If I Were Taking a Cruise on the Carnival Magic, What Would I Need to Know?

Everyone I know that has been on a cruise, loves them.  LOVES THEM. Since I’ve never been on one, I don’t know what to imagine but I do like to prepare. I’m a little OCD like that.   January 30th, 2013 will be our 20th anniversary and I plan on taking a cruise that week with my handsome cowboy.   We are looking at the Carnival Magic that will leave out of Galveston and sail to Mahogany Bay, Isla Roatan (off of Honduras), Belize, and Cozumel.    Sounds fabulous to me, how ’bout you?

I am one of these folks that is totally freaked out about leaving land.  I’ve always been very comfortable inside my box but I know that once I venture out into cruise world, I’ll fall in love with it.  Honestly, I’m writing this post to ask for tips, tips, and more tips on how to prepare and make it the best cruise ever!

So please share…everything from the basics to electronics, to excursions, to whatever!!! Tell me everything I need to know y’all!

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  1. says

    My tip … bring a life jacket. :P

    Seriously though, if I were going on a cruise that would be the first thing I’d pack bc I’m paranoid like that. In fact, I’m so paranoid (and scared of drowning) I’d probably never go on a cruise.

    Regardless, I’m so happy you’re going. That will be an amazing trip for you!

  2. Rachel says

    We went on the carnival magic last year!!!! LOVE. I’m on my phone. I will come back, or you email me and I’ll share what we learned loved etc….

  3. Debbie Simmons says

    They have them on board and they teach you how to use them and how to use the life boats if needed. Don’t over pack! Seriously!! Wear shorts or slacks you can wear a couple times with a different blouse. We chose not to do a captains dinner. My husband is not one to dress up or is real comfortable in crowds. I, on the other hand can talk to anyone anytime! lol. I will leave this for now and say don’t stress over being on a ship. We did Alaska and it was awesome! You don’t feel like you are on water at all.

  4. says

    My husband has literally traveled the world but he was over the top in love with the cruise the first time we went. He didn’t have to worry about hotel reservations, car rentals, dinner reservations. It’s all there. I recommend an outside room, researching the port of calls and signing up for the excursions early. The port of call shopping is great but in my opinion you can shop anywhere but the excursions are a one time thing. Google and research the excursions and get reviews from previous cruisers.
    Sign up for the formal nightly dinner. It’s all inclusive. You do that way before the cruise. The food is fabulous and you need not dress as if your going to prom. We’ve actually seen people in shorts and t-shirts but simple nice clothes are fine. You need not go if you choose not to. You can eat anywhere but once you sign up you have the option. There is usually an early dinner time and a later but we preferred the early (6:00 ish) as we’re not late night partiers. ;)
    The first thing that happens when before you leave port is a massive lifeboat drill. Every cabin has life jackets which are actually assigned to the room. The drill will let you know exactly what to do and where to go in an emergency. It’s not like the emergency card in the backseat pocket of an airplane. You actually walk through this drill with the crew wearing your life jacket and walking to your designated area on deck.
    The only thing I would do different my next cruise is more shore excursions.
    All inclusive (other than shore excursions) was how is was the last time we cruised a few years back but make sure things haven’t changed.
    Have a fabulous time Lori!!

  5. Spooler says

    Cruisediva.com has a lot of great tips. My tips: bring half as many clothes and twice the money (although all ship expenses will go on your credit card) . You can fit all you need in one carry on suitcase. On “formal” nights, just wear what you would wear to a nice restaurant or a dressy occasion – it does not have to be formal wear and most do not. Eat dinner in the dining room and request the earlier seating. Don’t buy too much, it can add up quickly. Walk outside to see the sunset, sunrise, and/or the moon and the stars. Check all batteries to devices and bring extra. Once on board, put your passport and money in your cabin safe and lock it. At the end of the cruise you must tip the staff that cleaned your cabin and the dining room waiters, the cruise line will provide envelopes for this and recommend how much to give. This is customary and the staff work very hard and rely on those tips. Relax and enjoy the trip.