Intuition, My Digital Personal Assistant for iPhone,iPad or iPod Touch

When asked to review an app for the iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad I was excited because the app was about productivity and organization.  I  hadn’t heard of Intuition, the Mom’s Personal Assistant so I was ready to dive in.  I think calling it a “mom’s” is a little limiting because I think it can be used by all women and even men for that matter, although, the colors may be a bit too cheerful for the fellas. *giggle* We all have moments of chaos and many of us have embraced the digital world so having an app that simplifies every day living is just perfect. I’ve tried several organization apps and this by far takes the cake.  And even though I said anyone can use it, I do think that Moms will fall in love with it.  It has to be the most user friendly organization tool ever.

The first thing you’ll notice is the flower petal like design.  It’s very clear, colorful and easy to navigate each categories.  Categories consist of:

  • Organize tasks and to-do lists by categories such as family, school or travel. Or by locations, such as home, office, and grocery store
  • Customizable grocery lists with hundreds of items to choose from
  • Easy viewing of completed tasks so you can see your productivity
  • Reusable checklists and shopping lists
  • Task due-dates and times
  • Task reminders via email and iPhone alerts
  • View your schedule by day, month or as a complete list to quickly see what’s due today, tomorrow, or later
  • Recurring tasks for events like soccer games, piano lessons or appointments
  • Ability to sync with Google Calendar, iCal and iPhone calendar via Google
  • Download templates designed by busy parents and professionals for nutritional and recipe tips, event and party planning, activities for kids, travel and entertainment ideas

When you don’t want the flower petal down, it can easily be hidden which I loved but found that I preferred it down most of the time.  As you can see in the above photo, when you click on the categories petal, it gives you a list of categories that you can add your tasks to. I found that I used grocery shopping, calls, and errands the most.

This photo shows you the calendar and community tips which I found quite useful.  You can have your tasks categorized by location and on your calendar. LOVE that feature.  Once you complete a task, you can simply mark that off.  The community tips section had some pretty neat tips.  It wasn’t something I used much but I did find myself reading all the different ideas.

The grocery list was one of my faves.  Since my iPhone is attached to my hip, I found it handy to add ingredients and household items I needed and then whip out at the store to add to my basket.  The wish list feature is handy for adding birthday items and other gift ideas.  Do you ever hear your mom or kid say they would love to have that but then forget what it was by the time their birthday rolls around?  Well I do and with this, I was able to add what Toby wanted for his birthday. In fact, I actually text my oldest to ask him and when he text me back, I added it in.  And sometimes me and my mom will have conversations of things we like, want, etc.  I found myself putting those things on the wish list so that when her birthday comes around, I’ll be able to reference her faves easily.

I haven’t used the everything else category because every other category is so darn organized but I’m sure it will become useful in time.

Overall, the app ROCKS!  It literally started out on page 4 of my apps on my iPhone and is now on the first page for easy access.  The more I use it, the more I depend on it.  I can’t wait til I get the iPad because that will be the first thing I download!

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