It’s a Sign……

I was sick all day with a horrible migraine but for some strange reason, felt the urge to find a photo of my grandmother.  I have this box of photos that came from her house after she passed away. There are some of me and my brother when we were little, my mom in her “feathered hair” days, and photos of my grandma when she was quite young herself.  When I finally got to a photo of the way I remember her, it was laying on her bible, which to be honest, I had completely forgotten I had.

Now you might think that’s no big deal but for me, it really is because you see, not only have I had ‘finding faith‘ issues, I just recently attended two Sunday church services and thought to myself, “I need a bible”.  I don’t know why really because I don’t understand it, nor do I know much of anything that’s even in it but just felt like I needed one.   And frankly, I don’t know if I’ll go to church again but hope so.

It’s very old and after a bit of research, I learned that it was published around the late 40′s, early 50′s.  It has a zipper with torn outside binding but the inside is in very good shape.  So while it might seem like nothing to you, I feel like it’s a sign for me.  Maybe my Grandmother, who has been gone for 6 years now, is trying to tell me something…perhaps nudge me a bit, reckon?


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    Brandi says

    My grandmother gave me the exact same Bible! I love reading through it and finding places where she had underlined verses that were important to her.

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    Kathy says

    Tooo cool, God is an awesome God ! Fran would love that you are thinking of her. She loves you sooooo much. She would be so proud of you. You are a great wfe, mother, & friend. Keep exploring your faith, God is always with you. Just talk to him, he is listening.

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    Jeasica N. says

    That is a really great story. Being a Christian most all my life I still have times where I find my faith is slipping and then something awesome happens and I realize that I’ve been struggling and pick myself right back up!!

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    Kay M says

    Yes I think it is a sign. I believe the Bible when it says our God works in mysterious ways. From the condition of that Bible I believe your grandmother was a God fearing, God worshipping woman. I think she prayed for you when she was alive, and I think she talks with God about you now. Listen to her Lori. I cannot step outside my house and look at my beautiful pasture, and all the trees, or watch one of my sleeping grandchildren without wondering how someone could not believe in Him. No, I dont know or understand everything in my Bible, but I have the faith to believe. Just believe Lori. He will guide you. You will learn new things every day, but we arent meant to know it all. We are promised in the Bible that one day, when He comes, we will understand everything. I live for that day. If you need someone to talk to, you can get in touch with me. I dont know all the answers, but I would be happy to find them with you!

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    Darla says

    Wow, so glad to hear of your interest in the Bible and spiritual things. I am posting a link to a link that is on our church website that clearly explains the Gospel and good news of Christ. I hope you will take time to read it and if you have questions feel free to email me.

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    Doug says

    So, to give you the point of view of a guy, I give thanks everyday for a mother and grandmother who were women of faith. Have found their Bibles and their devotional books. Can remember laying on the bed with them while they had us read Bible stories, thinking “get me outta here”, not realizing the phenomenal gift they were giving to me or any awareness of the seeds that were planted. But, as a person of the arid WT land, you know that seeds planted in death are reborn into a new life and so it is with us. And for that I say “Thanks Be to God!”

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    Michelle says

    You gave me chills! Wow what an awesome God we serve. I myself have been raised in church and I to this day still go (36yrs). I don’t know what I would have done with out the Lord in my life. Growing up in a home with momma serving God and dad well he ran around on mom and was in jail most of the time or on the run. Mom was scared with the responsibility of raising 2 children and no job. Yes, she had and still had and to this day has her mother my grandmother now at the age of 90 still serving God and going to church but God saw momma through the hard times. People at church would slip her an envelope with money in it and say “God told me to give this to you”. :) Well that would pay the water bill and so on. :) To be a christian does not mean life will be easy. In no way does this mean life will be carefree! Nope! It means you will find faith, believe and God gave you a special gift. What is that? He gave himself at the cross so that you shall live in heaven with him for ALL eternity! What a GIFT! I would rather serve this man named Jesus than to die one day and then find out that I missed the train. No I don’t know everything and understand everything there is in the Bible. I just get the simple worded Bible if you know what I mean and it brings it down to my level. :) I know with having a 90 yr old grandmother still in her right mind and lives on her own no meds. and with the Bible and vitamins that she teaches me alot. I pray that you will pass on a rich, genuine generation of loving the Lord with all your heart, mind, and soul to your family and friends for yrs. to come. This is the church that I go to and you to can take alook around on the site: May God bless you and always lead you and guide you. I pray the Lord to shine his face upon you and give you grace and mercy all of your days. That the Lord will guide you and direct your path. For he will, I know I am a miracle to still be her and blessed with a husband and 3 beautiful children! Just remember the Best Is Yet To Come!

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    Sharon says

    That is one beautiful and well loved Bible. Yep, I think you got a nudge. :)

  9. 11

    Cadouri says

    Wow, really great story! I’m sorry about your grandma but I’m sure she’s sending you signs from Heaven. We all have moments of coming back to being a Christian, we tend to forget about religion nowadays, a lot of times. But God sends us signs and we’re coming back to Him.

    Thanks for sharing!

  10. 12

    Vicki Foust says

    Well, that is a pretty cool “WOW” moment if ever I heard one. God is really good at orchestrating those! :) Love ya Lori!