Is Being Spirtual (or religious to many) Like Being Gay?

I’ve noticed a decrease in comments on both my blog and facebook and I’m almost 100% sure it has to do with my spiritual talk that I share somewhat regularly.  And before you (the ones that don’t comment like they used to) start feeling somewhat guilty, don’t. It’s okay and I understand.  And it’s not just comments, it’s friends (off and online), it’s family, it’s everything.

Something I noticed, being the observer that I am, is seeing the similarities of being spiritual and being gay.  No, I’m not gay but I do have gay friends that have shared with me.   You feel hated all the sudden by some, judged constantly by many, and even feel abandoned & challenged by your own family.

I once read something…

“Gay & Lesbian people are the same people they were before, they only love differently.”

So lets put that into my perspective…

“Spiritual people are the same people they were before, they only love differently.”

That is so the truth. I’m still me.  I’m sarcastic, feisty, hard-headed, but I know I love differently than I did before.  I have a love & appreciation for others more now than I ever did and of course, I have a love for God that I never had.

Whether or not you agree with gay & lesbian lifestyle or those with a deeper faith (like myself), is completely irrelevant.  It’s about accepting a person for who they are, even when it’s different than what you’re accustomed to.   Don’t run from what you don’t know or aren’t comfortable with.  Talk it out, ask questions, but whatever you do, don’t hate.

Your Sister in Christ,




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  1. says

    After I was saved I felt the way you do. I noticed I wasn’t getting invited to parties as much and I’m sure people felt awkward being around the “Jesus Freak” or as one co-worker called me “The Bible Thumper”. I didn’t talk about my faith constantly and could still laugh at the same jokes as before, I still enjoyed the same movies I did before and I still needed to eat and enjoyed a good dinner at a nice restaurant. About a year alter I realized I was slowly gravitating away from some of my friends, oh we still got together and talked but it might not as been as frequent as it was before. I started hanging out with people that had the same beliefs as I did. This wasn’t intentional but just another facet of my life I enjoyed sharing and I found new friends to share it with.

    So, while where I saw my circle of friends shrinking it was actually growing.

    As far as comments here as well as FB. Maybe the same people read but they don’t know what to say or have a response to some of the more spiritual things you write you are most likely planting little seeds and once they start sprouting, watch out.

    • A Cowboy's Wife says

      I love your comment and the mention of friends ’cause just last night after giving my testimony, my friend said something about losing that one friend but gaining so many more.

      I’m strong and will continue to do my thang!

  2. Ms Jill says

    You know sister christianity is a hard thing to swallow when maybe you’ve never tasted it. Do you know what I mean? Think about it. I know for me the idea that someone loved me enough to give up divinity, come to earth to live a human existence, and was persecuted and died just so we wouldn’t have to was overwhelming. I wondered what’s the catch? I will say for me friendships changed. While I don’t doubt they still love me, they don’t get me. And it’s uncomfortable to be faced with something you don’t understand. What an amazing analogy to compare it to homosexuality! I was very impressed with your insight. You are definitely feisty funny and crazy cool! God created each of us to have certain personality traits for specific purposes. And just because we have received this gift does not mean we are no longer crazy funny cool. If you were that way before you can be that way and even better. Blessings to you Lori, and to everyone who reads this.

    • A Cowboy's Wife says

      I do know what you mean. I resisted it for years!! In fact, gagged at the very thought of it all. But man, I’m in such a better place than I’ve been. I’m so very lucky!

  3. says


    This is normal but remember it may not be just your spirituality. Life happens and people get busy too. I for one love the new you. Your still crazy funny but you also have this positive, uplifting personality that is really shining through. Not that you weren’t before but as a Christian you know what I mean. When your saved you do change and you should be proud of that change.

    No one said being a Christian would be easy and believe me I have had some of the same situations that you are dealing with. Just keep doing what you are doing, don’t change and just remember that a true friend loves you no matter what you/who you are or what you believe.
    Love You girl!
    Your Sister in Christ!

  4. says

    That is a great analogy.

    I am an atheist. But I find it troubling how so many atheists kind of go bananas about religion. It’s religionphobia. It’s stupid and it’s just as troubling as homophobia.

    Ultimately, I hate hate. And intolerance. Not that I’m immune to them, but those are the things that trouble me. If people can learn to love themselves and each other without hate – the world will be a better place. Whether Jesus told you, or Mohammed, the Buddha, Flying Spaghetti Monster, or just because you feel like it. Love always is the appropriate reaction.

  5. Wendy says

    Congrats Lori on a heartfelt and honest look at your recent experiences! I love your ability to get to the
    heart of the matter and help people understand. Bravo!

  6. Lauralee Hensley says

    I notice a lot of blogs getting less responses to various posts, not just religious flavored ones. I think it is just everything going on in people’s lives and people maybe feeling depressed a bit about world situations, such as economic downturns, lack of jobs, higher prices, etc.. I know quite a few people spending more of their time doing things like sewing, canning, gardening then they did before. I mean when they could just go out of buy things. Now they have to plan time to do some things themselves to try and save a bit of money. I know I’ve been busier doing things myself to save money. So I think those people like me, are glancing periodically at the blogs they used to visit often and comment at often, but not always now reading all posts, or commenting as frequently.

  7. Dorene says


    You are an amazing woman, writer, mom, Wife and Christian among other things. I personally haven’t had much free time to even catch up on FB or read my emails…I do at least try to “like” things even if I can’t comment. It has been amazing to be a part of watching your Christian walk and be a part of your life, even if it is remotely LOL

    Hang in there girl, some of truly appreciate who you are.

  8. says

    I feel like a lot of religious people don’t do certain things and are very conservative so that’s where the clash begins. Neither party feels like they can be their 100% selves sometimes. It’s hard to know the boundaries. I’ve seen both sides having feelings of being rejected. There’s also the fear of being cornered and converted. I know all aren’t like that though. I discover new blogs and if I see immediate indicators of their faith I automatically feel like they’d probably run from my blog. I don’t talk about faith or lack thereof ever, but I say what I want to say at times and I’m sure some people can’t handle that. People just flock to what they can relate to.

    I like what George said. Regardless of beliefs etc. we just all need to treat others the way that we’d want to be treated and stop with all the separation and drama.

    I haven’t been commenting because your stuff rarely shows up in my streams and yea when it comes to faith stuff, I don’t have much to add since it’s not my thang, but I’m always happy to see people following their passions, evolving and finding happiness :-).

    Also, I don’t think you’re being ignored because of your faith, it’s just a busy season for everyone. People are going through the motions of life whether they’re trying to take more time to live a little or navigate through chaos. Commenting just ain’t what it used to be. My blog sucks right now. I should comment more because I feel like I’m talking to a wall, but my family is provided for… Also social media platforms are constantly changing making it impossible sometimes to be heard.

  9. says

    I loved your post and your attitude. Don’t ever change because of something as meaningless as post. If you have not yet read, THE PURPOSE DRIVEN LIFE, by Rich Warren, I’d like to suggest you do so. It will change your life. Another great one, THE DREAM GIVER, by Bruch Wilkinson. Sorry, I’m a bit of a book freak. I believe in the power of words, and how a book can change a life.



  10. jackie says

    Never posted before, but came across your website for your pineapple cake. Anyway, happened on your spiritual blog and connected to it much. I was an atheist until 40 and then God reach down one day, grabbed a hold of me and filled me in a way I could NEVER have believed. I am 5 years in and still finding my way through old friends, old patterns and all the amazing -ness of my new life. Stay in fellowship and prayer….these two things keep me filled up for what the rest of the world has coming my way! :)
    SO, SO excited for you and your new life! You are reborn!!
    In him,

    • says

      Hi Jackie! First, I want to thank you for stopping by and taking the time to comment. I really really appreciate it.

      I’m so happy to hear that you allowed God to do what he does best and are remaining faithful! I am doing just that, fellowship and prayer! I absolutely love seeing everyday with new, faithful eyes and I can’t imagine my life without Him. Thank you for your encouragement and do hope you stay in touch!!

      Lori, Your Sister in Christ

  11. cassie l. says

    I hardly ever load up my Reader anymore but today I saw your 2012 review post and this topic had me clicking through. I found your statement “spiritual people are the same people they were before, they only love differently” — bothersome, intriguing, wrong, partially right. — I keep going back and forth.
    This post wasn’t what I expected when I clicked over and so thanks for the chance to think and ponder and let this percolate in my brain. My gut reactions, on the very off-chance that you are interested…. 1. Yes, they are the same — the Bible tells us that we will be persecuted for our faith. We might not be stoned, but there are people who will treat us with scorn. 2. No, it’s not the same — God calls us to a relationship with Him but he does not call us to homosexuality – in fact, he calls us out of sin and challenges us to turn our back on sin…and I do believe homosexuality is a sin. (Just like a lie I have told and the way my heart covets what it can’t have and the idols I have in my life — just saying so there’s no doubt that I am a sinner, everyday working on turning away from it and having a relationship with my Redeemer) 3. Good point, when we give our lives to God it does change us – it should change us. Although I’d argue that it changes more than just how we love. It better give us a great capacity for love – for all of His creations, in all of their sinful natures too. Which leads me to thinking about the whole “love the sinner, hate the sin” thing going and how do we (as humans) and I specifically live that out. 4. Link — to the verse I saw on another site today: Do everything that you do in love — that was MAJOR paraphrasing on my part, by the way.

    Anyway, great post – thanks again for getting me thinking! I don’t have a chance to read every day or every week – but I’ve got you in my Reader and appreciate your honesty and willingness to share. Don’t give up on speaking God’s truth — whether it impacts one or a million, just share it, doing all you can to build God’s kingdom!

    P.S. Have fun on the cruise – so glad you got a balcony room as those are the best IMO and 2. great hair color post. I’ve never colored (just a stance I’ve taken) yet with the gray hairs getting more noticeable, I’m realizing that I’m just a little bit vain….just need to work up the courage.

  12. Tye G. says


    I found you on FB when someone shared you of your recipes. However as I was checking out your blog God brought me to this. Praise the Lord that He lives in you! God loves you so much and you now know it. It shows by the fact that you want to tell people about what He has done for you. Thank you, for letting Him use you. Remember that at times you will be the one planting the seed and other times you will be watering the seed.

    This is the first time that I have commented on here or on any blog for that matter. But I felt that the Holy Spirit spur me to encourage you in your walk with Christ. Yes friends will change and maybe even family members may change how they act around you. This has happened to my husband. But know that when things get hard for them maybe God will use you to help them find the peace you now have. Your changing because God did say that you are a new creation.

    Sorry, if this makes no sense. My brain thinks faster than my fingers and the joy of hearing that someone has found Christ makes me want to jump for JOY!!

    Your sister in Christ

  13. Shannon M Cathey says

    I can tell you Lori, I am always so excited to come across these blogs by Christian women who love to share their love of Christ with others. I know that writing what I feel and writing my prayers opens my heart even more. I find a greater love when I am focused on what I am writing. So…I say all of that to say…KEEP ON WRITING! Sharing the love of Christ and his words and how he inspired you is the greatest blessing that you can give to others. There will always be some maybe even many that do not respond or follow your post when it comes to sharing God, but you will always find those most faithful to rejoice with you…maybe even bring those that are on the backburner to the place that they should be in…God’s arms!

    Happy Fall!