Jeremy Camp and Cowboy Silhouettes

We attended a Jeremy Camp concert in the super small town of Roby, Texas (population about 500).   Oh yeah, you heard me right, JEREMY CAMP, Christian superstar came to this small town to perform for our community and it was amazing!  I don’t know if you have any clue the prayers and hard work that went into securing a gig like this but it’s a huge ordeal for Shannon Wilburn of The Hub and No Need for Need.  Shannon offers a place where teens can go to have fun and stay out of trouble, and hopefully build a relationship with God.  She also provides donated goods (everything clothing to furniture), for folks who can’t afford to buy.  She’s an amazing woman, a true gift from God.

There were at least 2000 in attendance and it was incredible.  The opening act was Adam Cappa.  He only played for 30 minutes or so but I could have listened to him for much longer.  He has true talent!

Of course following his opening performance, was the cutie, Jeremy Camp.  I absolutely loved his sense of humor, his voice, and his sincere appreciation for our community.

I was lucky enough to serve by driving the youth to the concert and even luckier to see my sons go and enjoy the show as well.  Tyler hadn’t seen the stage performed on yet, the stage he had a big helping hand in building, and wanted to get a look at it.

And amongst all the excitement of worship, I happened to see my boys looking so handsome in the dusk setting.   If you’re like me, you just stare at your kids.  They think you’re weird but if they only knew…..if they only knew that we remembering their first moments of crying, crawling, talking, and I love you’s.  And we’re remembering how fast they have grown up and what handsome, good young men they are becoming, and hopefully will continue to be.  I love these photos because you might not know who they are, but I can tell by the way they stand and the crease of their hat, which son is which.

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    Thank you for the Kentucky Biscuits recipe, I can’t wait to make them. If you think Jeremy Camp is awesome, you should go over to youtube and listen to some of Aaron Shust music. He is my favorite heart throb, and there isn’t one single song I don’t like. But watch his to videos “Create Again” & “To God Alone. I saw him in concert 2 times now, the second time with Jason Grey and I just love him to. Great blog keep up the good work. distracted grandma