Homemade Ice Cream Sandwich MY Way

This is quick, easy and a kid favorite!  Don’t buy those store ice cream sandwiches!!!  Make your own and choose your own flavors:) Change the flavor of ice cream with your favorite and use any cookie you want!


  • Butter Pecan Ice Cream or any flavor you want;)
  • SOFT Chewy Chips Ahoy Cookies or any flavor you want;)


Lay cookies out, upside-down or right side down?…LOL  Spoon a couple of tablespoons of ice cream onto each cookie.  Cover with another cookie, right side up!  Unless you plan on eating these right away, you’ll need to freeze them for a couple of hours or so.

Extra idea:  For added fun and flavor, mix the ice cream with chopped nuts, sprinkles, or even some good ol’ chocolate syrup!!!! YUMMY:)  OR, roll the little sandwiches in nuts or sprinkles;)

Use any flavors you want!  Be brave and mix it up!

VIOLA!!!  Yummy to the tummy!!

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  1. 1

    Karen Putz says

    Those look positively yummy!

    • 2

      Kim says

      I am making them now as we speak for my daughter’s 10th Birthday instead of a cake. They look yummy!

      • 3

        Kim says

        I made the icecream into a ball. Then I smashed them down a bit before putting between the cookies. The cookies were still soft. I have them in the freezer setting for a few.

  2. 4

    Julie says

    Those ice cream sandwiches look great! I have a banner on my blog!

  3. 5

    Anna says

    Are we sharing brain waves? ;)
    I just made cookies specifically for sandwiches. I prefer mine to be crispy, so I made a delish recipe with butter and shortening.

  4. 6

    Brilliant idea!!!!!!!!

  5. 7

    Jenn says

    They look so yummy , I bet my kids would love those too!

    Jenns last blog post..Feeding The Turtles !

  6. 8

    Maria says

    Oh so yummy. Going out today for cookies and ice cream.

  7. 9

    Rachel says

    my husband would LOOOOVE these

    Rachels last blog post..crafting and decorating

  8. 10

    Stephanie Adkins says

    So Delicious….please enter me.

  9. 11

    we love these as well but we spread a little carmel on each of the cookies!! yum yum!!

    stacey moores last blog post..Bloggy Carnival {Giveaway} THREE WINNERS

  10. 12

    Yum, I grew up on those cookies!! Simple ice cream sandwich – great !

    tastymealsathomes last blog post..Tasty Macadamia-White Chocolate-Expresso Cookies

  11. 13

    Wow – these look super great and super easy!!

    Ann at mommysecretss last blog post..Mommy Mission Statements

  12. 14

    Lisa says

    Those look awesome!