honored to be able to bring this to you courtesy of them.

How do you enter??

In the comments below, tell me your worse DIY story. Did you intend to build something cool only for it turn out completely wrong??  Did it rain on your project?  Your story must consist of more than 2 sentences…if it does not, you will be disqualified.

I can’t wait to read your stories.  Good luck to all.

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Giveaway ends on Nov. 30th. Winner will be chosen and announced on Dec. 1st.  One story entry per person.

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  1. Kathy Schell says

    We were adding on to our house and in the middle if the addition our builder stole our money. We had to finish the house ourselves. We learned to hang sheet rock, lay carpet squares, paint, stain the cabinets and brick the outside of our house. When we had finished, friends of ours that were missionaries back from India ran into our house and we had to redo it some of it all over again. So tools are always welcome at our house.

  2. says

    I’m living my worst DIY nightmare right now. We are supposed to be remodeling 3 rooms. Hubby had to make a new wall to block off 2 rooms. He made the wall about 4 months ago but never finished it. We still have a light switch that needs to be covered, molding to be put down and painting to be finished. Instead of finishing the wall, he decided to hide it with a desk. Then everything gets moved from one room to the other while he decides to fix one small thing in one room. He doesn’t finish, then moves it back in, starts on another, etc. Can you tell I’m angry, stressed out? Both and a lot more too.

  3. sandy says

    We have alot of little ones..like spraying that wonderful window and hole sealer- the can should say trim it immediately or else the yellow turns to barf and sticks to the brick and some people will think your house was vomited on…you know the sealing stuff that only comes in yellow- wtf was someone thinking having it yellow?
    I have tried to do little things but while husband was gone I thought I would replace two of the doors inside the house- well the holes were not predone and I just did not think and looked at one door and figured they were all the same and when I walked upstairs I had drilled the hole on the wrong side- for the knob, putting the hinges in—oops- I got creative and corrected with filling and painting the edges of the kids doors and put fun knobs but will have to replace before we move and no I will not be doing them. Husband laughed but boy those doors are not cheap.

  4. Denise M says

    I decided to try something different and paint my bathroom black, the accent with red, white and chrome…I thought it would look chic! Not so much…the room I saw in the magazine did NOT match the tiny closet that the black paint made out of my bathroom. I had to go out and buy more paint and repaint the whole thing back to the color it was..what a pain!

  5. Theresa says

    I made a wooden bowl for my folks. I picked out oak. Glued the slabs together. Then spent weeks digging out the center. I should used rings of wood not SOLID slabs of very hard wood.

    Oh My gosh it took forever and ever to make one bowl. Over a month with me at the lathe. Almost 90% just doing the center.

    And it was still VERY THICK.


    live and learn.

  6. Carol says

    My husband and I kept putting off caulking around the tub/shower. One day I saw a tiny crack in the ceiling about our dining room table, which happens to be below the bathroom. I filed it in my head that I should really caulk. We continued not to caulk, four kids kept us busy, and one morning while I was reading the paper, 1/4 of the ceiling fell onto the table, dripping wet. I guess all the moisture and drips from the tub finally did it. Lesson learned!!!

  7. pATTY says

    My husband was doing plumbing taking the pipes apart and thought he had drained everything. When he cut the pipe open all of this nasty, smelly gunk came out and splattered all over him. It was awful.

  8. says

    I can remember it like it was yesterday. But actually it was in December 2005 when my husband was deployed to Iraq. My project started out as something quite simple. Or what I thought was suppose to be simple. It had been raining for a week. When I noticed the storm door on the back of my house was leaking water. So I thought I would replace it. Easy enough right? I don’t think so. The rain had slowed to a mist. So I rushed out and purchased a new storm door. The old door came off without a hitch. So I stepped out on the deck to put on the new storm door. What I did not tell you was when it rains in Georgia everything turns to mud and when it rains for days in Georgia everything turns to swamp. So when I stepped onto the deck as I said before to put on the new door. The deck sunk into the mud. It did not just sink the supports slid out. And I wound up in the mud. I not only broke my new storm door I fractured my foot. And I had to build a new deck. And that’s another horror story in its self.

    Bettys last blog post..Cowboys Wife’s having a new Contest

  9. Tari Lawson says

    Without getting to lenghthy, my worst diy nightmare was when my husband decided to remodel our powder room. He has a bad habit of just deciding to do something and then doing it. I came home one day to a bathroom that was completely gutted, no prior warning. This was only weeks before a big family party at our home. I had to go shopping and pick out a vanity, sink, toilet, flooring,paint, fixtures, etc. The vanity I chose was a back entry and we needed bottom so we had to go with a different one that when we put it in, looked horrible. I ended up getting the original one and we had to cut holes in the bottom to make it work. It was a trying time but the result is a much nicer bath.

  10. Tracey Byram says

    My SIL offered to redo my bathroom. He said he had done this before. Well, he must have done it in a dream because in reality it was a nightmare. He worked long and hard but it turned out awful. He didn’t waterproof the wood under the tiles so they will probably have to be replaced again eventually. He didn’t even finish putting down the tiles on the floor much less use adhesive to keep them down. Now half of the tiles are loose and curled from getting wet. He also did not bolt the toilet down to the floor so I have a terrible fear that one day someone will knock the toilet over on it’s side. What a mess that would be. But the worst thing of all is that he didn’t install the pipes under the sink correctly so that methane gas comes up out of the drains and STINKS to high heavens.

  11. says

    My husband worked on building a garage for an entire year. He did it top to bottom by himself with no help at all. He would do it on weekends and evenings after work. No matter how cold or how rainy he would work on it. We really needed to get it done, because we didn’t have one and all his tools and everything were in the house taking up the entire laundry room and the mower and all that were covered by tarps. Anyway, about 3 months or so ago he finally got it finished. Just finished putting the, ok I have no idea what it is called but it goes on after the shingles. He got all his stuff finally moved into and under it and it was a great feeling. I was so proud of him, because he did run into some bumps during his process, especially since he had never built anything in his life. He would call on a few friends for advice, but would never ask for their help.

    Then about 2 months after it was completed, we were in our sons bedroom playing with him. We heard this awful sound and looked at his window to see this huge 300 year old tree falling onto the garage. I was in tears because I knew how much hard work and how much we put into that building. To tell you how big the tree was. It took a professional crew of 10 men, 12 hours to remove it off the building. Needless to say, not much survived the tree falling. So now my poor husband has to work on rebuilding his garage. We are working on tearing down the remains of the old garage to rebuild and it is still depressing to look out the window to see the garage that is pretty much on the ground.

    Samanthas last blog post..Free Betty Crocker Calendar

  12. Teresa says

    I tried replacing a section of our kitchen counter top and ended up with a huge disaster having to replace the whole thing.

    :) Thank you for the wonderful giveaway! :)

  13. says

    My husband likes to think he is a pretty handy guy. We put a hole in the wall of a house we were renting when we were trying to move our exceptionally heavy entertainment center. My husband bought some drywall and tried to patch the hole himself. By the time he was finished, it almost looked worse than the hole! The drywall was uneven, the plaster was lumpy…it was terrible. We ended up having to put a hole in the wall again and pay a professional to fix it.

    Jennae P.s last blog post..Pure, Natural Style: Silver Smoke Organic Bedding Collection

  14. says

    Well about 4 months after purchasing our first house we noticed a leak in the garage and thought it was our hot water heater, we drained it and disconnected and purchased a new one. Before installing it however we noticed that the water was still leaking but it was coming out of a crack where the bottom of the house foundation met the garage floor.
    My husband would not touch it with a 10 ft pole nor would he call anyone so I took it upon myself with a little hammer to try and find out what was going on and started busting out the garage floor where the water was leaking.
    the most I could see was it was coming from under the house but could not handle busting out anymore concrete with the hammer. We shut the water off to the house since we could now see we obviously had a pretty bad leak.
    Next day went and bought a sledge hammer and busting out more floor figuring that maybe we could dig under the house back to where the leak was. Boy was I wrong lol. After about 2 weeks of no water I finally convinced him to call a plumber who found the leak under our kitchen right away jack hammered the floor out fixed and concreted that hole back up.

    We are now however 3 yrs later the hole I made in the garage is only half done with concrete with a board sitting over the hole holding up the water heater. What a mess sigh. AND hubby still won’t mess with it.

    Carol Pyless last blog post..The Results Are In and………

  15. says

    When my husband and I owned our first home in Maine, the heat shut off while we were away on vacation for my birthday (Dec 27 – VERY cold time of year!) Needless to say, the pipes froze. My husband, being the handy man that he is, managed to heat the pipes back up and get everything back to working order… Until we realized that pipes had burst in BOTH bathrooms and exploded into BOTH bedrooms. We managed to save most of our belongings from the “flood”, but both rooms needed new carpeting, new sheetrock, and new paint…
    We moved everything we owned into our living room and kitchen and got to work. I have always loved the look of sponged walls, so I thought I’d try it out. I chose a beautiful creame color for the base and a vibrant maroon for the sponge. Let me just start by saying that you should ALWAYS find colors that are similar. Or at least try it out on a small space first. When I was finished, we were living in a jungle. It was the least relaxing room I’ve ever been in. I still have nightmares. Not to mention, that you can’t exactly paint over sponge painting and still make it look ok.
    Needless to say, it was a VERY long winter that year…

  16. says

    I don’t think I can narrow it down to one. The toilet with the leaning tank, the blinds that were installed backwards. The half done backyard. The four broken weed eaters in the shop. The leak in our roof that is currently fixed with duct tape (luckily we live in the desert so it doesn’t rain often. The shop door that doesn’t close right. We need the gift card to buy the How To books from Home Depot.

    Lories last blog post..Kid Friendly Thanksgiving Treat: Candy Corn Turkey

  17. says

    My husband decided to put up a new door in our bathroom, it was the only door that wasn’t new when we bought the house (?). He panited it then hung it- crooked.
    So he decided to file the one side, and filed too much. Then he filed the doorway itself. It is still a mess.
    This usually very handy man was at a loss and I need a GC to get a new door!

    tuesdays last blog post..I Love My Visitors

  18. says

    OH MY – Have I got a story for you!
    When Princess was turning three, and Drama Queen was due a month before her birthday at Easter, P needed a new bed so DQ could have the convertible crib/toddler bed. But did we go BUY one? Of course not. Like SENSIBLE people, we decided we could “save money” by building one ourselves. It couldn’t be THAT hard. Right?
    We set out to build “the coolest bed ever” for our 3 yr old Princess – a twin sized loft bed, 3 ft off the ground. Painted like a castle, with fabric sides hanging down for a playhouse underneath – you know, just your average DIY project. *Ahem.*
    Big Daddy set off to buy wood from Home Depot with a plan in his head but not so much as a measurement or drawing set down on paper. Taking the whole amount to my parents house, he went to work with my dads power tools, but when he called me for measurements of the mattress we had? — I mis-measured. Of course we realized that after he had the wood cut so Big Daddy went back to Home Depot. Again. And I measured. Again. After two days of sawing, screwing and drilling, it was built.
    The plan was that he would build it and I would paint it – but WHO would sand and prepare it to be painted? Over a matter of weeks (or months?) we finally got the bed transported to my MIL’s house, sanded and otherwise prepped for painting, and back to our house. BY THIS POINT IT WAS NO LONGER SPRING – It was early summer, and I had to paint this thing.
    Bit by bit I painted each piece. It took forever working an hour or two at a time during naptime. I lovingly painted the four corners to make them look like they were built out of rock. Purple rock, no less, as per Princess’ request. It took most of the summer. And then we moved. But that was a good thing because my landlord had sawhorses for me to put the big pieces on – enabling me to finish painting it better and faster.
    And finally, it was painted.
    But not assembled.
    And Big Daddy had lost his mojo. : \
    Finally, almost Two YEARS after it’s conception, Big Daddy decided it was time to put it all together and set it up for our FIVE year old princess, with a trundle bed under for our two year old Princess and turn it into a bunk bed.
    But there was one problem. The pieces had been outside. For about two years. And one of them…. was warped. It would have been cheap and easy to replace, but that mojo? It was gone.
    And so now??
    Those pieces still lean against the wall outside. Our princesses are now 8 and 5. And nobody talks about the castle bed that could’ve been.

    Thanks so much for the chance to win this! We’re currently finishing replacing the tub in our master bath with a shower, and when we’re done we’re going to have to replace the tub shower in the kids’ bathroom. This would be so great – THANKS!

    Amber (BGH)s last blog post..Menu Plan Monday (and Saving Money)

  19. says

    My heart goes out to Samantha. Anyone want to have a garage raising in North Carolina?

    With over 30 years of fixing and flipping houses, my family has had many near disasters. There is hope for DIY; we always had a grand home for our children. Enjoy your homes and families–they grow up too fast.

  20. Heather says

    My brother was helping my dad put insulation in his attic. I was downstairs in the bedroom and all of a sudden, my brother comes crashing through the ceiling and lands on the bed! He had stepped on a section that wasn’t supported yet. He wasn’t hurt, we were so happy he landed on the bed!

  21. andrea says

    I guess my most recent diy project was building a new chicken house for fluffy. I was trying to build it on a platform and the whole house collapsed on me. Finally got my husband to help and fluffy is happy in her new home.

  22. Melissa says

    I always seem to have DIY disasters. My most recent DIY disaster involved to trying to patch part of my wall that got destroyed by a baby gate. The patch came out okay, but the touch up paint color didn’t go so well. Instead of the paint being a cream color, it dried a urine yellow like color. And the bad part was we didn’t realize it until the color the was dry, in the paint can it looked cream! Oh well, it’s definately not the worst DIY disaster in the world but is definately my most recent!

  23. ANGELA KOHLER says

    Refinishing the deck was a big job. We sanded and sanded and sanded and sanded. Then there were particles everywhere. Then we stained and stained and stained. Then the stain started disappearing into the wood. Then we stained again.

  24. says

    I had the brilliant idea to try a faux painting technique on my livingroom walls. Yellow with a slightly darker color dry brushed on top. It turned out looking more like I rubbed Grey Poupon on the walls! I’ve realized that all these faux painting ideas were NOT created for walls with texture! And I refuse to sand my walls – so no faux painting for me!

  25. says

    A few years ago I decided to sponge paint the walls of the breakfast nook. This was back in the 90s when sponge painting seemed like a good idea. I didn’t want to paint another coat of paint & then sponge over that so I just put hunter green over a light beige & dabbed it on with plastic bags. It looked like moss growing on the walls & it only lasted for three days until I painted a solid color. Plus, it was so much more work than putting on a solid coat of paint.

    Sarakastics last blog post..If life were an old timey movie…

  26. Skip says

    The three season porch attached to our house lacked rain gutters. I figured that gutters would help keep water away from the house foundation and added a pair of vinyl gutters and downspouts. Although they worked OK, over several years I had to clean out the new gutters of leaves and junk, which just generated more work. Worse, the gutters reached near the house wall, collecting wet material which eventually rotted the siding near the porch gutters. I finally wised up and got rid of the gutters, and replaced the rotted siding. Once again, I forgot the first rule of home improvement…if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.

  27. Deb says

    About a year ago, we bought a house that had been built in 1920. It had pretty cruddy carpet that we knew we’d have to pull out, but there were hardwood floors underneath so we were pretty stoked. We knew there was a good chance we’d have to refinish the floors, but that was ok.

    After we closed on the house, we came in and started tearing up the carpet in the dining room. As soon as we got some of it up, we started to gag because of an odor we hadn’t smelled before: dog urine.

    The previous owner had masked the stench with chemicals meant to remove the smell, but it was down inside the wood.

    We had to let the floors air out for months, and treat them with chemicals, until the odors went away. We then had to refinish the floors, but instead of a light sanding, we had to do much deeper sanding to try to remove some of the stains. What a nightmare.

  28. Erica C. says

    Our worst stories always involves plumbing issues. For an entire week, after trying to fix the kitchen sink, we were sprayed directly in the face by the faucet!

  29. says

    I didn’t even have to think about this one! Late June 1997 we had a lot of things going on and one of those things did NOT include a leak in the bathroom shower. I had a wedding to plan, the 4th of July coming up, and so many other household chores that needed my attention. I didn’t have the time or the money to be bothered with a leak that had apparently been going on for some time. It had wet through the floor into the basement and now the linen closet wall was starting to show signs of water damage. The only way to get to the leak was to remove the sheetrock from the linen closet in order to get to the water lines going to the shower. I spent a good part of a Tuesday afternoon using a hand held saw and a hammer trying to tear out the wall. This of course created a lot of dust and mess. At any rate, enough of the wall down, and some quick handwork with installing new water lines we were back in the shower business and had all the mess cleaned up. I proceeded to work on wedding invitations and what not Tuesday night and throughout the day on Wednesday. I was also planning a huge cookout for the 4th of July. With all of this I was also managing to keep four kids entertained. Late on Wednesday afternoon I really started to feel ROTTEN. By bedtime Wednesday night my joints were starting to swell and moving around was getting difficult. I took a shower and felt great knowing that there was no more water leak and all the mess from the sheetrock removal and busted water lines was a thing of the past. I’d made great strides in all my endeavors, including the one I wasn’t expecting. Thursday morning however was a whole new story. When I woke up I could barely get out of bed. I finally managed to make it to the bathroom and into the diningroom. I looked horrible. Every joint in my body was swollen. Not just swollen but enormous and every inch of skin was splotchy red. I didn’t itch … I HURT. Needless to say I ended up struggling to the doctor’s office, where by the time I arrived I could no longer walk, and was immediately admitted to the Intensive Care Unit of our local hospital. Doctor’s and nurses swarmed the unit but I was pretty much oblivious to anything going on. From what I’m told I endured extensive blood work, arterial blood gases, and lumbar punctures to name a few. There is definitely about 36 hours of my life that I can’t remember.
    What does all of this have to do with it being my worse DIY project ever. What I was experiencing was SHEETROCK POISIONING!!! The dust from cutting out and removing the sheetrock to fix the leaking water line had gotten into my body and attacked my entire system. I was on strong antibiotics, pain medicine, and steroids for the inflamation for about two weeks. I spent the 4th of July in the hospital and spent another week after that on total bedrest at home. That’s been over 11 years ago and still sometimes today my joints will become swollen and achy as a result of the damage caused by the sheetrock dust.

    Linda Stewarts last blog post..We’re Having a Boy & We Have a Winner!

  30. Holly says

    My husband moved to Utah from Southern California. We met and got married a short time later. When we bought our first house, he didn’t know to take the hose off the outdoor spicket. The next spring as the water in the spicket thawed, it created a leak in the basement from the pipes that had frozen duriing the winter. Ruined the carpet, the ceiling and one wall. 14 years later he is still working on getting everything fixed. We are down to just replacing the sheet rock in the ceiling and repainting. (The good thing is he never forgets to take the hose off of the house now)

  31. sheila k. says

    A month before the birth of my second child, I took on a DIY project because my husband was a first-year school teacher and funds were tight. Someone that he worked with had a toddler bed that was pretty beat up, but it was only $5 and we needed it for our first child. I spent a day sanding and then painting with oil based paint. The last part of the project was to put contact paper in the back of the bookcase section of the bed. By then I was “drunk” on fumes and so I couldn’t make my hands work right to smooth out the contact paper, so the paper kept sticking to itself. I tried and tried to pull the errant contact paper apart to salvage it, but no matter what I did, the contact paper stuck to itself and became a big wad. I finally sat down and cried.

  32. Denise Lanham says

    I ask my son to paint the window trim on my home. I trusted him because he had 10 yrs. experience in painting.Well I left and when I returned home he was done and gone and the windows looked great until I tried to open them, he had painted them shut and I had to pry them open.

  33. Carime Woods says

    My husband and I made a deer stand out of pvc pipe since we didnt have a good deer stand and we put it on the trailer and it blew off so we stopped and it didnt break so we put it back on the trailer and got it to the field and got in it, low and behold it feel apart.

  34. Julie N says

    No nightmares per se, but my husband is just now finishing the basement that we “finished” ten years ago. I bought a door for the shower we installed two years after we installed the shower and it sat against a wall for eight years before he finally hung it. The door (and shower) had been discontinued, so I had to special order it from a distributor to get it when I did. If I had waited to order it until my husband was ready to install it, I would have had to have it custom made.

  35. says

    I’ve actually had more success than failure in the DIY department, but that’s mainly due to my husband. He’s one of those quick study guys. Anything he can take apart he can rebuild bigger, better and probably with some new wonderful ability. I keep asking him to create an ironing board that irons, folds and puts away all laundry. A gal can dream.

    But before I meet Drew, I was a single mom and had purchased a home in your current location – Sweetwater, my hometown. In the remodeling process, I was great at demolition. The divorce that I had just gone thru added great momentum to the tile tear-out in the bathroom. A

    And then, I began to paint. I was attempting to save money because we were on a tight budget. Tried to use liquid sander to remove some paint in the entry and hallway, but it didn’t work. Too many years & layers of various oil & water-based paint = goopy mess dripping down the wall. Finally managed to get it cleaned up & let it sit for a few days – hoping the paint would dry enough for me to cover it. And I did…and it created some strange affect that people loved but I can never recreate because it was such a fluke in the first place!

    Larens last blog post..We Won!!!

  36. says

    Stripping wallpaper in a 130+ year-old house with horsehair plaster walls. Putting linoleum tiles down in the same house. When I removed the old wall-to-wall bathroom carpet (disgusting) I discovered a hole in the floor and a drain pipe sticking out.

  37. Lorraine says

    The toilet wasn’t flushing correctly (this began the DIY project). It ended up requiring 3 different plumbers to finally fix the problem……couldn’t DIY. The horror came when a small hissing sound was heard behind the bathroom wall. That resulted in the wall being cut out under the sink and finding a small leak in the copper piping. A true disaster (and expensive). Home Depot knows me well.

  38. says

    I will never forget, Dinner was almost ready when my girls
    ran upstairs from the basement and said the basement was raining!

    My husband and I looked at each other and ran down stairs to the Basement sure enough the basement was raining a pipe had broken
    so my husband ran and turned off the water then we questioned the girls to see if they knew what happened and they had no idea it just started raining. Oh course it took a quick trip to Home Depot
    and the pipe was fixed. But the story doesn’t end there about 5 years later I found one of those throw away camera so I took it
    in to see what kind of pictures where on it and one of the pictures
    showed the girls hanging from the pipe, Dinner was fun that night. ;-)

  39. says

    This is one we live with today. About 9 years agao, we decided to put a room on where our deck was on the south side of the house. Now, my dh was smart enough to know he couldn’t do it alone so he was paying a distant relative to help. They got the frame and roof on just fine. The walls and many windows went up with little difficulty. Then came time to put on the door. That distant relative with his experience and so-called know-how measured the slope of the roof wrong and the door wouldn’t open out. It hit the overhang and we still had gutter to install. So they took it off and hung it backward. It opens inward and when it’s snowing or raining, the door drags in moisture. The gutter is barely over your head when you step in or out. I guess the plus is that you can clean the gutter flat-footed from the stoop. When the wind blows from the south, we have to lock the door because gusts push the door in. It is something we have adapted to but I am forever cursing it, wishing we had it installed correctly. The sad thing is, we’ll never get it repaired. We’d have to tear it all down and rebuild this otherwise perfect room! **sigh**

  40. Michele says

    My sewer backed up and I called a friend to help me with it. We rented a snake from Home Depot and proceeded. Little did I know it was manual, and I spent 5 hours turning the darn thing until it unclogged. I think I lost 5 pounds in sweat!

  41. Jennifer says

    I got a wild hair one day and decided I was tired of the ugly dark cabinets and the puke green counter tops and recessed lighting in my kitchen. I thought it would be a simple project to undertake and easy to fix. I was so wrong! I started to tear apart the recessed lighting and noticed not only was it nailed to every place you could think of, but it was also up there to cover up this puke green, 1970’s flower wallpaper! My husband helped me take the rest of it down, which left some holes in the wall that had to be patched, as well as marks on the ceiling that had to be textured over again and now painted because our ceiling was now two different colors. The light fixture had to be replaced as well. My husband looked into doing that and found out that all the wiring has to be replaced before we can hook up a new light fixture.

    As for the cabinets, we started trying to sand them, but the stain wasn’t coming off. Next we tried to use a water based stripper, but that wouldn’t work either. So now our cabinets are going to have to be replaced because they don’t look so good. As for the counter tops… my husband ripped off the puke green back splash from the wall, which I had to texture over. We still have the puke green counter tops though because we’ve been having to spend the money to replace those to fix all the other problems.

    As for the wall paper… I textured over all of it, which then looked weird because the other walls weren’t textured, so I had to texture the whole kitchen. Then the red paint I bought for one of the walls… yeah latex paint, so when I peeled the painters tape off, it started to peel the paint to.

    Needless to say, my easy kitchen makeover, has not been easy and is still not finished because I am now 9 months pregnant and just haven’t had the time or money resources to put into it. I am hoping after the baby gets here we can finish it all up though!

  42. says

    I bought a woman-friendly power drill at Home Depot and decided to surprise my husband by installing all of our window shades on 6 windows in our living room. He is in construction, so I typically default all construction-related things to him. I got sick of waiting for him to do it, so I did it myself.
    I thought he would be proud of me when he got home, and relieved that I took a project off from his plate.
    He walked in and looked at the first window. Then he swore.
    Apparently, I screwed the top into the inside window part instead of the frame part. They look fine and are fully functional, but by doing so, he says I nullified our warrantee. Brand new house. Brand new windows.
    Yep, I’ll NEVER live that one down.

    Ashlie- Mommycosms last blog post..It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas

  43. Joanne says

    Worst DIY story? My Mom put shelves in the cabinet under her sink i tought how is easy is this if my Mom could do it so could my husband. Came home to find yes 2 shelves were now under the sink- But they were held up by 5 gallon jugs he had gotten from work!

  44. says

    My hubby put our son’s crib together outside of his nursery. It didn’t fit through the door (like I said it wouldn’t) and he had to take it apart and do it again, in the nursery this time!

    Sandras last blog post..N Is for Necktie

  45. alemos says

    My biggest DIY project that didn’t turn out the way it was supposed to be would be the outside patio I knew I could make. I figured it would take all of about 1 maybe 2 days to do and it ended up taking almost 4 months. Who knew that laying bricks by hand could be so difficult, plus on top of that people think it should be level too, go figure.

  46. Mary says

    Once I decided to fix my dryer myself. I not only couldn’t get the dryer hose to stay on, but I shocked myself trying to reach the hose. I finally had to have my dad come and fix it.

  47. says

    Several years ago my mother became ill and was hospitalized. She had been staying with my brother about 200 miles away and was hospitalized near him. My husband, another brother of mine, and I decided that since she’d be in the hospital for awhile, we’d fix a weak floor joist and update her bathroom. WOW! If we’d have had any clue then what it was going to take I think we’d have just condemed that one and added a new one on. It turned out that when that bathroom was built *way back in the 30’s* the plumbing didn’t have cut off valves @ the faucets so we had to shut off water to the entire house. We decided to pull the tub out and replace the flooring where there were a couple of weak spots. The tub had been in that house the entire time my brothers and sisters and I were growing up and that covered a good 50 years. The tub was solid cast iron and weighed a TON!! We managed to get the tub pulled out and my brother about ran me over trying to get out of the bathroom due to a couple of snake skins that were under the tub. It turns out he’s deathly afraid of snakes…and spiders :-) We ended up replacing the floor and floor covering, part of the plumbing, the vanity and sink. What started out as a simple weekend project turned into a week long project. Did I forget to tell you I was about 6 months pregnant with my daughter @ the time? I was limited in what I could do, and I’ll admit that some of the stuff I did I probably shouldn’t have, but everytime I walk into her bathroom I get so happy knowing that we made it nicer for her. When she finally got out of the hospital and got home she was surprised. All she could say was *just the floor was only weak in one spot, you didn’t have to do all this*.

    Lizs last blog post..Christmas Shopping

  48. Melissa says

    My husband is not exactly handy. I do most of the home-improvement projects around the house. We have a small farm with animals and I needed to build a pen to house our peacocks in. I told my husband I would start it when I returned from the store, but he insisted on driving in the stakes for the fencing for me. I asked him if he was sure he knew what he was doing and I got a huffed yes as an answer. When I returned, he was dripping with sweat after pounding in all of the fencing stakes. Upon closer inspection, I had to tell him he had pounded them in upside down. Needless to say, he wasn’t quick to help me much after that!

  49. veronica says

    We recently moved to a older mobile home. It is in need of alot of repairing. But my husband isn’t able to do it much anymore. I do all that I cAn around that I can.

  50. says

    Upon arriving home from Hurricane Gustav evacation, we thought we faired pretty well. Just some siding pulled off the chimney wall. Once my husband got into it, surprise, the entire fireplace was rotten and needs to come down! It’s about 45 ft. high and will require scaffolds to get the job done. The worste part….insurance said no coverage! That stinks!!! So my diy project is a ‘temp’ project for now. I’ll post pics of us climbing when we get started..LOL.

    Kriss last blog post..Not too much…

  51. says

    Well this is kind of an embarrasing story. When I first entered college I moved into a house with 4 other girls. When I moved in I asked if I could paint the walls, and they said yes but said they would need to approve the color. I decided to skip their color approval and just go ahead and paint my room, figuring they had told me I could paint, so I thought it would be ok. (I was young & dumb!) I also figured it would look so good they would just be so happy I painted it. I was wrong. I had never really painted before. I made a huge mess. I actually got kicked out of the house for it! Not the highlight of my life. At least I look back on it now and laugh.

    Mary @ Adventures in Mommylands last blog post..Modern Pop Art by Kerry Beary Giveaway at Cent$ible Mommy

  52. Stephanie V says

    WE have so many DIY nightmares. My husband likes to think he can diy, but he really can’t. He painted our bathroom – which had blank white spots all over and yanked wallpaper off our downstairs bathroom walls to paint — but that was 3 years ago! Still no paint. Changing lightbulbs – not even easy.

  53. Michelle says

    God love my husband..he really tries. We seem to have issues with water in our DIY projects. He tried to install the hose for our ice cube maker on the refrigerator himself. Whoever owned the house before us had also had one, so when he went downstairs he removed the covering over the old one without turning off the shut-off first. I heard him yelling and came downstairs to find it showering all over him and he was trying to cover it with his hand and yelling for me to shut off the water.

    Almost the exact thing happened when he tried installing my new dishwasher….didn’t turn off the hot water all the way and suddenly my kitchen was flooded with water.

    Did I mention he really tries?

  54. Judith v says

    Only 2 sentences. I have put on roofs, taken down walls, put up walls moved walls, installed tile, rewired, installed cabinets, toilets, sinks, refinished floors, put in fences, arbors, sod, gardens been on garden tours, new sidewalks both concrete and stone, new garage doors, garage door openers, change put in stair aand changed the slope Lets face it I DIY most everything I have hired to install a new furnace, new hot water tank and think that may be it.

  55. says

    I’ve got several, but I think I’ll go with one of the first ones when hubby and I bought our first home. On the day we took possession there were plenty of things to be done, but first on hubby’s list was to install a new toilet seat. He said he couldn’t deal with using someone else’s toilet seat in his own house no matter how much I cleaned it. Ok honey, whatever makes you happy so I ran to the store and bought a new toilet seat. Now as much as hubby tries, he isn’t overly handy with home improvement. So he goes to take the old seat off and the bolts were sort of tight and he swings the tool around and somehow manages to crack the entire toilet bowl and water spills out everywhere in the bathroom! Ack! He grabbed an entire basket full of towels I had just gotten back from the laundromat with that were clean and folded and uses all of them to soak up the mess. Then, on our tiny budget at the time, we had to scrape together money for an entire toilet to go along with that new toilet seat he just had to have!

    Robyns Online Worlds last blog post..Win a Wii and Learn a Thing or Two

  56. Estelle says

    Our DIY horror story is all about accent walls. We tried this several years ago when they were just becoming popular. Our intended look was about 6 vertical stripes, 3 of each color. I don’t know where it went wrong, but I’m pretty sure it was in the beginning. Someone (not me) managed to get the chalk line for the tape crooked. So one stripe was crooked. One was a bit wider than the other ones, enough to be noticeable. The colors that looked so great when placed together on the little sample cards looked horrible together on the walls. It was a nightmare. We just painted a solid color over it and was done.

  57. Steph says

    I would have to say that I did a good one by putting my new motion sensor light up in the front…I was so proud! I just did not realize the reason it would not come on with movement is becuase the sensor was upside down!

  58. Carol V. says

    Oh Boy, my husband is a big Do It Yourselfer. Me, not so much. I would say our worse project was when we decided to get a new vinyl floor. There was already 2 layers on the floor, so we decided we needed to take those two off first. What a pain, it took forever, we started out with this scraper type thing on a long pole, that didn’t really work, so we went and rented this machine that was a little more powerful than our tired arms. But we finally got it done, and it looks great.

  59. ron says

    i tried to weather seal my door. i thought it was obvious so i didn’t close the door. i put the self adhesive foam tape on the out side of the frame inset so it sealed nothing, and you could see it plainly. i had to slowly scrape it off with my fingernail.

  60. Greta says

    Well, I haven’t done much DIY stuff, but my sister and her husband started redoing their kitchen one year. I think it was when my nephew was doing hid first communion…he was maybe 9 or 10. He’s 17 now and the parents have since divorced. The kitchen still has the beams sticking out and nothing was ever painted completely. Pretty crazy.

    Trying to think of something I did myself that didn’t work out…hmmm…I do start a lot of things I don’t finish. I would love to have the GC at any rate because we need window shades and some winterizing stuff for the windows to keep the air out! It’s gettin’ cold!

  61. Carol G says

    After reading some of the stories, mine seems pretty tame, but it is an irritant. My front porch steps were becoming very dangerous, so my grandson decided to build me a new set. He tore out the old ones, we bought the concrete and the blocks and then it rained–and rained–and rained. After it finally dried up enough to start the concrete work, he had lost momentum. It is 6 months later, I have a basic frame of block for the platform part of the steps and we are still using the garage entrance to get in and out.

  62. Sandi says

    My husband is a man of all trades (well except DIY). In our spare bathroom we have a toilet that leaks -but don’t call anyone to fix it because I can do that-well it still leaks, even after he fixed it. Now our hot water tank has decided to start dripping-I have been telling him for the last 4 months that I felt a warp in my floor-I am loosing my mind, well yesterday we heard a loud bang and guess what just about fell thru the floor???? Yep you guessed it-hot water tank, so we are off to fix that-hmmm-better get the contractors name and number out again!!!

  63. randi says

    We had just bought our 1st home with an interest rate of 17%. It was an old house & we decided to update the bathroom lights. My husband, a novice at home repair, drilled holes to try to find a way to tie into the electric. Somehow he drilled through the wall to the bedroom next door. I knew not to ask any questions from the look on his face! He’s gotten much better over the years, thank goodness!

  64. Paul says

    I decided to build a wall in the basement to separate me from the furnace and laundry room. I had shopped for 2x4s that were on sale and unwarped. The frame was complete and then simply stand the frame into place. The problem was that I took the measurements at the center of the floor. I did not know that the floor is tapered. So the portion of the frame did not fit by the wall. START OVER!

  65. Susan Smith says

    I thought I would save money by removing the wallpaper in my kitchen myself. I realized later that I had removed the drywall too so I had to pay someone to repair the drywall so the kitchen could be painted.

  66. Susan Smith says

    I thought I would save money by removing the wallpaper in my kitchen myself. I realized later that I had removed the drywall too so I had to pay someone to repair the drywall so the kitchen could be painted.

  67. PattiD says

    I always love to do things myself…or try to anyway. When my guy fell off a roof, I knew I had to do everythng, and that was ok. I bought a nice bird feeder., being that he was going to be stuck home and loved nature.
    I made sure that he could see where the bird feeder would be so that I knew where to put it.
    I put together the birdfeeder together, triumphantly filled the thing with the bird food but oops, forgot to put the pole in…so I did. I put the pole in the best I could, wiggled it a bit to make sure it was sturdy.
    Now, mind you, this was to be a surpise, so he wasn’t watching me.
    I was so darn proud, I put the filled bird feeder on the pole and went in to tell my sweetie to watch as I envisoned various birds would just suddenly appear (think Fantasia without the music).
    I opened the blinds and he was laughing so hard, I thought he couldn’t breathe.
    I look out, and there is a squirrel hanging upseide down from my feeder and scooping out the seed to another squirrel underneath…
    it gets better!
    A bird then landed on the other side- and well, the whole ^%$# thing came down with just the weight of a tiny finch with the fathead squirrel on the other side.
    What then happened, if not enough- was a blur. TONS of bords, big black birds came from nowhere and converged on all the seed.
    The squirrel made a noise I never heard in my life, the other one took off running, trailing seed as he went. And my background looked like the scene of a bad horror movie when it was done.
    My cute little feeder, laid in ruins, seed everywhere!
    I left that way for awhile- afraid of big,black birds stalking me.

    Here is the kicker. My guy fell off a roof, trying to trap a squirrel for his work. He WAS an exterminator…now, how is that for karma?
    I will NOT put up another feeder again- ever.

  68. Belinda Wildey says

    I’m a single mom, and I try to do most of the repairs on my 1970’s house to save money. There have been many successes over the years….and just as many dismal failures! lol…
    My latest debacle is still staring my in the face every time I walk into my hallway. My entire home had 15 year old carpeting and the carpet in the bathroom was pretty raunchy. I tore it out and applied stick-on tiles. I took my time, and did a pretty darn good job on the cuts. I was feeling pretty darn cocky and full of myself! I had laid the tile, caulked, and the only thing left was the divider between the tile in the bathroom and the carpet in the hall. The instructions said that the nails would go into the concrete. Not. So. Much. After bending every single darn one, I went back to the store for concrete drill bits. Didn’t work. I must have alien concrete. Barely made a dent. After TWO SOLID DAYS of trying, I just gave up! The carpet is still loose against the tile to this day!

  69. susan varney says

    when our children were litte my husband and i were always trying to build different things for the kids rooms. one time we were going to install new shelves. we put them in wirth no bracking. we then had to redo them .

  70. James says

    My worst DIY experience was when I put in a new patio with my dad. We had to dig out tons of dirt, then fill the hole with gravel to provide a firm base for the stones. Then after we finished putting the stones in, we had to dispose of all the dirt we took out. It was such an exhausting project.

  71. Jessie W says

    Our kitchen faucet needed to be changed out and I had been able to turn off the water. Unfortunately I didn’t have the right size wrench, but I kept working on it. After barking most of my knuckles and nearly breaking my nose (I dropped the wrench) I gave up and called a pro who got it done in half an hour. The plumber leaves and when I look at the sink, I see all these dings in the enamel. Yes all those times the wrench slipped and I banged the sink I was chipping the enamel! I was able to patch the sink thank goodness!

  72. Michelle Spiess says

    My husband put together a basketball goal, but like most men did not read the directions. He ended up putting the goal on backwards and had to tear the whole thing apart and put it together again.

    He is also notorious for starting jobs and not finishing. He put wood floors in our upstairs, but we are still missing the quarter round. We’ve also finished our basement and I’ve yet to have trim put up on the windows. He finishes things about 80% then not go back to finish it. I have a list of things that need to be finished, who knows if it will ever get done! :)

  73. Linda lansford says

    We were adding on to the house and then it rained. With walls torn down the rain flooded the house and we had a lot of damage.

  74. Jamie says

    Keep in mind this was the first project in our first home — so cut us some slack :) We decided to replace some light fixtures, so we drove to our nearest Home Depot, which was an hour away. I found the fixture I needed to have for our bedroom. Unfortunately, they were out, but they were willing to sell us the display. Thrilled we snatched it up and brought it home. Tentatively, hoping not to electrocute ourselves, we swapped out the fixture. I ran downstairs and flipped the breaker. Ran back upstairs and flipped on the light . . . but no light. Ran back downstairs and flipped the breaker off again. Disconnected the fixture and checked all the connection and then put it back up. Ran downstairs, flipped the breaker. Ran upstairs, and flipped the switch. Still no light. Frustrated, we repeated this process several times. Suddenly a light bulb went off in my head and I grabbed a new (actual) light bulb and screwed it into the fixture. All of that trouble was due to a burnt out lightbulb — the hour long ride in the trunk of our car wiggled the bulb too much. We felt dumb, but we had LIGHT!

  75. Tanya Moyer says

    Last May we moved into a foreclosed home that had been abused by the former owner. Our bedroom had pea-green and chocolate brown walls. The living room was orange-brown and mustard yellow, and the kitchen was pine-tree green. My daughter’s room was ugly peach colored. Each of the bathrooms had little butterflies and shells wallpaper cutouts all over the walls. My husband and I literally had to paint every single wall in the house! But as much as he tries, he’s not the best painter. He just wants to come in, slap it on and be done! I have little paint splotches all over the carpet and ceilings! But at least he’s willing to do it! :o) Great giveaway – thanks for offering!

  76. Donna S. says

    My husband ripped out our old floor in the kitchen. He replaced the wood underneath and installed a new laminate floor. The entire job was pretty in depth and it took him a few days and some hard work to get it done. When finally he had the new floor in and we mopped it and cleaned up, it looked so nice. We went out for a few hours, and when we came home we saw that when we were gone our dog ripped up the almost 1/2 of the floor and chewed it into pieces.

  77. Rita A says

    I installed those wire rack shelves in my closet for organizing. I had two long shelves and the bar that hung underneath it. I did a great job …until I started putting things on the shelves. I just finished putting everything away when I heard a crack and the shelves with all the clothes fell out of the wall. It ripped all the plaster board as well. It turns out I forgot the anchors in the wall and the weight of the items was too much for the shelves. Then we needed to replaster the entire closet. What a mess.

  78. says

    Our biggest DIY nightmare had to do with a leaking toilet stack. It was an old cast iron stack – like 4″ diameter or more and my husband decided he could replace the thing himself. The house was 50 years old and the stack was original. My husband and his friend tackled it. It took them a whole day just to get the thing off and once they did, the WHOLE HOUSE STUNK like sewage. We had no other choice but to stay away until they finished and they didn’t want to leave it open all night so they worked well into the night to get it done. I think we had to burn his clothes, and I could still smell it for a month!

    Kim @ What’s That Smell?s last blog post..Shop.com for Holiday Shopping

  79. Kate says

    Well there have been many lows, but the worst was when we tries to rip out an install new bathtub/showers in the two bathrooms at the same time. We ripped out all the old stuff in both bathrooms because we were told it was an easy job that could be done in a day. A few sweaty, smelly days later we had one tub/shower up and running. I never want to try to wash my hair in the sink again … EVER!
    We were first time homeowners, we have lived and learned a lot since then LOL.

  80. Kam A says

    I just painted our steel doors and didn’t quite get the results that I wanted to. I used a roller but had to brush paint in the recessed areas and they don’t look so great :(

  81. Dominique W says

    I read about this creative painting technique that makes walls look like crushed velvet. No laughing, at the time that sounded appealing. I decided to try it in my hallway…with orange paint. I did something wrong. Well, many things wrong and ended up with the equivalent of a tangerine tunnel in my house. Walking down the hallway was like walking through some kind of kiddy tunnel in a playscape. It was a colorful “what was I thinking?” moment that I will never forget.

  82. Colleen S says

    I onece attemped to try to turn two doors into a bed head board and foot board. During this process I thew out my back, almost keeled over from the paint stripper fumes, had 1 very scarey and educational run in with a power tool and a after year of sleeping on the floor, I said fooey on this and went shopping for a new bedroom set.

  83. Margaret J. R. says

    We had a ramshackle house at the lake in the middle of a large lot. We decided to re-orient the front entrance. My husband built a quaint overhang roof over the slab of this new entryway and felt that its very weight would keep it there forever. One day a terrific wind came up, we heard a loud bang, went out and found the new overhang was up on the roof. Duh.

  84. Len Massey says

    I once tried to build my own 12’x16′ shed only to find out how big a project it really was. I was not ready for pouring and finishing concrete and did not have ladders tall enough to reach the peak of the roof (shed was 13′ tall). Needless to say I had to give in and have a contractor help because it was getting too late in the year (November) and I had to have the extra space quick. I was so humiliated and disgusted over the whole thing. Next time I will do my homework and be ready for such a project. May everone have their DIY’s go smoothly. Thanks

  85. Jess says

    My worst DIY… probably when I tried to fix up my bedroom. I started painting and absolutely ruined a chunk of the woodwork by not covering things up properly. Needless to say, tape is my friend now.

  86. Hayley G. says

    I wanted to install a towel bar so I got out my drill and prepared to make some holes in the wall. I knew that I had to watch out for studs but I didn’t expect to drill and hit metal! By the end of the project I had about 4 unnecessary holes in the wall….sigh!

  87. Carol says

    When we lived in MN, we painted the living room, which ran into the kitchen, stairway that went up and down and the entry. Anyway, it was a huge job and I was finishing up the trim work and dumped a large amount of paint on the carpet. I called my DH home from work to help clean it up. Didn’t know at the time that our insurance would have paid for new carpet! Live and learn!!!!!

  88. Joan E. says

    We put in a new floor in our kitchen, then installed a new washing machine and dryer on one side of the room. The washer hose was not hooked up properly, and leaked all over the floor and seeped under the tile and ruined it. We had the replace the entire floor in the kitchen. Two new floors in one week!!

  89. Cindi says

    My husband is for the most part, thankfully, very handy when it comes to home repairs and improvement! For 16 years of our 22 year marriage, we lived in a century old home. The first two years we lived there, he scraped the outside of our home to the original wood. He even scraped during the night time with scaffolding and spotlights. They worked out very well! Jon even made a brick patio out in the back yard. He collected the bricks when they tore down an old house for a “Jack in the Box.” He worked for three months.
    Now, for the disaster. Our basement was large, but had low ceilings.
    We still wanted to make nice living space out of it. First, the walls were painted, wall papered and the ceiling redone. There was a small workshop, laundry room, family room and play room.
    Then, came the carpeting. The stairway leading down to the basement was carpeted and then through the hallway and into the family room and play room. The carpeting made everything look complete. Then, in a few months, came the monsoon. Along with the monsoon, came flooding-in our basement. The water started in the corner of the workshop and flowed to the family and play rooms!
    If we wet/dry vacuumed that basement once, we swept up water ten times. We couldn’t afford to waterproof our basement. We ended with a total of 3-4 times of pulling up the carpet, setting up fans and sweeping up water. Finally, my husband decided to put in a sub pump. Why we didn’t think of that before putting in the carpeting?! After the sub pump, we never had a water problem again! Thanks…..Cindi

  90. Laura Owens says

    My husband and I innocently went to replace the tub spout and ended up having to tear out a good part of the bathroom and laundry room because we had to remove the shower surround and discovered termite damage and pipes that had disintegrated. It was quite a surprise and a big job, but we did it ourselves. Now it is nice to know we have good pipes and walls. And a shiny new tub spout!

  91. Joyce Pogue says

    A contractor was replacing the windows in our family room. He left for the night and didn’t cover the open places. Two raccoons came into the room and terrorized it.

  92. says

    My husband decided that instead of hiring someone to add a deadbolt, he would do it himself. He thought he could save money by his DIY decision. Well, he bought the lock, brought it home, got all of his tools assembled, only to discover he did not have the right drill bit. Off to the store he went (this was not an expense he counted on). When drilling the hole for the lock, his hand slipped, he dropped the drill (it was still on) and tore a huge whole in the carpet. Our DIY, easy, save money job, ended up costing us a mere $300 to replace the carpet and another $15 for the drill bit!

    Vikki Dobbinss last blog post..Red Pears

  93. Anne says

    Hubby and I were renovating a basement a few years ago. It had quite a small bathroom with just a shower stall so we decided to buy a new stall to sort of fit into the old one!

    Hubby acted like he knew exactly what he was doing and since I didn’t have a clue, I just went along willingly!!

    We got the shower stall home and I left hubby to do the work, as I seem to get on his nerves when I’m around…..(why oh why would that be?)

    I was in the kitchen making a pot of tea and sitting with my feet up when I heard the most awful “crack” sound. I went to see what was going on and hubby and not measured correctly and one side of the shower stall had a crack from one side to the other!!

    After I managed to shut my mouth, as it was hanging open in shock, I couldn’t stop laughing! Thankfully for me, hubby has a great sense of humour as well!

  94. says

    My fix it story is not really a complete fix it story. When I was about 21, in the first apartment that I had with my husband when we were dating, he was working in a kitchen and his clothes were extremely greasy. I tried to de-grease his jeans by soaking them in the bathtub with industrial strength degreaser for stainless steel. Then I realized I couldnt run down 4 flights of stairs with soaking wet jeans in my hands to put them in the washer so I tried to wash the degreaser out of the jeans in the dishwasher. Of course it flooded my kitchen, all the plastic tiles started to pop up and I head out to home depot to figure out how to fix them. My landlord never knew and he wound up getting a newly done kitchen floor by the time we moved out!!

    Casey Hs last blog post..I get around…

  95. valerie mabrey says

    We started with “hey let’s paint a room” and now we have subfloor all over and one bathroom torn up. One thing just kept leading to something else. I hope to one day have everything dome at one time.

  96. Kelly says

    I had a bedroom set that I wanted to be “artsy” with. My plan was to paint it, decoupage it and then put some resin on top of the decoupage.

    It took forever to prime and paint. It was almost impossible. I’m sure I did it wrong, but I don’t know how. Probably needed more sanding. Then, the decoupaging was just insane. Gluing those photos down and the worst part was the resin. Envirotex. Great for small projects. HORRID for large ones. It began getting hot in the cup and burning my hand. Horrid!

  97. DJ MULKEY says

    I needed to replace a leaky hose..the short one that attaches to the hose caddy. I went to a well known hardware store and was told that size hose was only sold with the caddy. A second store told me to purchase a short hose,cut the end off and clamp it on. The price was about $15.00. The third store manager told me to purchase a “clamp” for $1.99,he showed me what to do and now my hose no longer leaks. I proably spent $15.00 in gas to do this. Next time..I will just call a handyman.

  98. says


  99. rebecca says

    My worst DIY nightmare was when I was single and an RN doing nightshifts and couldn’t sleep. Professionals had just finished painting the kitchen a few days earlier and some paint was left over.

    It was 2am and a light came on in my head that said, there must be enough to do the bathroom. So off I went, brush in hand. It was a disaster, paint was verywhere but on the walls, the paint only did 3/4 of the room, so behind the door was left the old color! The paint was in the tub and sink and I had nothing to take it off with.

    Needless to say, called the professionals the next day and my DIY became a LOT of money spent! I have a lot of respect for painters and decorators!

    My husband does our DIY now and is good. We would love to win, he lives in home depot on his days off, just wandering the tool aisle.

  100. sonya allstun says

    We havent been home owners for long so the best one I have to say is in the middle of painting our spare bedroom our son decides to bring the grand baby over. Well every thing was going pretty good since hes a good kid and dont get into much. UNTIL dear old dad goes to change him of course he decides to run naked through the house when he manages to get away from his dad. And comes running into the room for me to save him since he dont want another diaper on. And runs over right next to me and backs up to the wall and slides down hiding LOL. Needless to say the poor boy had baby blue behind, back and hair for quite awhile.

  101. Jen C says

    A number of years ago we decided our tiny bathroom needed some updating. Thursday night we turned off the water to the entire house. The simple job of changing the shower faucet took 14 hours and punching a hole through our closet wall to get to the pipes because nothing would match up. The vanity had been inset into the subfloor, so we had to patch that and reset some of the plumbing. The floor under the toilet was soft from some leakage, so that needed to be fixed. We had to have everything back together by Monday night so we could return to work on Tuesday. My DH worked pretty much constantly to get it done. It took a week more to patch the closet.

    Mind you, we had no running water and had really only planned for a day or so. Friends loaned us a camp toilet which we set up in the basement. I’m sure the home improvement stores were tired of seeing me after a while. I did take every opportunity to run errands in order to utilize modern facilities.

    We learned at least one lifelong lesson – if the shower faucet needs replacing, it is time to move!

  102. Richard H says

    My house is wired crazy! I was changing the bathroom light switch so the light and fan would have a separate switch. When I was doing it, I thought that the wires were not right…I have done this so many times before. Well, the funny thing was, everytime someone turned the light on in the bathroom, the lights went out on the Christmas Tree which was in the next room. Needless to say, I changed it back to the original switch.

  103. Theresa N says

    My worst DIY story is an on going thing. We’ve lived for 6 years in a 100 year house we are try to redo. Due to time and money slow downs it takes us forever to accomplish our goals. We decided from the begining not to use credit cards or loans and do all the work ourself. Did I say slow? Yep that’s my worst if we put a whole in the wall it my be there a while. We have accomplished a few things the foyer, the laundry room, new closets but there’s oh so much more to do.

  104. Christine says

    When we first got married, I painted a bookcase and dresser only to find out that I used the wrong paint. To this day, the books stick to the shelves and the drawers stick shut. Thank you!

  105. Becky Grayson says

    My father was a carpenter so I am so not used to what I call the “Frustrated and Loud” DIY hubby. According to him NOTHING ever goes right when he is trying to do something to the house. Our latest is our bathroom. This is a bathroom that has a shower, toilet and sink. The sink and toilet are avacado green. Yep ugly! Ok our sink had a little leak. Nothing major and I said leave it alone until we decide to replace it. Nope can’t do THAT now can we?

    Hubby started to take the drain off the sink and it broke. Ok no problem right? Ummm it broke way back inside the wall. Well hubby decided that a plumber is going to have to fix it now. Ummmm WHAT? This was six months ago and I have no working sink in my bathroom. Luckily we have a second bathroom that I can wash my hands in. UGH why did he feel the need to try to fix it? I can live with a little leak. LOL

    Thanks so much!

  106. says

    Well I got this wonderful idea to break up the concrete in my basement and repour the floor. It was not the least bit level. We start and find out that the concrete is literally an inch thick in some places and about a foot thick in others. Oh, and there are NO FOOTERS under the block walls. Now, my floor is all sand, we poured footers little sections at a time, ran out of money. Now, my cat thinks the sandy floor is one big litter box. GRRR I need to get money to finish this project.

    learningmama at yahoo dot com

    Marcias last blog post..Confusion

  107. Kelly Jones says

    my worst story is about my husband…he’s the typical do it yourself project guy. only thing is, he starts something, get’s it about half way done and stops, then starts another project. so, we’ve got about 5 rooms in the house that need to be finished. he keeps saying it’s a weekend project. well, he’s had tons of weekends for the past four years to finish them. i think if i were to win this gift card to home depot, it would help him as i think he hasn’t finished because of the cost of some supplies. i know he’s having a real hard time with the one project. we have these stones that are on the wall and no matter what he tries, they don’t want to stick and keep falling off. i think that’s where he got frustrated and just left the rest. this might give him some encouragement. i’d even go with him and ask one of those home depot experts what else they could suggest to make those things stick. there’s gotta be something out on the market that can help and if home depot sells it and we win, that would be awesome and could solve my hubby’s problem.

  108. Audra says

    We were grouting our kitchen floor. We had two different bags of grout in the garage. One was for outdoors and the other was our kitchen project. Both were similar in color. To our dismay we realized we had used the wrong bag!

  109. Jenni says

    My story isn’t SO hideious, but at the time it felt totally miserable. I was about 8 months pregnant and hadn’t painted the baby’s room yet. I had a tan picked out and painted the entire room with the help of my mother-in-law. I was totaly uncomfortable, huge and climbing ladders, but I wanted it DONE! I wasn’t sure about the color as it was going up, but you know how it goes…you keep thinking that you need to have the whole room done and see it with the right light, etc. By the time it was done, I hated it. It was lavendar (we had a boy) and gross. I spent the entire next day repainting it by myself a light blue that I knew I liked. Not fun.
    Thanks for the giveaway.

  110. Dee says

    That’s an easy one. It would have to be the time I was twelve and tried to help my mom out by replacing our toilet seat cover. Kept tightening those plastic screws because they never seem tight. Tighter… tighter… Ended up CRACKING the TOILET in HALF!

  111. says

    i was trying to put a cabinet together. my hubby refused to help me, so i was on my own. turnd out i read the directions wrong. had to take it apart like 7 times because it was put together wrong. it was so bad.

    brandy ws last blog post..contests 11-19-08

  112. Patti Sherman says

    My husband tried to fix our toilet and ended up cracking it. Water was everywhere, including dripping downstairs into our family room. He then thought he could glue it back together…Ugh! What a disaster!

  113. says

    We just remodeled our bathroom and ran into so many problems. We had to have our shower valve set up so you could turn them off easily (condo association rules) and for some reason, they were basically a foot behind the walls. We had pay $400 to get those moved. We had to knock down a privacy wall in our bathroom and now the ceiling isn’t level, so we haven’t finished the bathroom yet. We were putting up some crown molding but can’t since the ceiling isn’t level there. We had problems with the way the sink was set up with the drainage. It was just all this little stuff adding up that created huge headaches for us. We still have some more work to get done in there, so this giftcard would come in handy. This was really our first diy project, but we’ll still do more in the future, we expected things to go wrong.

    amy purples last blog post..SCORES: $25 and under

  114. Brooke says

    My husband was pulling shingles off of a friends roof so he could reroof their house. Each shingle broke in pieces, tiny pieces. As he was pulling the first layer off, he realized there was another layer. Then another. He went through four layers of old, falling apart shingles. After he finally got the shingles all off, I had to walk through their grass with a magnet and pick up all of the nails. There were about a million. It took several hours to get all of the shingle pieces and nails picked up. What a mess it was!

  115. says

    Okay, so this is about my parent’s DIY story, but it was when we were there visiting. So, my dad decided to re-do the front entry of my parent’s split level home that was built in the 70s. They removed half a wall to give more light in the entry way…that went fine. But then my dad decided to rebuild the stairs because he claims they were “poorly constructed”. So y’all know how when you walk into a split entry there’s a small landing and then you can either go up or down, right? My dad took out all of the steps, the landing, everything. Not a big deal, right? Well this was about 6 months ago. So the last time we were up there I had to climb a ladder from the basement to get upstairs (while carrying my 4 year old daughter who has special needs, then had to climb back down for my 2 year old!!). The stairs are STILL not done and my parents are hosting Thanksgiving this year for me and my 3 siblings. After our experience last time we visited I made it very clear that I’m not going to be climbing up and down a ladder with small children, so if they want us to come stay with them, the stairs need to be finished!! My dad does a great job on projects…they just take FOREVER!!!!!! :)

    Aimees last blog post..Operation Christmas Child

  116. Sierra Martin says

    Okay, if I won this giftcard, I’d give it to my dad. He lives at Home Depot.. if he had a personal flag, it would be that awful orange color and he’d wear it with glee!!! Actually, it would be home depot orange and makita blue.. he has just about everything makita makes. My home repair nightmare goes as follows.. about 10 years ago, my sister and I were still living at the house, and my dad had installed an attic pulldown stairway installed in her closet so we could store some of our stuff up there. My sister has a small walk in closet which is next to a long hallway that leads to some stairs. My sister and I were talking about something, sitting on her bed, when my dad falls straight through the hallway ceiling onto the floor like a cartoon falling from space. It was pretty terrible, but it was too funny. We couldn’t stop laughing. The hole in the ceiling was HUGE. My dad thinks he is the ultimate handyman, and that hole stayed in the ceiling for months.

  117. Lachelle says

    We had moved all of our stuff from our spare bedroom onto our back porch while we replaced the flooring ourselves (laminate hardwood). Well we forgot to move our stuff back in the house that night and we were completely robbed that night! We have learned our lesson on using our back porch for even temporary storage (and it encouraged us to quickly build on a locked storage unit to our house).

  118. says

    Wow! These are the longest comments I’ve ever seen. I must admit, since about the first year of my married I haven’t done much DIY stuff. All I did was try to put a simple little shelf together and I still managed to completely screw it up. I put one shelf on upside down and it still works but has never looked right. Since then I’ve let my husband do everything else while I pass the tools. I would love to win something I could actually give HIM. Thanks!

    Sharlas last blog post..Book giveaway

  119. Tania Edwards says

    My year year old broke out his bedroom window….ironically he is now about to turn 6 and my husband just replaced the window. It had snowed in that room last winter and I swore that I would replace it myself if he didn’t do it. So anyway, the window was put in about 3 weeks ago and for all intensive purposes it went fairly well. If, of course, you’re not bothered by the fact that it doesn’t match the other windows in the house or that he has left the inside unfinished…leaving drywall exposed and the like. I wonder how many times I’m going to hear ” I’m gonna get to it this weekend” before it actually gets completed. Maybe if the materials were free it would get done! Best of luck to all (especially me!)!

  120. Kay says

    This is kind of a do it yourself story =P –When I was in high school I used the dishwasher for the first time, and put in regular dishwashing soap instead of dishwasher soap (I didn’t know there was a difference). The suds overflowed out of the washer and there was soap all over the kitchen floor!

  121. ES says

    I tried to build a wardrobe from scratch but got all the nails and screws mixed up. I ended up having to call in a neighbor to help. Together, we had to redo the wardrobe from scratch. That was a really frustrating experience!

  122. Maureen says

    There are a few in my lifetime but right now we have a guest bedroom that is painted red and I have wanted it painted something else for a few years. Hubby took down the shelves that were on the wall and spackled and put a coating over the rough spots over a year ago. Needless to say no one has been able to say that the room have been painted properly because the new color has not been put on the wall.
    We also have a leaky faucet in the garage. Hubby thought that he could fix this by getting to it himself. Lets just say there are plastic bags there and it still leaks.

  123. Bridget says

    I have been very fortunate in that most of my DIY projects go about as smoothly as one can expect. However, when tiling my bedroom, I thought I was thinking ahead and tiled out to the walls but skipped the fill in pieces for now (it was at a diagonal). Well I tiled through a bedroom door and only realized when I went to install the border piece, that the tile in the middle blocked the angle I needed to get the cut piece around the door frame. Now I have two bedroom door frames with tile pieces with an extra cut in them just so I could get them in place.

  124. Sharren Sattar says

    My worse DIY, was when I tried to build a doghouse, my husband said he would do it, but I said nope; I wanted to try it. Thank goodness for duct tape, the wonder stuff!!! LOL, the whole dog house was held together by that!

  125. christine burd says

    I built a rabbit hutch with chicken wire and wood.It turned out great but because it was raining I had built it inside and we had to take the patio doors off when I found that it would fit through them .We also put up a section of our backyard fence upside down after the wind blew it down. The top was straight while the rest of the sections were picketed.Stayed like that for a yr.

  126. hetal g says

    DH got mad at a sink tap one day, he wanted to fix. After more than 4 hours of effort, he did something and ended up with working sink tap in the kitchen, but now, it works backwords and red is giving cold water:)

  127. Kristen says

    I think my worst DIY project was trying to paint animals on my soon-to-be baby’s room. We had everything ready and I thought we were so prepared, how could it go wrong with a barrowed overhead projecter..it was basicly a tracing job!..Well I found away! And still to this day, my son asks about the monkey..”Mommy, what animal is that?” .. oops, guess it didn’t come out the way I thought it would!?!

  128. Maggie Smith says

    I wanted to surprise my wonderful husband last spring when he was away on a business trip. I decided to change the fixtures in our bathroom (including our bathtub)! Well, I forgot to turn the water off first and I ended up flooding the bathroom!!!!!! I had to call a plumber and the bill was not pretty. I will never think I could do that by myself ever again. Boy was my husband surprised! LOL

  129. sarah says

    i attempted to fix the toilet in the basement one time because it would whistle whenever someone flushed it. well, i thought i knew what i was doing until i accidentally snapped off the rubber ball thing and the attachment for it when water went leaking everywhere. the cleanup afterward was so NOT worth doing this myself!

  130. says

    Well, I don’t know if I can claim this DIY disaster as my own, since it was my dad’s project, and I was just the helper, but here goes. When I was in high school, my dad decided to finish the basement in our home and I was there to lend a hand whenever he needed it. One of the first things we needed to do was put up sheets of styrofoam insulation. Each sheet went up on the wall and then my dad would caulk the gaps in between the sheets. We spent the evening putting up insulation on a number of walls, only to come back the next day to discover that the wrong type of caulking had been used and it had dissolved a lot of the insulation away, so we had to begin again.

  131. Peter says

    Where to start? I’ve gotten better, but I’ve had my share of bad projects.

    Worst for us planning wise – trying to put in stairs @ my grandfather’s house. We bought all of the materials, but fully neglected to take into account our ability to do the actual work. We didn’t have a good set of power tools and lacked a lot of the necessary strength/coordination to do everything really well. Materials/specs – pretty accurate. Laborers – it’s a good thing my wife’s uncle was there to help. :)

    I’m quite grateful that I have friends and family who know what they’re doing and can give me advice before I get started. I’d be a little lost without them and the internet.

  132. Jenna says

    Oh, my goodness – so many diy nightmares! A lot of them involving quilting – batting getting bunched, major seam wrinkles, crooked lines. Agh! Would love to give this gift card to my much more competent diy boyfriend.

  133. sandra kao says

    i haven’t had much of a chance to do much myself, but my husband and i had tried to patch up some of the nails falling out of the ceilings. and they’re back at it. so much for all that effort when we were preparing the rooms to be painted!

  134. Leslie D. says

    Don’t ever let a teenager paint their bedroom by themselves or with friends. Our daughter and her friends painted a mural in her bedroom. The mural turned out nice, but it came with a big cost. They left paint all over the carpet, doors, and the stained wooden trim. Needless to say, the paint won’t come off the door and trim, and remnants of paint can be found in the carpet. We learned a very, very big lesson! Thank you for the contest!

  135. says

    Well, to be honest, I try to avoid doing the DIY projects in an effort to avoid these stories! LOL! But, let’s see…Well, why don’t I tell you about one of my husbands stories! He was doing the demo work on a staircase in an apartment that he was rehabbing. He had a good idea of the materials he was working with and was working carefully, as he always does. Of course, because it is demo, one must swing a hammer with great force to pull the wood apart. Well, the thing of it is…if said wood is slightly looser than all other pieces like it (as in missing a connection point all together) and the arm swings the hammer at full force toward said piece of wood, which, in turn deflects the hammer with arm attached back toward the body swinging said hammer…well, let’s just say He had a scar in the center of his forehead for several months! He drove himself to the emergency room where the valet’s practically tore him from the vehicle to push him into the ER due to the sight they saw! LOL! Fortunately, he did end up okay, seeing as that could have been REALLY bad, but, alas…it does make for a wonderful tale!
    jinglesells at gmail dot com

    Jingles last blog post..Etsy Wednesday – FOUR shops!!!

  136. Amanda says

    Well ours started out just having to fix a “little” leak in our bathroom. Well this little leak turned out to be huge and had been there for awhile without us knowing it. The floor in the bathroom ended up being rotted because of the water and the whole floor had to end up being replaced. We had to tear up all the tile and the rotted wood and then put in new wood, new tile…new everything. It was an expensive nightmare, here we thought we would only have to fix a leak costing maybe 2 bucks. We definetly could have used this gift card then! We groan everytime we see water dripping somewhere….sometimes I wish we just rented :)

  137. Julia says

    I was living in an older house and really wanted to redo the colors. I thought paint would be simple. Unfortunately (I found out later) the previous owners had not prepared the walls correctly after stripping wallpaper and my lovely latex paint bubbled up as it dried and peeled right back off the wall like sunburned skin! I didn’t know what the issue was, so I took a ball of the rubbery paint back to the Home Depot and just placed it on the table. It took several coats of water to peel the paint off and then many coats of primer to ultimately make my new paint stick. The results were great- but really a process!!

  138. says

    I once (with my mom’s help) tried to put up new wallpaper over old. We were in a hurry to sell our house and I didn’t want to take the time to strip off the old (it was not primed before hanging, so it was stuck well). Well, three days later, the new paper began peeling off in sheets. Learned my lesson the hard way!

    musesofmegret (at) gmail (dot) com

  139. says

    My husband and I literally spent three years designing and building our own house. No kidding and we’re still married. When it came to the actually construction, we would get a room roughed out and realize we didn’t like where the door was, so we’d rip out walls and start over! Maybe that is why it took us three years. Plus hanging sheet rock is insanely hard…We are in now, but still have the master bathroom to finish. I think we are trying to recover for a little while before starting the last project.

    Pattis last blog post..The Dirty Work’s CHRISTMAS WISH LIST (and GIVEAWAY!)

  140. Anna Johnson says

    So, in the midst of summer home repair I thought it would be great to freshen up our driveway with a new coat of seal. I bought the crack filler and did an excellent job filling in the huge crack between the driveway and garage. Then I decided to go all out and purchase the “best” sealer- 800 and the reccommended brush and get to it. I not only could hardly open the can, splattering myself with black goop, but I spilled half the 5 gallon bucket on the driveway/garage floor. Before I knew it, it was drying in huge clumps and waves- making it impossible to spread out evenly. Although it was only 20 minutes since I went outside- I came in and admitted defeat to my husband who looked at me and said, “what the heck happened to you?” I replied, “I give up”- tossing him the brush and going in to take a shower. To this day- we still have 1/2 our garage floor sealed in black driveway sealer :)

  141. Kristie says

    My worst DIY story has to do with our bathroom that we started to fix up over 2 years ago now. It needed to be gutted and completely redone, which I thought might take a few weeks. We were without a toilet for a few days, without a shower for over 2 months (it’s our only bathroom) and the floor only got put down this past March. We still don’t have heat in there, but my husband promises we will….eventually.

  142. Catherine says

    One time I bought a new toilet seat,my husband was at work so I decided I could do it myself.I coulden’t get the old seat off.The nuts were rusted and woulden’t move. So I tried to tap them with a hammer.I guess you know what happened next.I hit the bowl.
    There were no turn off valves,I was running around getting rugs or anything to sop ou the water. I screamed for my kids to go get a neighbor. The went next door and got Frank. He went down the basement and turned off the water. When my husband got home he told me never to do any plumbing again. He said it was the most expensive toilet seat I had ever bought.
    It cost us $300.for a seat that I got for five.

  143. Tasha says

    When I attempted to repaint my cupboards, I laid them out on newspaper in the garage. You know, so I wouldn’t get paint all over! Would have worked except that (DUH) the paint made the cupboard doors stick to the newspaper as it dried. Nothing like nicely decoupaged newspaper cabinet doors!

  144. Jodi says

    We hadn’t been married long and were in our early 20’s when we decided to re-paper the bathroom. How hard could it be as it was only about the upper 2 feet of the room? Well, come to find out, the room was not even close to square (2″ difference in a 6′ wall!) and the paper I had chosen had to be matched. In about an hour we were no longer speaking and I finally yelled at him to get out and call his mother (an experienced paperer). She and her husband finally got it whipped out in short order. We’ve never even THOUGHT about wallpaper in the 25 years since.

  145. says

    OMG we have SO MANY home improvement projects we’ve done/are doing/want to do! My personal favorite was when my husband and stepfather were blowing insulation into our attic. SOMEHOW my talented stepfather managed to throw a screwdriver into the machine with the insulation and blew it up. He still claims innocence but we found parts of the screwdriver in the attic!

    Katies last blog post..The House of Sick.

  146. says

    Every time we went up or down the stairs, one of the steps was kind of lumpy and made a CLANK sound. We didn’t do a thing about it, though. Then, when it came time to re-carpet the stairs, we found an adjustable wrench under the existing carpet on that step! D’oh!

    Karens last blog post..Bag It

  147. says

    First, thank you for this opportunity! What a blessing this prize would be for us this Christmas.
    My husband and I both are pretty challenged when it comes to repairs/projects. But we decided a few years ago to buy a house and fix it up and rent it out. Well, it needed alot of work and we were in way over our heads but we stuck with the project and were determined to get it done. We did all the work ourselves, paint, carpet, replace the toilet, put up new doors and so forth. Well, there were a few things that we needed my brothers help with and so he and his wife came over to help. My brothers wife was wiping down the new door so we could put it up and it fell towards her and she jumped out of the way but it still caught her foot. Her food started to swell instantly and she screamed in pain. We had to run to the store to get her some ice. The house turned out okay I guess… :)
    My second story is this. Right after my husband and I got married we were renting a house that had vaulted ceilings and my husband thought it would be a great idea to put up a nerf basketball hoop and play ball in the house. Stupid, I know but there wasn’t much I could do to stop him. Well, he played for a few months before he went to dunk the ball and he smashed into the wall and left a huge dent. We went to Home Depot and got a bunch of stuff to try to do the repairs ourselves. We made a huge mess of it, plaster and sheet rock was everywhere. The stuff wouldn’t dry and kept falling off the wall. Then we finally tried something else and then of course it didn’t blend with the rest of the wall and it was so noticeably apparent that it was done by armatures that we finally had to call in a professional fix-it man so our landlord couldn’t tell that my husbands hip went thru his wall.

    Sara Roses last blog post..MY LITTLE HELPER

  148. faith bernards says

    I decided to build a bookcase. How hard could it be? I’m pretty handy around the house. So I got all my pieces cut to the right size, which was pretty amazing in itself. Then I proceeded to nail them together. Everything looked great until I put the back on. Maybe I should have done that first??? Anyway, it was so crooked, you wouldn’t believe it. It stood up but it definitely had a lean to it. It was put together so well I couldn’t get it back apart so I painted it and put it up and tried putting a hanging down plant on one side to disguise the lean…didn’t work. Everyone laughed about it so I finally took it down.

  149. Paula Spain says

    I was helping my husband fix the trim in my sons room that kept coming down. We decided to use glue first then nail it. Well I gave hubby the super glue to put on the back of the trim and handed it to him the wrong way. He squeezed the tube and glue came out all over his hand. He didn’t realize at first and was picking up nails and had about 3 nails super glued to his hand. It took alot of warm water and picking at them to remove them. He looked like a “Don’t Do This” add for home repair!

  150. says

    OH, DIY. Gotta love it! We just bought a fixer upper & Hubby decided to save some bucks & install our own hardwood floors. All the while working full time, 12 hour days. Not only were our floors dusty, dirty & messy for about a month – my husband air-gunned a nail completely through 2 of his fingers while I was gone & passed out with only the kids home when he pulled it out. Nice. Next up, the bathroom floors!

    Saras last blog post..My Hope

  151. oona b says

    Our worst DIY project involved hiring a friend to refinish our hardwoods while we were on vacation at Disneyland. We came home to a recovered alcoholic who had gone on a bender, a trashed house, and ruined floors. The floors were rough like sandpaper and even hurt the cat’s feet! Needless to say, we had to hire a contractor to redo everything and we learned a valuable lesson: hire professionals!!

    Thanks for the giveaway!
    foxsquirrelrabbit at gmail dot com

  152. Douglas says

    Ohh… I wrote the book on “SO YOU THINK YOU CAN BE A PLUMBER” … By the way. I CAN’T !!!
    That is why we have people called “Joe The Plumber”. First of all, REMEMBER TO TURN THE WATER OFF & EMPTY THE TANK when you decide to put in a new toilet. Yep… That was mistakes #1 & #2… It only went downhill from there.

  153. says

    Less than a month after we took out the carpet and put in laminate floors, we had a leak in the bathroom wall. The backside of the wall is the hallway. By the time we realized it was leaking, the floor was ruined. And we had to rush to replace it because we were in the process of applying for a HELOC, and we have an inspector coming next week.

    Julies last blog post..Allow God to Shape you

  154. says

    My husband wanted to add a back porch to our house. He was insanely stubborn about the whole thing since day one…. Well, he put rock down and made a beautiful patio, then decided that it wasen’t enough, so he had it covered. Everyone was completely impressed, and he was so cocky about it all, let me tell ya’! We decided the next weekend to have everyone over, and to barbeque, and of course, show off our new patio. Unfortunately, it rained… and rained…. well, to say the least, the covered part of the patio came tumbling down onto the rock patio, which then turned into a pond…. I don’t think I have ever seen my husband so upset in all the time I have known him. This was horrid… Yet, still to this day, he blames it on “one screw because he was trying to save a buck!” I know this sounds bad, but I so wish I had recorded the patio turning into a pond!

    jennys last blog post..WalMart

  155. Rhonda Smith says

    When my husband and I moved into our house 5 years ago, we expanded the deck to 2000 ft. We hired an inexpensive carpenter to do the job. It went fine until he began the winding staircase down to our firepit. He just couldn’t figure out how to design it so that all the steps were equidistant from each other. My husband tried to explain, to no avail. He even drew it out for him. Finally we had to hire another carpenter to finish it off.

  156. says

    Our worst home improvment story was when we tried to suck all the water out of our crawlspace ourselves when our water heater exploded ….during the winter..it was COLD and MUDDY!

  157. lmay says

    We learned the hard way about levelling compound in our first experience tiling the kitchen. Who knew it dried so fast? We ended up calling in reinforcements and formed a levelling team to get it straight!

  158. says

    HA! My husband is a carpenter and contractor so I’m embarrassed to say that I’m a horrible DIY person, I always make him do it! :) But I have tried several times, and it never turns out right. The best was when I painted the dining room, it looked like a child did it, it was on the carpet, on the ceiling, on the trim, and of course all over me! Did I tape like I was suppose to, no, I had no patience for that! :) I no longer paint anything…I’m not allowed to per hubby!

    Danas last blog post..Double Feature: Tot-To-Go Baby Sling {Giveaway} & CoZibug

  159. megan says

    I don’t attempt DIY b/c I know it will be horrible. However, my younger brother once made me a shelf to hold my collection of shot glasses and it was hideous and 6 feet tall. I kept it on a wall all through college and after that hid it at my parents house.

  160. says

    I ATTEMPTED to do a “faux” floral painting design in the area between the bedroom and the bathroom. I painted a trellis (using stencils) and flowers. I got about 1/2 way done with what I had “envisioned” for that area but after I got about 1/2 way done I realized that I DIDN’T like how it looked!!!!! I spent A LOT of $$$ on stencils, paint and supplies only to realize that it just didn’t look so nice after all. It stayed that way (unfinished) for about 9 years!!!! My husband FINALLY painted over it a few months ago. How pathetic is that. LOL!

    Kimberlys last blog post..This holiday season…

  161. Jeanne says

    We had my Dad install underground spriklers for us. We came home from work at 6:00 PM on a Friday night to discover that he had ran into problems trying to tap into the main water line to the house and that we had no water! So was ended up having to call a plumber after hours on a Friday night to have it fixed (since you need to have water!). If my dad had called the plumber when the problem happened in the afternoon we would have saved money since we wouldn’t have called after hours. Oh well, the sprinklers are in and are working great and the grass is wonderful!

  162. Liz says

    I was a new bride and a new homeowner. My husband was at work when the back yard filled with water, filling the window wells, spilling into the basement. Over the phone my husband tried to explain the science of a siphon to me so I could siphon the water out of the wells onto the street. I am an artists. It didn’t work! But he can do everything so we love home depot and have accomplished many project with me as the assistant!

  163. Tamara B. says

    Unfortunately we have that nasty popcorn texture ceilings throughout the house. Well one day I was bringing a ladder from the laundry room into through the kitchen and I acidentally scrapped the ceiling. Well me being the little miss fix it. I went to Home Depot bought a can of the spray on popcorn texture ceiling material. Well me not reading all of the instructions I just started spraying the damaged area. Well let me tell you that popcorn stuff was everywhere in the kitchen. On the windows,refridgerator,lights,counters and all over my hair,face and clothes. What a nightmare.

  164. says

    We decided to re-finish our basement two weeks before our youngest daughter was due – it went from simply taking off the paneling (rough-hewn wood) and finishing off the existing drywall underneath to having to replace most of the drywall, plus mudding and sanding – all with a newborn in the house and our basement playroom out of commission for our older two girls. Thanks to the kindness of friends who came and stayed for the weekend to help, we finally got it done!

    Deb – Mom of 3 Girlss last blog post..Here’s how the advertisers have completely captured the 6-year-old girl market

  165. Donna K says

    I tried to fix my toilet. It was running continuously, and the sound was driving me nuts. I tried to keep the ball part elevated when I broke the thing off! Then it was really loud. I had to call a plumber for an after hours call.

  166. Betsy says

    I decided to stencil a border around my daughter’s room. It took forever and cost more than I thought. I thought it would only take a week of working here and there. It took a month including lots of aches and pains from standing on a stool and reaching above my head. It about killed me to paint over it last year.

  167. says

    Well, we have a lovely deck at the back of the house, but it needed to be painted. We chose a color we thought would work. Well, let’s just say it didn’t. It was supposed to be a “beige” color, but it came out more like an off-white. It almost glowed… ugh! So, we had to paint it again. Came out much better the second time around.

    Karens last blog post..An unexpected surprise

  168. djp says

    painting the house with my mom, i’;m on the ladder, she’s below me, i lean too far, drop the paint can ontop of her head, her glasses fly off, i am hanging upsid e down on the ladder by one foot which has tangled in the rung, she cant see but she is holding me up, as we are both screaming then laughing, while cars are going past and honking…no one stops mind you

  169. says

    We haven’t done too much work on our house over the years but I think one of the worst things that we did was when my husband and son built a new deck. My husband didn’t put the railings of the stairs up right and at the bottom is is perfect but it bows out at the top because he didn’t get the measurements correct. Don’t you hate it when that happens :)

    Wendy at Shopping Gemss last blog post..Blog Giveaways this Week, Nov, 17, 2008

  170. says

    I haven’t tried DIY that much, but I did get a dresser off the side of the street once. I meant to replace the feet, knobs and paint but it is still sitting in my garage, half painted with some horrid red spray paint sans knobs!

  171. Sylvia Belle says

    My husband was putting on new toilet seats and I heard a banging. I told him that ot was made of china but he continued to bang. Of course he broke the tiolet. Then the man who is the most unhandy person in the universe went out and purchased the only matching toilet within 50 miles. He installed it with only one problem which was solved.

  172. Christine says

    My do it yourself nightmare was the year we decided to add on too our small house. We had two children and decided that we could live in our 5th wheel in the driveway while we did the building. Well I ended up getting pregnant, I was SOOO sick with morning sickness NOT FUN !!! Then it of course took much much longer, so It was snowy November before I could throw up in my house, not the trailer. As we were doing this ourselves, once we got in the house we decided to take a break and finish the outside, trimwork, garage ect… the following spring once the baby was born. Well, you know how things go, we were not able to start until mid summer and of course with a new baby things were going slow. Then my husband takes my daughter out for the youth hunt(her very first time after years of practicing with her bow) and my slips and falls as he is securing her in her tree. Falling 30 feet and breaking his back. I could go on but why…..(Ha ha sigh) We are now jokingly known in our town as the house that never ends…………

  173. says

    I don’t do a whole lot of DIY stuff so this may sound a little dumb but it’s true. We just bought our first home and when we bought it we were thrilled with the gigantic trees in the front and back yards. Well now that all the leaves have fallen, it is one giant mess. I went out determined to rake up our back yard. I raked and raked for an hour. Raking is hard work!! That hour got me 16 piles and that was only 1/4 of our backyard so I quit and said I would finish the next day. Apparently we had major winds that night because the next day my piles were gone and I was back to square one. I ditched the project and the leaves are still there LOL.


    Christians last blog post..Not fun enough

  174. Erin Ropelato says

    We bought an unfinished table and chair set for my daughters last year for Christmas. My husband is color blind so I was in charge of picking out the stain for the table which we wanted to match to my daughter’s bedrooms set. They are nowhere near to a match so they will need to be redone.

  175. says

    I tried making bed skirts for my new twin girls cribs. They turned out very average looking and a bit too long. After 6 months they were standing and once the cribs were lowered bye bye homemade bed skirts. What a waste of time…oh well. germandarius{at}gmail{dot}com

    Sara Gs last blog post..Our family of four…

  176. dewey1973 says

    A hose that was part of my emission system in my car melted. I went and bought some hose and a few clamps and tried replace it myself. I ended up breaking off a piece of the connection but eventually got it on. When I took my car to have some unrelated work done the garage told me I had “some kind of after-market part” on my engine that they thought should be replaced! LOL!

  177. Jennifer Short says

    My dad had the great idea of fixing the car instead of calling the mechanic. Since I had recently fixed the doorbell, I was a self-proclaimed “fix-it-woman” and figured I’d help. We tinkered around under the hood of the car for a while, and Dad declaired it fixed. I got in, turned the key in the ignition, and saw flames coming out of where Dad and I had been working! Needless to say, I turned it off quickly!

  178. says

    I was trying to refinish a metal and wood bench….my husband was holding up one of the metal sides while I spray painted it and he accidentally dropped it in the grass. We had just mowed so it got covered in gooey grass clippings. Had to sand it down and start over!

  179. jeanne says

    We purchased a new door that was on sale at Home Depot for a great price. We thought it would be any easy job. well……..the door was to small for the opening we had to re caulk, re sheet rock, re paint and replace the moldings, what should have been a 1 day easy project took us a week to complete.

  180. Lisa Primm says

    We sunk our swingset legs in concrete–and when we weren’t looking our daughter stuck her barbies in the concrete. Now she is a teenager and barbie is still half buried.

  181. molly says

    5 days before hosting my friend’s wedding shower i idiotically decided to demolish my bathroom and redo the walls and tile in the tub. Needless to say it looked awful at her shower, we ended up hiring someone to finish the project and i haven’t had the guts to try a big project since!

  182. carol says

    Oh wow. We have done so much in different homes but our worst would have to be the main bathroom in our present home. My husband did all the work in there and put can lights in the ceiling and put in a new vanity, floor, mirrors, did wall repair and put in a new toilet and tub and tile. Ok, not so bad until he took out the tub! Under it was piles and piles of rat dirt and even a dried dead rat! I was so worried about cleaningg it up and getting that in the air and having someone breath it or get sick. It WAS SICK! The worst ever!

  183. Aleshia says

    My husband and his “friend” her trying to enclose a small corner of our garage into an office space. They were working hard on it most of the day, had all the walls framed in, sheet rocked. I mean, it looked great. Until we walked into the master bath, that is on the other side of the wall. There were 4 huge holes that went right through the wall. They didn’t even realize that they were hammering right through into the bathroom. Yeah, such “handy-men”!

  184. says

    Well lets see…I guess it would have to be the time I regrouted my tile. After the foundation settled I ended up with several pieces of cracked grout which caused loose tile. I had intended for my hubby to do all the work since we had just listed our house, but unfortunately for me I ended up doing the work. NEVER have I ever attempted anything like this, but decided I’d give it a try. Actually, it didn’t turn out half bad, but my stained grout didn’t match my newly poured grout. Oh well…

    Shays last blog post..Already???

  185. Angel says

    Oh my, Ive got lots. The worst was probably when I decided to paint a room in the middle of October, in my defense it was a beautiful day when I started. I had to prime the walls first, and the primer was MUCH stronger than I expected. I had to open all the windows in the house. Thats when the rain started. By the time I got to the actual paint color it had dropped to about 40 degrees (and falling) and was pouring. I was freezing, gagging on fumes and yet I tried to keep going. I ended up splattering paint in my face, ruining my contact lenses. We had to evacuate the family to a relatives over the weekend due to the smell being so strong.I did finally get the painting done, but I had to go get new contact lenses and a week later I was sitting at the dr.’s getting a chest xray because they thought I had pneumonia. Luckily, I just ended up with a really bad cold. Now every spring/summer hubby says “If you feel the need to paint something- do it now!” LOL

  186. Jeffrey W says

    I put up a wooden playset in the backyard and I am still not sure what I did wrong, but all the wood ceiling warped after a few months with some weather. It is an eyesore for sure.

  187. tiff says

    I was trying to fix a leak above my entertainment station in the living room without first fixing the actual source of the leak in the bathroom right above it. yeah, well…guess what happened to my tv, dvd players and speakers!!! grrrrrrr.

  188. laurie says

    I managed to leave a trail of compost from the front door out the back one time.

    it seemed like such a brilliant shortcut from front yard to back.

  189. Mary A says

    I needed a bookcase and decided to build one. I used a hardware staple gun to attach the shelves and ended up getting one crooked. But since they were stapled in there was not removing the staples. It was still structurally sound so I still used it. It is a good reminder to measure and remeasure. Thanks for the giveaway.

  190. Tracy W. says

    The bathroom remodel was our first major home improvement project. My husband found two (seemingly) good guys who worked for a major contractor willing to do side work. The deal was partial payment up front, full payment upon completion. Early into the project they cried about financial woes and “Mr. Nice Guy” gave in and paid them….in full. They never returned. We quickly had to learn how to tile, drywall and install the tub. I showered every day for NINE weeks in the middle of my garage under a sprinkler hooked to the garden hose rigged to the kitchen sink!

  191. Kristen T says

    Too many to count here but how this one. We bought one of those desks to put together…had a ton of it done but couldn’t figure out why that top piece wouldn’t go on correctly. After rereading directions and looking at the pieces, we had the left and rights wrong which made a HUGE difference. It was frustrating to say the least.

  192. Suzanne K says

    Years ago, a friend was going to teach me how to change a washer on my kitchen faucet. Well, the house is older, and one thing led to another to another to another…. we were THRILLED a couple of days later when we were able to stop replacing broke pieces just before the plumbing went into the kitchen wall! I never did see how to change the washer… change the faucet yes! Thank goodness that faucet is still good! I hate to think what the ‘next’ repair of that will involve!

  193. Clifton Wade says

    I am a do-it-yourself type of person. I have been remodeling our home for over 38 years. My problem is I don’t finish something before I see something else I want to change or fix – therefore – nothing in the home is completely finished – partial plumbing in the bathroom – but no sink – arch way into the kitchen – only finished on one side – new molding on the ceiling in the kitchen – only finished one wall – and the list goes on and on – etc.
    Thank you for this great contest and prize – maybe now I can get one project finished!

  194. says

    Frankly my husband is an excellent DIYer Has tore out and put up a new ceiling, installed an attic fan, 2 skylights , re-tiled our bathroom,put in all new electrical outlets in our kitchen,upgraded our fuse panel fron fuses to circuit breakers but give him a simple project like painting a ceiling! He steps down off the ladder and puts his foot right into a bucket of paint!Mess ,mess,messy!!

    Nancy Js last blog post..Downtown Holiday Jacket and Pant GIVEAWAY!!!!

  195. Barbara McCrea says

    Our family had grown, so we decided to put an addition onto our home, I had dug all the trenches and made the forms to pour the footings, not even thinking that there would be anything abnormal with the original part of the house, we got all the concrete poured and it was time to tear out the existing wall so that we could attach the new floor joisting to the old and found that someone, when building the original part instead of leveling the foundation, had taken the 14 foot long 2 X 8 floor joisting and cut them, angled them from the full 8″ on one end clear down to 2″ on the other end, of course this made all the measurements and the leveling off for the new addition, We had to cut every single floor joisting down to match what was already there. What a huge waste of time.

  196. Jacqueline Griffin says

    My worst DIY is not the past but is going on right now. We moved into a fixer about 5 years ago. We have been replacing things as we go. One of the last projects was or is my bathroom. We completed half of it a yaer ago. My job went south and we stiil have the same bills with 2 kids in college. Well I would like to say the rest is history but it’s not. I will be so happy when it gets finished. Right now my husband keeps all of his tools there I guess just in case, anyway it makes me sad.

  197. Kevin Elliott says

    My worst do it yourself story is pretty bad. On a whim, I decided to cut down our tree in the front yard. After three hours of hacking, I had barely made a dent into the 15 foot tree. Finally, after struggling, it finally went down, but instead of going into our yard, it landed on our roof and made a 3 by 3 foot hole in the roof! Boy, that was fun!

  198. Aimee Gulvin says

    In preparation for the sale of our home I decided to replace the boring grey ceramic tile surrounding our gas fireplace with a lovely intricate pattern of unique tiles I had discovered at Home Depot. The project was a success! How tasteful it looked, a designer’s dream! It wasn’t until the home inspector turned on the fireplace and the tiles began to melt off did I realized that caulking was a poor choice for adhesive. OOOPS!

  199. chrystal says

    Oh my, have I got a DIY disaster story for you!

    It was 1995 and my husband (now ex-husband) and I bought a house north of Levelland. This house was in a wonderful area and both of us had dreamt of owning a house in this area. We bought the 1940’s model wood-framed house for a really good deal and were ecstatic to move in and remodel one room at a time while living in it.

    The first thing that had to be done was adding a new septic system. Done! This should be easy…..

    Right after we moved in, we began with the basics. The house needed some plumbing repairs so the husband crawled all around underneath and much to our dismay, discovered that all the “drainage” that was supposed to be draining into our new septic system, was going down a dirt hole. Okay, we should just have to run some new pipes to the new septic system right? This task only cost about double what we had anticipated. Another discovery on the trip “underneath” was the fact that we needed all new water lines. The water lines going to the house were pipes that had been recalled years earlier but we didn’t qualify for replacement products because we had just purchased the house. Okay, we now have new plumbing and water lines, the major work is done! Wooohoooo………

    The ¾ bath was in pretty good shape so we decided it would just do for the time being.

    The first room inside the house to get a makeover was the master bath. We pulled out the ugly old green tub, green commode, green vanity top and the green tile off the wall. While pulling out the old tub, we discovered there was a leak at some point so we would need to replace some sheetrock and some of the floor. No big deal, that’s to be expected. The wood floor around the commode was also showing it’s age so why not just replace the floor at that end of the bathroom? We began the process of replacing most of the bathroom floor. We’ve now got the floor done, new sheetrock on the bathroom walls, a new imitation marble vanity top, vanity painted a decent color and a new commode. Master bath, check.

    Next room, the kitchen! Now every woman wants the perfect kitchen. We spend so much time in there that we want it workable and comfortable. Here we go…. The cabinets were so old and outdated. Ugly hardware, jarred food that had been leaking for years in the highest shelves, old stain that had turned an orangy color over the years, green icky laminate cabinet tops, curling and peeling laminate on the floor, no space even for a dishwasher, lots of work to do! First I began by cleaning everything and I mean everything that wasn’t tied down, out of the kitchen and in the dumpster. Pulling that curling and peeling laminate off the floor was no easy task! I figured since it was peeling already this should be easy, not so. I rubbed blisters on my knees and was bruised from my waist down getting all that old nasty stuff out. YIKES!

    I’ll just tell you now, the kitchen was a nightmare! With everything we did to fix something, something else would go wrong. I bought some stain remover to try to take the old stain off the cabinets. The stain was so old that only little bits would come off. It was so nasty! I think decided just to buy a sander and sand all the cabinets down. Oh man, that was a much harder job than I anticipated! It took me weeks to sand all the stain off the cabinets but it was so deep that it was like deep streaks in the wood. I then decided I would just paint the cabinets, it was easier. We pulled off the old cabinet tops and then pulled out some of the drawers by the sink to put in a new dishwasher. The new dishwasher was an inch taller than the cabinet tops! Now we had to adjust the cabinet tops to accommodate the dishwasher and build them up to be level. Then the new cabinet tops were installed. I put new sticky tiles on the floor. Did a few other things and got the kitchen finished.

    This by far is not the only things that happened, but it’s long enough, lol!

    I’m happy to say that we sold that house in 1998 and not a moment too soon! I was tired of remodeling!

  200. Kim says

    When we bought a new house a few years ago the utility room had no tiling above the sink. No problem, I thought. We chose the tiles and I set about installing them. Damned things kept falling off – while I was putting one in place another would fall away. I managed to rig up wood to wedge them until they dried. Next day I realized why – I’d bought a tub of grouting instead of tile adhesive!!

  201. says

    It is a toss up between our current in process DIY – the built in dishwasher that leaks everytime we use it or the more simple DIY project of deciding to paint our master bedroom a calm green only for it to turn out the color of a bright neon shiny apple! It is now brown :)

    Danis last blog post..I Am a Vampire

  202. says

    My first house was a century old and had lighting fixtures and wiring to prove it. One of the fixtures broke and I decided to fix it myself- it was only a couple of wires… What could go wrong? Well, luckily I had a fire extinguisher because apparently if you hook things up incorrectly they can start a fire.

    I’ve hired professional electricians ever since!


    Jodys last blog post..Goodie Bag Winners

  203. KEnci Hunter says

    My husband started to paint my laundry room yellow with out asking me. It is half yellow and half white now. Needless to say we need more paint to fix this job

  204. says

    We were replacing the linoleum in the kitchen. We carefully put down tracing paper, traced the shape of the floor, then put it down on the linoleum and cut out the shape — BACKWARDS! Luckily, our kitchen is very small, so it wasn’t as big of a disaster as it could have been!

    Lisa A.s last blog post..Mothers and daughters

  205. Carrie H. says

    Probably my dumbest DIY story is when we were expecting our baby. We ordered a crib and excitedly constructed it in the living room, where we had the most space to spread out. We put it all together and it looked beautiful – we were beaming. Until, that is, we tried to roll it into the nursery. Idiots that we were, we didn’t stop to think that it wouldn’t fit through the door. We had to take it apart and reconstruct it again in her room. D’oh!

  206. Rosanne M says

    Our worst DIY was when I visited a friends house and saw her deep burgundy faux painted powder room. I told my husband I thought it would look good in our cathedral ceiling living room. We primed the wall and he started hand painting it with the deep burgundy paint over white. It looked like we had primer over a dark color. It was a nauseating vomit pink. It took him 6 different coats of paint -all hand painting with the burgundy. It took 6 weeks to finish and he is now recuperating from shoulder surgery!

  207. says

    My DH and I were working on one of our rental houses totally redoing a bathroom with a cracked shower stall. It was about 15 minutes before the “hardware store” was closing and the shower stall we wanted was not in stock at the floor level, but two tiers up on their stock shelves…this was going to require a fork lift! After chasing down several employees who were not very interested in helping us, I became a bit short with the bath department manager who had no intent on getting our shower stall. Pushing him further, we managed to get him to block the isle and lift the stall off the shelves. During this process, he takes on a “I know more than you do” stance and tells us we will not be able to install the shower in a house that is not “new construction”. So I take on the “I think you are crazy” stance and let him know that we know what we are doing and leave the store with our shower stall and a We Won attitude!

    Well….once we got home we unfortunatly discovered how little we did know and the stall was not going to fit in thru the door openings of our “old construction” house (exactly what the store employee had told us). There was NO way we were taking it back with our heads down in shame…so….we completly cut out two doors and had to replumb the shower area after tearing out a wall….BUT…the new shower is IN and we may not have known everything at the beginning of this process but by gosh we know alot more now. LOL!!!!

  208. says

    Once, when I was pregnant and nesting, I decided to put up some extra shelves in a hall closet. I went to Home Depot to buy the Closet Maid type of shelf, and I got all the anchors, screws that I needed. I proceeded to install that baby all by myself but, for some reason, I couldn’t get the anchors to hold so the shelf wasn’t secure. My husband took pity on me and fixed it. I always come up with these projects while nesting and they just can’t wait to be done right, I do them when the mood strikes.
    Are you really going to eliminate the comments that are 2 sentences or less, cuz there are a lot of those and they didn’t follow the rules.

    Kathys last blog post..It’s here, it’s here.

  209. jessica s says

    I tried to plunge a slow draining tub, only to bust the already rusted pipes, which led to a leak on the kitchen table, which is where the laptop happened to be sitting, open and ON…thankfully we let it dry out and it works fine to this day…lesson, call a plumber!

  210. Sarah Hirsch says

    I don’t tackle the hardest projects, but I did change a light fixture in the foyer. It blew a circuit…oops, should have turned off the circuit breaker first.

  211. says

    Probably about 15plus years ago I decided to paint my wood paneling in my kitchen white. I used a primer and applied the first coat of white paint only to discover I was gonna have to do one more coat, when my arm was already about to fall off. Anyway, I got it done, and never tried that again!

    julies last blog post..Biscuits to Save the Day

  212. Holly says

    My husband’s doghouse. He went on a church missions trip to Mexico to build houses for humans. When he came back he decided our dog needed a house like the ones he helped build (after all, he is now an expert). The house is great except it cannot be moved from the location it was built as it weighs about 8 million pounds from the stucco exterior and is about 4 foot x 4 foot x 4 foot! We even tried to craigslist it for free to anyone who could come and take it – no one wanted to try!

  213. M.A. says

    One dreadfully hot non-air-conditioned summer day my hubby and I decided to share the job of setting new tile in our ancient shower stall. First we did the back wall then, back to back, he moved to the left side and I worked on the right. The project had started out fine, but eventually sweating, out of air and out of sorts we slopped and dripped adhesive everywhere in our hurry to “git ‘er done”. Yup, you guessed it, in order to escape to fresh air and iced tea had to abandon our raggedy old cut-off jeans which were forever GLUED together rump to rump!

  214. Audrey says

    I wanted to try a to make my own rubber stamps. I had some thick square rubber and my husband suggested that rather than buying & using a rubber carving knife (or whatever they’re called) I could try using his dremel. I drew a simple picture of a flower and tried the dremel, trying to dig out the design. What a terrible experience, I swear I inhaled a half ton of rubber and got no where with the design. Love the dremel for other craft/DIY projects but this was just pathetic LOL

  215. Vicki B. says

    Easy…hubby and I wanted to redo the rec room while our teenage daughter was away as a surprise. The room was in the basement. We repainted, recarpeted, new furniture, the works (had been saving up for quite a while). Within 3 days, the paint started bubbling and peeling off, apparently, moisture was getting into the walls from outside. Had to scrap the entire mess and water-seal it before painting again. Lesson learned!

  216. says

    Our worst DIY was remolding our bathroom. We got the a new tub fixtures. My husband glued all the piping in place and realized he had glued it upside down, we had to buy new and he reglued it and we couldn’t fit the tub through the door because of the piping sticking out to far. We had to cut it off get it through the door and buy new and do it again. The good news is it is in place and works fine!

  217. Justin says

    I’ve got a do it yourself house! Total fixer upper. Never even owned a home, let alone fixed one up. The very first thing i go to do myself is put a new toilet in. I unscrew everything, but one bolt’s rusted onto the toilet. Can’t get it off. So it eventually cracks, and large pieces of porcelin go down the toilet hole. Luckily(?) they get wedge within eyesight. So I have to reach down into this nasty crapper hole, and get these large chunks of porcelin out. What do you think happens? Reach down there, and I’m instantly shredded. Blood everywhere. I didn’t get an infection, but I did get a plumber.

  218. says

    I was repairing the tiolet and one of my girls got it in her mind to turn on the water valve! Water got everywhere, did I mention there is carpet in our bathroom? What kind of idiotic idea is that?!?!

  219. says

    I tried to save mommy by purchasing one of those desks that you have to put together yourself. I read all of the instructions and had all my tools laid out neatly in front of me. When my husband offered help I shrugged him offer knowing that he would try to take over the project. Unforgettably once it was to late to ask for his assistance without injuring my pride I realized that it was a two person job. While balancing the keyboard drawer and two desk legs everything fell down on me. I had to go to the hospital and get stitches and explain to all of the doctors and nurses what happened. My husband just sat there with a look that screamed “I told you so.”.
    [email protected]

    Jennifers last blog post..The Prize That Gives You Opotions

  220. says

  221. Kimberly says

    I decided to build a deck for my dad (adding it on to his house). I knew he wanted a new one, so I thought I would just demolish the old one and pop up a new one. I am a girlie girl with no construction experience – but the DIY tips email I received from HGTV made it sound so easy!! Long story short, wood is expensive, building a deck is hard, and it’s not a good idea to do this as a surprise for someone.

  222. says

    When my husband and I were first married, we got a used coffee table that needed some TLC and set to fixing it up. We picked the perfect stain and got the table nicely sanded. Since we were living in an apartment, we didn’t have a garage, so we took the table outside to put the stain on. Unfortunately, we didn’t realize that it was the height of pollen season…until we went to check on the table and found hundreds of unwelcome pollen bits stuck into the stain. Yep, we had to move it up to my in-laws’ garage and start all over!

  223. Christie says

    My husband complained about the bathroom needing cleaning and announced he was going to clean it. Yippee! I headed out for shopping and blew him a kiss as he stood in front of the sink with a toothbrush for “thorough cleaning.”

    Two hours later, I come home. He’s in the floor. So is the faucet and both handles, some pipes and wrenches and what all I don’t know.
    He had managed to tear up the faucet “cleaning”. He then tried to put in a new faucet, couldn’t. We had to call a plumber.

  224. George Casson says

    .. staining doors for my new home and the stain wasn’t exactly the same on each door when finished even though it was from the same lot/batch. Could’t figure that one out but it wasnt too noticeable so hung them anyways.

  225. beth shepherd says

    My husband is a notorious fixer and leaver. We bought an older home and have lived here for 6 years. Every room he has started on has not been finished and he has moved to each room of the house. The worst right now is the downstairs bathroom. He took everything out – drywall everything except the toliet..This was 8 months ago..and yes you guessed it..It is still like this! I guess I should be thankful that the toliet works but Its time to git r done! Thank you
    [email protected]

  226. Jean D. says

    Last year I thought I’d spruce up my front porch steps with a fresh coat of paint. Somehow, I managed to find a paint which turned the steps into an ice rink whenever the temperature dropped to freezing. All winter, my mail carrier had to walk to my back door and deposit the mail there–she couldn’t navigate the slippery death-trap steps. I had to tape off the front porch completely so nobody would step onto them.

  227. Iris Jarfree says

    one year i planted tomatoes in pots on my patio but the squirrels ate every single tomato. so this past summer i decided to build a cage to put the tomato pots in. so i bought poultry netting & gathered long branches from the woods near my home. i cut & tied the poultry netting to the branches to make a cage. it was a lopsided mess that kept falling in on itself. so i ended up ditching the branches & using 4 foot long tomato stakes to make a frame that i tied the poulty netting to. this worked well.

  228. Linda says

    We had just finished painting the inside of the house when a pipe started leaking in the bathroom. We wound up having to repaint a bedroom and the bathroom!

  229. Carrie K. says

    When we bought our house, all of the rooms needed to be painted because the walls were ugly colors. We bought a power paint sprayer to save time on the big areas. Well…um…yeah. Didn’t work out so well. The paint cup that screwed onto the bottom just fell off in the middle of painting. When it hit the floor, paint splashed everywhere. Soooo, we also had to replace the carpet after that incident. Grrrr.

  230. Adam Small says

    I am embarrassed to say this but a year ago I was attempting to make a small chair for a neighbor. I had the DIY guide for it and when asked if I needed help, I refused bragging about how I never get anything wrong. Well the chair was built and painted beautifully but when my neighbor’s wife tried it out, she went straight through it. She blamed her weight but when I got home I read back in the manual and read I had missed 3 steps which would have secured the seat better. What a disaster!

    [email protected]

  231. says

    I helped my brother make a boat out of scrap wood. He was so proud of it but as soon as we put in the river it sank. How wood can sink I will never know but it sank to just below the surface and we could not reach it. By the time I got a net the current had carried it away. My brother who was 5 was so upset

    Noreens last blog post..Vote Daily for my Girls’ Video and Win!!

  232. Mitchell H says

    We painted a dark red accent wall in our family room on top of the standard white base without using a primer or anything else. Well, 5 coats later we have yet to get the color even and still even see
    a little white coming through. We just added some wall hangings and gave up!

  233. Patricia Treskovich says

    I was cleaning the gutters on the side of the house near the road. Unfortunately my kooky neightbor across the road saw me. He put a fire cracker on the road, as close to my property as he could, and set it off. The noise scared me almost to death. Fortunately I wasn’t on a ladder!!

  234. PJ Sapin says

    Duct Tape! The best invention in the world. My family fixes EVERYTHING with it. We seal the windows in the winter, broken car parts, kids costumes, ect. You name it, it’s fixed with duct tape.

  235. Kasey says

    I tried to build myself a king-size platform bed frame. It was a nice idea in theory – I thought I would get what I wanted exactly and it would cost less. Um, wrong. I had to keep buying more tools and more wood and I felt like I had to keep going because I had already spent so much time and money. Ugh, I never did end up finishing it, it was just looking ugly and not turning out at all. I still haven’t bought myself a new bed frame. I think I was traumatized!

  236. Aisling says

    I had wallpapered a couple of times and it came out well, so I decided to get some really nice wallpaper and do another room. It was a pattern that had to be matched up and obviously I wasn’t skilled enough to do it right. Ruined the expensive wallpaper and I was devastated at my clumsiness.

  237. Kate says

    So sometimes I get really lazy. I had this mirror sitting around forever and decided to hang it one day, but realized there wasn’t much of a way to hang it. Instead of actually doing the work to figure it out I thought it would be great to just duct tape a hanger thingee on it. Needless to say it only lasted about half a day, in which it fell and shattered all over the floor. My lazy ass has propped over what is left and left it there until I find something else :)

  238. Lindley says

    My husband and I tried to be frugal by installing our own sprinkler system in the backyard. We had to make a million trips to Home Depot to find each piece we needed as we went along and then after a whole week of work and digging up our backyard, we ended up flooding the basement the first week we turned them on!

  239. says

    I met my husband on the internet long ago and one time while I was gone visiting him I left my sister in charge. Needless to say her and her friends destroyed my place. Holes in the wall etc. Well my husband was coming over to marry me (he lived in Europe) and I was so embarrassed about the state of my place that I started ripping down all the broken drywall, thinking it would be easy to replace. Same w/ the carpeting! Well.. he arrived many months later and my little project stayed unfinished for another year. As it turns out my husband is not a handy-man. But hey, at least it was a learning experience for me. Now we’ve down-graded into my grandma’s house since we have a new baby and need to save, and it’s sooo old and outdated! Everywhere I look I find something I want to fix.

    Thanks for the chance to enter the giveaway. Home Depot rocks.

    Monicas last blog post..Easy Holiday Stuffing and A Chance To Win $1000 From Pepperidge Farm

  240. says

    My hubby was installing a bathroom vent and it was too small for the opening so he went back to the store to get something to make it work. He came home and saw he needed some other piece so went back. He came home, put that piece in and saw he needed another item. He went back again. He finally had everything he needed but the vent wouldn’t stay in the hole anyhow so he ended up taking everything back and we’re back to needing a new vent.

    Elizabeth M.s last blog post..Peppermint Bark – Recipe

  241. Susan Ledet says

    Home Depot is my favorite store. When I was living in Florida I decided to take the sliding glass doors out and install French doors. I knew that I could handle the project alone with the advise from my Home Depot guys. I had no problem taking the doors out but didn’t realize that the space to put the French doors in was not a standard size since the house was older. I had these beautiful French doors sitting in a box in my house and the opening wasn’t big enough. My neighbor came to my rescue and cut the walls to get my doors to fit. I bit off quite more than I could handle but certainly learned much about proper measuring with that experience. In the end, it looked perfect. However, it would have been much cheaper as well as easier to just replace the sliding doors.

  242. Phil Fairchild says

    We are in the middle of a kitchen project. It just keeps going and going. This 100 dollar Home Depot card would be a real blessing.


  243. Kristy B. says

    I bought a fixer-upper at the beginning of the year. We moved all of our tools into a storage pod at the house. About 2 months later we arrived at the house to put in another weekend of work only to find that our storage pod had been wiped out. We have not recovered from that loss and are stuck paying the mortgage, insurance and taxes on a house that we cannot live in plus rent and utilites on a closet sized apartment in the same neighborhood.

  244. Aletha Hendrickson says

    Our worst DYI nightmare was when a pipe burst in the thick wall of our 150 year old house; had to solder the joints around a corner, using a mirror. And then it leaked. After about 3 more tries, got it to hold. Thanks for the giveaway.

  245. Louis says

    One weekend, I decided to remove the ivy that was covering half the back yard and starting to choke the tree in the back of the house we rent. One month later, after breaking both a lawnmower and a shrub whacker, I finished by using a roto-tiller with an axe to chop the vines that would bunch up. Then I was ready for the next step – lots and lots of Round-Up to kill all the little tendrils that kept trying to grow. After waiting the required time for the weed killer to dissapate, I was able to reseed and finish my ‘weekend’ job.

  246. says

    I am living in my worst DYI nightmare now. Over a year ago we decided to put down hardwood floors. Well, here we are over year later and the trim has still not been completed. Between each room is big gaps where the trim should be!

  247. Angie Brady says

    Installing a toilet with the wax ring and the bolts attaching the H20 and realizing leaving a towel in the hole…

  248. Jamaise says

    Our dryer broke. I called the repairman – $72 service charge.
    The last time we called him to our home was because the laundry room was holding condensation- we checked everything we could think of. Turned out the outside vent was clogged. It was really hard to write the guy a check for $72 for removing a thick piece of dryer lent from the outside vent.
    So after the lent experience I decided to fix it myself. I called the parts shop and explained the symptoms of my poor dryer. The man said it was either the heating element, or the thermostat. He said it was probably the heating element, so I started there.
    To take the back off of the dryer, I had to take the top off first. Already thinking I bit off more than I could chew. I forged on and found the element – taking it out was pretty easy. Putting the new one in was a nightmare – hard to explain (evil little clamp things)but trust me. Finally after intense focus that caused major sweating, I got the piece in. I put everything back together & pluged the thing in. I turn it on and go to have a drink & a seat while it heats up.
    After a too short break, I go to check & no heat!!!! Then I’m thinking what if I didn’t get everything put back properly! So I call the guy and tell him my troubles. He tells me that if all the connections came together it must be the thermostat. Why didn’t I start with the thermostat?! I run and get the part before they close.
    Back home I start feeling really stupid for putting the whole thing back together. Yes all the way. Back to square one and what a horrible square it is. I finally find the darn thing and it is really awkward to get to. I finally get it on – it wasn’t too bad. This time I put things back together enough, but not totally. I turn the *^$^^%(* thing back on and retire to the living room.
    I come back and there is heat!!!! I put everything back – all the screws & clamps – finally done! Phew – an all day event.
    My hubby comes home and I spill all over about how hard it is to be a dryer repair lady. He seems impressed with my skills and offers to order in so I can skip cooking.
    Later in the evening I notice that the dryer has been running forever. Wow. I did something bad and I have to open that beast up again.
    Next day I go back to the shop to return the heating element and maybe find out why it won’t shut off. They refund me for the part and tell me there is a small chip sensor under the dial. That I probably put it in backwards when reassembling the darn thing. He says it will be no problem, just flip it around. Is he crazy!!!
    Hubby comes home – I tell him it’s his turn. He tells me I shouldn’t have taken the heating element back, that we should have left the new one on. UGGG!
    In conclusion I decided that next time I would call the repairman & I learned that $72 is nothin. He is worth it – every penny. Even to remove some lent. ~ sorry for the long wind

  249. says

    When we redid the living room the floor was such a mess we had to repair and then use KILZ to kill the mold (from I guess open windows) before we could put in the tile.
    Not so bad except that I have 5 dogs and this is the central location.
    You guessed it they got it everywhere.
    Then, they stepped in the paint when we did the walls. Now that was cute and I still have a teal pawprint on my snuggly blanket. Imagine having to explain that since I needed it when I was in the hospital and all the nurses asked. ;)

  250. says

    One goof-up that comes to mind is similar to another poster’s. Some years ago, my husband & I purchased a very large bookcase/entertainment center type of unit, that was ready-to-assemble. We intended to put it in our bedroom, but decided to assemble it in the living room, as there was more space to move around, lay out all the pieces, etc. The unit itself was not designed as well as it could have been, and we had to re-drill some of the holes that weren’t in quite the right place, replace some broken anchors, etc. FINALLY we got the durn thing together properly & breathed a huge sigh of relief. But then we started to move it to the bedroom and yep, you guessed it – it was far too large to maneuver around the corners in the hallway. While trying to disassemble it, one of the main boards split while we were removing screws. We ultimately decided that we had learned our lesson about buying cheap-quality “boxed” furniture, trying to “save money”. The unit went in the scrap pile & we saved up for a decent quality item for the bedroom.

  251. Lauren S says

    I was going to put ceramic tile in the entryway. The house came with white carpet in the entryway. I pulled up the carpet, only to find VAT (vinyl asbestos tiles) tiles. Yikes. I had already cut the carpet, so there was no going back. I had to buy an expensive respirator, seal off the room, and remove the tiles. I did a lot of reading about it and made sure the tiles were wet. Anyway, it looks great now. But I was not expecting all that work.

  252. Angela K says

    My worst DIY experience was landscaping the backyard. I was a little too ambitious with my plans, and didn’t really figure out ahead of time how long it would take us. We also started out doing a lot of exploratory digging to find the existing sprinkler lines so that we could move them and make room for a pond. By the end of the summer, we had trenches dug up all over the yard, and 2ft high grass growing in between them. Like I said, not very well thought out. It was almost the end of my marriage, but after 2-1/2 summers, it is finally done!

  253. Katt Lewis says

    The worst DIY story is unfolding before my eyes! My mother has torn her kitchen apart, and it’s nowhere near being redone! It’s bad enough my house burnt to the ground this past May, but now that I’m semi-living at my mothers while working on my mess, her kitchen is in parts and she has no idea how she is going to finish what she started!

  254. Wendy says

    Our DIY nightmare was when my husband and I decided to install an above ground pool 3 feet into the groud. We did some reseach and knew it could be done, but I guess we didn’t reseach enough. We should have put gravel around the entire pool, all the way to groud level. Instead we just back fill the hole with the exisiting dirt.

    Well needless to say we enjoyed our swimming pool only one time. After a heavy rain and not having adaquite drainage our entire pool collapsed. We were the talk of the neighborhood. We had more people stopping by to see our disaster! Everyone but us had a great laugh!

  255. inalak says

    We’re not the handiest people but I come from DIY stock so when we moved into our new rental WE HAD to fix the bathroom situation. There is a window in the bathtub that had a mini blind on it! FULL OF MOLD. The vanity went right up to the tub- completely water logged and molded! DISGUSTING… We tore out the vanity, replaced the flooring, fixed the window- repainted… All before we could move in… Having a baby in tow there was NO WAY we could move into a mess like that!

  256. Betty C says

    I had a rental house that was left in shambles when the tenants abandoned it in the middle of the night. Drains were clogged, and faucets were dripping, ending up with water throughout the entire house. Walls had to be replaced, kitchen cabinets torn out and replaced, bathroom vanity was trashed and the carpeting was totally ruined. All in all it didn’t turn out too bad. We laid laminate flooring and had the carpeting professionally replaced. I bought a new bathroom vanity that was too deep so we cut it down to the right size. The worst thing was the kitchen cabinets. By the time I was ready to get them I had mislaid the measurement and relied on the sales person at the cabinet shop to steer me in the right direction. I ended up with several top cabinets that are far too short and look very odd.

  257. says

    We had a 1200 ft club house to remodel. We had bought all our supplies 3 months before. We made sure we ordered the carpet from the same lot, but unfortionly the last cut did not match. We tried looking for a match but no luck. So we tried another option used hardwood flooring to finish it off. We had bought it on clearance and it was just the amount we needed. After putting the flooring down we had miss calculated the size and was short 2 inches on one side. :( . So we had to pull all the flooring up to move it 2 inches. Anyway after all that it turned out beautiful.

  258. Jennifer Harriman says

    We built our house 2 years ago, I decided to repaint the living room. I put the paint on and it all peeled off, like plastic, right off the primer.. uggh, now I would love to win this to buy more paint!

  259. linda says

    I spent 2 days painting my cabinets only to find out that there was something wrong with the paint. You so much as touched it and it rubbed off. I was ticked. I had to sand them all down and start over…

  260. Kelli says

    We replaced all of the doors in our home with new doors. It was a very hot and tiring day, but we were tickled with what a difference the new doors made. The very last door to be put into place was our back spare bathroom…. otherwise known as the “cat room” as this is where the cat’s little box is “hidden”. We had installed a cat door on our previous door and had all intentions of doing the same with the new door. We carefully routered the door for the hinges, drilled the holes for the door knob and cut out the area for the cat door. Only when we put the door into the frame did we realize that we had cut the cat door area on the TOP of the door instead of the bottom! We now have a “bird door” as well as a cat door. This gift card would really help us in replacing this door!

  261. Amy L says

    My husband was laying carpet in our basement, and assured me that he measured and cut it very carefully. When he got it all laid out on the floor, it was a few inches short at one end. At least it was just the basement, and not our Living room!

  262. Brooke says

    I’m simply not handy. No one ever taught me. But I decided one day that I wanted to retile the kitchen floor. This one or two day job took 6 weeks and in that time we had to hop on small puddles of tiles to get to the one toilet in our apartment.

  263. Bonnie Day says

  264. Lindasu says

    I was repainting the inside of my home myself room by room. Two of my three dogs insisted on being in the rooms with me. One night I was trying to finish up the last coat in one room when I heard a “thunk”, looked over and the corgi/chow mix had managed to walk through and fall into my pan of “cafe au lait” paint. As I’m trying to wring him out and get him to the bathtub I look over and see the dachsund has managed to get it all over her paws and was sitting up against the wall, so she also had it all over her. The third dog just sat and smirked at the other two stooges.

  265. Lynne says

    My worst was when I decided to drain the holding tank since it was getting a bit water logged. I’d seen it done and it looked pretty easy. I hooked up the hose, ran it outside, and let it drain. I ended up draining out all the water in the house, even from the toilet tanks! Of course it was a weekend and I couldn’t find a plumber so I ended up running a hose from my neighbor’s house so I had water until Monday. The plumber came Monday morning, fixed everything in about five minutes and made me promise I would never touch plumbing again.

  266. Geoff K says

    In my first apartment, an ancient brownstone, my roommate and I had the brilliant idea to strip and re-do the floors in the kitchen ourselves. Well, after weeks of pulling up tiling that seemed implacably stuck to the subflooring, we discovered that the subfloor itself was hopelessly warped and wrought with water damage and some type of fungus or moss! Well, we learned our lesson and paid a pretty penny for a pro to correct the damage — and by the time we paid for it, all we could afford for our new floor was new vinyl tiles that were just as ugly as what was there to begin with!

  267. Barbara Camp says

    My husband knew I wanted my kitchen ceiling repainted. One day while I was at work, he decided to tackle the project. First of all he is totally color blind. Second is he didn’t cover anything before painting. Needless to say, we had to scrape paint off everything, had someone else come and re-paint a brighter white color, and the best part of the whole thing is I got new floor covering, because there was so much paint splattered all over the floor.