Hungry Hungry Hippos Cows

In my opinion, Winter is the most miserable time of year for a cowboy.  They have to go around breaking ice and feeding.  I HATE feeding.  It’s extremely boring and makes me sleepy.  I know, I know…poor cows gotta eat, right?  The only thing I am looking forward to this feed season, is Truett getting to go along every now and then.  It gives me a much needed break and I’m sure he enjoyes the time with his Pa:)

A siren or yelling, “OOOOOOOOooooooooo” (in a two-tone voice), is the most effective way of calling cattle to feed.  I prefer the second because the first one makes me feel like I’m being chased by some cop or something.

It only takes a couple of hollers for the cows to start tricklin’ in.


Here’s me hanging out the window trying to get a picture that would have been much easier to get if I had just gotten out of the pickup!  My man flips a switch and feed comes out in so many lbs. 


It’s funny how cows can see a truck coming right at them and not even think to move outta the way, but pour some cake out and they know the sound the feed wagon makes & what it means, how to find the trail, and spread out-n-share.


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  1. says

    Good to see another blog about rural life. We’re Four Country Gals, here in the middle of nowhere SW Utah… but that’s another blog.

    We raise sheep and chickens and have 3 horses, too. Ours are barely ridable… one is a two year old Thoroughbred that is “green broke”… been ridden a couple times in the pen. The oldest filly is 4 and is ridable. My gal is just over a year and not ready to ride yet.

    The sheep are good about coming to feed… sometimes too good. We keep them penned year round as our acreage is all sand and tumbleweed.

    Oh and we’re covered with 5 inches of snow on top of the frozen ground. Ahhhh winter….