I Wonder If Anyone Will Notice……

that I started A Cowboy’s Wife back up.  I have to say, it’s a pretty great feeling to hear the talk and get email after email asking me to bring it back…..and because I love everyone so much, I did.

I’ve said it before but for over a year, I was burnt out, which led to less blogging (and what blogging I was doing was poor quality) and then the merge.  What I have learned, is that it comes down to me being happy with myself.  I needed to take time to learn more about  me and my spirituality, which has proven to be effective. I feel happier, I’ve been attending a church that I really enjoy a great deal, and I’m even going on ‘the walk’ (Emmaus) on October 13th. I know so many of you have been soooooo supportive and encouraging when it comes to my faith and I can’t thank you enough. I still have a long ways to go and hope that you continue to pray for me, and with me.

So with that, I’ll be starting fresh here again.  My Wooden Spoon will go back to being a food blog.  I hate that you have to go back and forth but it feels good for me to be “home”.



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    We soooo need to catch up, woman! i am glad that you are back blogging on ACW and I will be subscribing to your feed on this blog. And since it looks like we both have seniors (class of 2012…HAYYYY!) we’ve got to keep in touch. Smooches! :)

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    I’ll take you any place I can get you, whether it’s 2 blogs or 1 but I do have to say it’s good to have you back here.

    I’ve been praying for you since your first post about your spiritual struggles as I’m sure many others have been and I’m so happy we’re getting to witness the miracle of God’s work in your life.

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    Lori. More people have noticed than will reply here. You are greatly admired, and were sorely missed here. We are all happy you are back. I am personally happy that you are back, physically, and spiritually. It is always a journey. Welcome home.

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    Lori, I’m so glad “A Cowboy’s Wife” is back! I missed it! More than that, I am thrilled that you are developing your spiritual relationship with God. I, too, have been praying for you in your search for Faith, as I know others have. God is so good, and He loves us all so much!
    By the way, I am back to teaching special needs children who I absolutely love!! I taught special ed back in Sweetwater when I first started teaching. :)