Hunting Ain’t Just for the Guys!

Hunting, it’s a big thing here in Texas.  One minute we’re hunting hogs, the next minute it’s dove, and then deer. But hunting ain’t just for the guys y’all.


When we lived on the Quien Sabe ranch, we took out quite a bit of prairie dogs.  Cute as they seem, they build huge villages of nothing but holes.  It’s awful for horses.  They can easily break their legs, especially if they’re going pretty fast.  And when there is just a few holes, that’s one thing, but when entire pastures are taken over by them, it’s another.  We don’t have that problem here.  We do have wild hogs and they are just as awful.   What animal overtakes your pastures and wheat fields?

Dove hunting is in season right now though and it’s very popular ’round here.  Dove is some good eatin’ y’all!  Just stick a jalapeno pepper under the breast, wrap in bacon, and OMYCOW!   Dove hunting is very ‘girl-friendly’ too.  Ladies of all ages enjoy this and there’s often shared dove hunts and cookouts.  Even my son’s best friend Sierra and her sisters all dove hunt!  Boys droooool while the GIRLS RULE!


We buy all our gear and deer corn from walmart.  It’s the lowest price around town and it’s just easier to stop in one place and get hunting supplies, groceries, and fall decor to decorate. My cap and shirt came from Walmart and I promise you, it’s much more affordable than buying from a hunting store, FO SHO!  My husband shopped for like 5 minutes at the deer corn, trying to figure out which one he wanted to buy. He ultimately went with the lower priced deer corn, less than $8 a bag.  It needs to be affordable because we fill a lot of deer feeders for the hunting season.  FYI, we are firm believers in only hunting what we’ll eat too!



There are TONS of hunting gear options at Walmart and if you’re a gal, they’ve got the popular camo pink gear too!  I thought it was kinda funny that my said, “those prices aren’t bad either”.  HA!  El cheapo didn’t mind the price. Yeah buddy!



Don’t forget to grab your hunting license while you’re shopping. It just takes a few minutes!  Happy Hunting y’all and be safe!



Disclosure: I am an official Walmart Mom. Walmart has provided me with compensation and gift card in return for my time & efforts to create this post. Opinions are my own, always.

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  1. says

    Woah, I had no idea people hunted doves or even pigs. Around here the big things are deer and turkeys. My dad was a deer hunter for as long as I knew him but I never went with him. Killing animals just isn’t my thing … even if they do taste incredible.

    • says

      Hog hunting is year ’round thing here. There are so many wild hogs taking over…it’s awful. I was once that way but I could kill coyotes all day long. they get hungry enough, they’ll kill baby calves!

  2. Lauralee Hensley says

    You go girl. We don’t hunt, but if times get hard we may have to. Have purchased bullets at Walmart though. Do target practice at a range. I’m not a good shot with a shotgun, but with my pistol I am. Hubs is good with everything though, but probably because of the Marine Corps. I know what you mean about the prairie dogs though. They are really a problem in this community. So do you make your own Venison Sausage?

  3. Sunnie says

    I am prior military, and my husband is an excellent shot. I really want to be a hunting/fishing family. I think we will get there soon, we have guns, but not hunting ones. You look good, I have never had dove before, and the girls look cute too!