Honoring the Bravest Heroes of Our Nation (Photos of Veterans in Our Family)

A veteran is defined by federal law, moral code and military service as “Any, Any, Any”… A military veteran is Any person who served for Any length of time in Any military service branch.  There are war veterans, combat veterans, etc and regardless of which you are, all veterans are equal.

So many times, we take this country for granted. We forget all the brave, honorable people that have given their lives so that we could be free.   If you have ever sat down to talk with a veteran, particularly a combat veteran, then you’ll know that they never forget.  They live with the memories daily and the thought of them not getting acknowledged, makes me sad.  It’s such an important day and I plead that you take a moment to thank a veteran for your freedom.  Before I get to the family photos, here are two ways that Walmart is doing to help make it easier for you to thank a veteran:

  1. iThankyou App on Facebook – This is allows you to share a photo, video, or a message to (and about) a veteran, and of course, our active troops today. And check this out! Selected ithanku messages may be shown during NBC Sports Network’s broadcast of the 2012 Carrier Classic at 4pm EST on Nov. 9, 2012  SWEEEEEEET!
  2. Starting November 11th, many Walmart stores will feature a Flag of Thanks where you can write a message on the board. After the board is filled, it will be presented to a local VA Hospital Center, VFW chapter, or the local American Legion.

I love seeing companies step up and do what they can to support our Veterans and Walmart is no exception. In 2011, they have committed 20 million to help our heroes find employment once they home.  Here’s a quick video sharing some of how that has helped already.

And here are our family’s heroes!

My own dad, Bobby.  Unites States Marine Corps

Second row, middle.

My FIL, Andres.  United States Army 1966

2nd bat. 1st. Cav.

Andres’s brother, Val. Unites States Army – serving our country in vietnam 1968-69 First Cav Airmobile Division 1/7.  Yeah, they were the ones BAD TO THE BONE!

We have so many freedoms because of heroes like these.  Thank you, from my heart.


Disclosure: I am an official Walmart Mom. Walmart has provided me with compensation and gift card in return for my time & efforts to create this post. My participation in this program is voluntary and my opinions are my own, always have been, always will be.

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  1. Paula H. says

    LorI: You have other family members that have served! Bill Huckabee was in the Navy. Bobby M. Bentle was in the Army (Korean War). Roy Bentle was in the Army and served in Vietman. Marvin Bentle was in the Marines and served in Vietnam. Bruce Bentle is in the Marines and will soon retire from the military. We have been blessed with many strong and courageous men in our family!