I Need a Tan Cause I am going to Florida

Oh my gosh, have you have seen SeaWorld’s Manta roller coaster?? SKEERED! I have been a lover mantaof roller coasters my whole life, however, it’s been a while since I’ve ridden one and I have to admit, I’m a little nervous in my old age! lol You are basically laying down like you are flying so it’s gonna be fun but scary! There’s a video you can watch of people riding it and they were screaming. With fright or excitement is yet to be determined! lol

I’m going to SeaWorld on May 20th-22nd for Manta Media Day. I can’t wait and have only been to Florida once….and that was Jacksonville.

So, I need a tan before I go! Should I  get a spray one or are there some good tanners I could use? I’ve never used any really cause I’m always scared they are going to turn me the wrong color but I know bunches that do. I would love to hear your recommendations. I think tans make you look thinner, seriously. I’m so white that you can’t even tell I’m half Mexican! GAH! This is what happens when you’re a problogger by the way. You forget to go outside every now and then, unless your husband drags you because he needs you to hold a horse or help with chores or open gates.

I bought a few pieces of clothing like Capri’s and cute tops and yes, even a bathing suit (barf). I’m taking flops and running shoes and hope the hotel has a workout room, which I’m sure it does. I really don’t want to be distracted from weight loss goals just cause I’m having fun somewhere in Florida.  I’m getting my toes done too, which I have never done but this is a fun, special occasion and I thought it would be appropriate!

So, am I missing anything?  Do you know about SeaWorld’s Manta?  Should I be skeered?  It looks like my gut is gonna hang down. That would make for a lovely picture eh?

Are you a lover of roller coasters or are you a winnie?

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  1. Dorene says

    I hope you have a great time. I am not a roller coaster fan, done enough of that in my real life LOL

    I will chirp in to say that I have always been a believer of the mantra “tan fat looks better than belly white fat” and I’m sticking to that.

    Enjoy it!

  2. says

    Hope you have a great time. I enjoy them but with this one I might be a wiennie. I also like the tan look. Be careul of spray ons one of my friends got one and it was beautiful for about 48 hrs and then it started coming off and she was a blotchy mess.

    Denises last blog post..Bally Total Fitness

  3. says

    I LOVE roller coasters too! I’m not scared at all!!! This one, I’m a little intimidated by but I’m sure I would get on it!

    Tan??? You’ll get one while you’re there! But if you insist, get the spray on one. The other stuff is iffy. Have a great trip!

  4. says

    Oh, I do love me a good roller coaster!

    On the tan thing, I don’t think you’re pale at all! You have that nice olive complexion that fits in w/ every season!! But, if you do a spray on tan, make sure you exfoliate really good before hand. And, to keep it lasting several days, moisturize your body well. That keeps you from cracking and your white coming back through the tan cracks (if that makes sense).

    Have fun :)

    Andrea @ Mommy Snacks.nets last blog post..Domino’s House Party

  5. Gina says

    Oh I wish I was going to Sea World. That place is awesome!! That roller coaster looks like fun… You will have so much fun. That is a good time to go to Fl.. It should be nice and hot, but not as bad as the middle of summer. I’ve lived in Fl. 3 different times. I always say it is a great place to visit, just did not like living there. I will say, the best tan I ever had was when I lived in Fl.. Oh, the humidity is a killer if you’re not used to it. Wear light weight clothes and light colors.
    Have fun!! Can’t wait to hear about the roller coaster!!

  6. maria says

    I know what you mean!!I am 100% Hispanic and I have WHITE legs and my chest looks like it should belong to someone else it is so white.

    Have Fun in Florida!!