How to Create a Coupon Binder

Recently, I created a very basic simple coupon binder but found that if I really want to get serious into this coupon business, then I need a better one that will keep me totally organized!  So, I decided to create a new and improved coupon binder and thought it would be fun to show you via video instead of photos!  And because I have deaf readers, I’ve included the basics of it in the post (written of course).

Supplies needed:

  • 3 Ring Binder Notebook or Trapper keeper
  • Sheet protectors
  • 9-Pocket Plastic trading card sheets
  • zipper bag
  • scissors
  • calculator
  • pen/sharpie
  • Dividers with tabs

Insert sheet protectors and 9-pocket sheets into your binder; inserting your tab dividers in-between so many of the sheets.  Write your choice of categories on each tab.  Cut coupons and fill!  I found it helpful to add a sheet protector for the following:

  • rebates
  • over-sized coupons
  • coupon policies
  • Unsorted coupons

Put your scissors, calculator and pens/sharpies in your zipper bag and insert into your coupon binder.

And there you have it! Would love to hear how you organize your coupon binder! I would also like to hear what you are doing in 2009 to be more frugal!

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  1. says

    Looks good, nice work! I recently decided to try to spend smarter and pay more attention to coupons. I got a little organizer, put all of my coupons in and found that I hated it and will probably be making a binder.

  2. Hannah B. says

    You’ve inspired me, Lori! My little wallet thing has just got to go. When I pull one out, others sometimes come with it and drop all over the floor of the store and that’s just nasty!!! LOL

  3. Blue says

    Great video! I would’ve loved to have seen this back when I started couponing. Information about how to create a binder was far and few between. For the longest time I used an index card box to store all of mine. It had separate compartments just like the binder and it fit into my diaper bag so I wouldn’t lose or forget it. I love my binder because I can keep the ads in it and it’s very helpful for walmart since we seem to be shopping there a lot these days. Price matching is one of the things I love about them.

  4. Jackie says

    For anyone who is thinking of trying this…do it! I have had a binder now for over a year and it is the best thing I have ever done. I felt a little silly the first time or two at the store, but now people want to see it and marvel over it and it is just wonderful! I find I use coupons so much more now…and if there is something on sale, it is so EASY to find the coupon compared to trying to find it in some little wallet organizer!

  5. Winnie says

    I’m so glad that you made this video! Thanks so much! I had heard about “coupon binders” but I’m a visual so seeing how you did it helped a lot. I have a question though, do you place the coupons according to expiration?

    I have a 3×5 index card holder and had my coupons in that and even though I have tabs and what not, I still have to go through one by one to find the coupon and flipping through a binder seems to be
    A LOT easier!

    If you could, please email me the answer….

    Very thankful mom!!!

  6. says

    Not to toot my own horn but I actually started the coupon binder method in the 90Â’s and shared it on a couple of message boards at the time under the username of LWMSAVON. I went on to be featured in WomanÂ’s Day as well as had my binder method featured in a refunding magazine.

    You can learn more here on how to set up a binder, get a supply list, and more.