How to Personalize Mini Mailboxes with a Cricut

This craft project was way easier than I thought it would be and went much faster too.  We used a cricut to put names on these mini mailboxes for Truett’s pre-k class for Valentine’s Day.   When my older boys were little, I would put together gift sacks for each kid in their class, for each holiday.  It was fun for me and exciting for them.  I loved doing it and back then, there weren’t really any parents that got involved with their child’s class.  Today, I’m doing it for Truett and his class.  While there are plenty of parents involved at the school, I still wanted to do for him what I did for them.   It’s one of the joys I have as a mother.

Now since I don’t have a Cricut, I reached out to my friend Vicki, a scrapbooking queen that was happy to help me out!  With the help of an AWESOME program Vicki had, we quickly put together each child’s name.  So with that, we’ll get right to it.

Aside from the mailboxes, the only thing I bought at this point was the white vinyl adhesive aka Cricut Cuttables, Adhesive-Backed.

THE MINI MAILBOXES (the fit in your palm pretty much)

1. Measure the space where you’ll be placing the names.  These were exactly 4 inches of space so we made the names just a hair smaller than that.

2. We used Vicki’s program to pick a font and create names.  A tip Vicki shared with me – We tilted and overlapped the letters so that it would cut and peel as one piece vs letter by letter.

3. Since the paper was 12 x 24, we cut it down to 12 x 12, making two sheets.  We were able to fit all the names on one sheet too!

4.  We applied the vinyl piece to the cutting mat and smoothed it down to prepare it for the Cricut.

5.  We connected the computer and Cricut together and began cutting!

6.  Once cut, Vicki gently pulled the excess off.  Be very careful and watch for the dots for i’s…..

7.  With this handy tool seen in photo, we gently pulled up the names.  I have no idea what that tool is called so if you know, share in the comments please. Vicki is on a cruise right now so I can’t ask her.

8.  Once that’s done, you simply peel the back off of each name and stick onto the mailbox!

9.  VIOLA!  Do this for all the mailboxes and you’re done!

Now I’m done with them yet.  I’m still undecided on what else I want to do as far as decoration.  I have a ton of stickers that I can put on them. I don’t know if I want to put them on or if I should let each child decorate their own.  I’ll be filling these mini mailboxes with tons of goodies and giving them to the kiddos at their Valentine’s Day party.

I’d love to hear your ideas as far as decorations….should I finish decorating them or let the kiddos put stickers on them themselves?


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    • A Cowboy's Wife says

      Thanks Sunnie!! I do too now. I actually have a Cricut cake though. LOL But I’ve never used it. I think I really want one of these now though. Do you scrapbook?