I Won $3000 To Spend at Gallery Furniture!

Many of you already know this but for those that don’t, I won a Gallery Furniture Pinterest contest of $3000.  That means mama gets some new living room furniture!   From afar, mine might not seem bad, but well, it’s pretty bad.



The most obvious, aside from stains, is the huge dip in the middle.  The thing is, this might look like a heavy, quality living room set but it’s built very cheap and so light, I could lift it with one arm. Seriously.  So I don’t know what happened with the dip but it sinks way down and we use those cushions to fill it so that it makes it level with the rest of the sofa.  lame.  We LOVE the consoles and drink holders but hate not having a place to lay on the sofa should we want to.  The recliners have boards that stick out in your back when you recline.  One recliner doesn’t like to go down and underneath one, the cushioning has completely come out and the fabric worn off.

Now the big cowboy lounge chair and chaise, is my favorite thing ever.  It’s stained up as well but we try to clean it regularly.  I love that thing. It’s huge and rustic, perfect for our ranch home.  I believe they discontinued that style a while back but man how I’d love to have something similar.

Do I want a standard sofa and chair…maybe throwing in a recliner?


Or do I want a full blown sectional?


Or maybe a couple of these with consoles and drink holders and a recliner in the middle of them both?  I JUST DON’T KNOW!!!!!


What would you buy if you had $3000 to spend at Gallery Furniture?

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  1. says

    I love the way sectionals look and if they have hidden compartments its a bonus. I used to have a sectional a few yrs ago LOVED IT. I never shopped Galllery furniture before I wonder if we have one local

    • says

      I know that there are some Gallery Furniture stores across Texas but they are not part of the this particular one in Houston. I’m not sure about the rest of the US.

      I love hidden compartments too!!!

  2. Michele P. says

    congrats on your win! I am not sure what I’d buy, but I sure hope you have fun selecting something and post a pic when you’ve got it!

  3. Lauralee Hensley says

    ASHLEY DURABLEND MAHOGANY SECTIONAL (I like DuraBlend it is so easy to keep clean, unlike fabric. It’s not real leather either, so mild soap on a damp cloth to clean, rinse off via a damp cloth, dry). Tons of stuff spilled on our DuraBlend, never stained (well never spilled grape juice or wine on it, so don’t know about something like that for sure), but of course spilled stuff gets cleaned on P.D.Q.. That item is about $900, so you’d have enough left over for a couple man size Recliners, wouldn’t you. The Mahogany sectional has room to lay down if you wanted to do so. I bet the brown would go good with a western theme and DuraBlend really looks like all leather, though it’s a blend.