JumpSport Trampoline Review Part 1, Putting it Together

We had the awesome opportunity to review a JumpSport trampoline recently (and Elite trampoline at that) and my initial reaction is WOOOOHOOOO!  Most of us have bought trampolines from our local stores.  We also have seen them blow away, fall apart, and just flat out break within a very short amount time right?  Well one of the things I want to stress throughout this review, is that this JumpSport trampoline is of HIGH QUALITY-no ifs, ands, or buts.  It’s exceptional.

First off is assembly of the trampoline.  I opened the necessary boxes, scanned through instructions and began.  You can immediately tell the quality of the structure. I loved it.  We received 4 boxes total.  While we did have a delay in shipping due to damage to a box, JumpSport was fantastic at getting a new one out ASAP!  They sent me an email and even followed up to make sure I did receive the replacement.

So we started with the frame first obviously. My husband was at the barn talking to some fellers so I started without him. It tells you to layout the pieces in a circle.  Simple enough!

Oh well look who decided to show up AFTER I have it laid out. That’s okay though, it was so easy I didn’t need a man! ;)

As you can see, it comes together super quick!!  The directions provided are easy to understand, complete with photos, and concise.   After frame is up, it was time to put the mat on.  Another easy task!  We unfolded the mat in the center to prepare.

It’s getting dark because UPS didn’t arrive until after 7pm.  It didn’t stop us though!!!  We could still see!  As you can see, we placed the springs just like the instructions said.  By doing it their way (and not your own way), it worked our perfectly and evenly.  I keep bringing up quality and with good reason. The springs were strong, thick, and stout!  You could definitely tell a HUGE difference in the JumpSport springs and other ones.

Truett couldn’t stand it, he had to jump immediately!!!

Then we made him right off so that we could put the protective pad on.  Now I have to say….this pad is amazing.  SOOO NOT like the ones bought in your local stores.  It’s super high quality and very nice looking.  Each end of a pad is connected and secured to a separate piece of velcro’d pad on bottom and on top.  LOVE LOVE LOVE the design of it.  And on top of that, it has safety loops to bring around the frame instead of the lame strings we all have dealt with.

We quit for the evening since it was dark but can you believe, it was the easiest, quickest 30 minutes ever?!!!

Now it’s time for the enclosure. I was scared of this part.  Setting up a standing net around the trampoline was intimidating to me at first so I just took it step by step starting with pole assembly.

I let Tyler take my place on this part…..

But then I had to takeover on the actual net part….which was fine. It was easy to do!

I tightened all the places that needed tightening, secured spots that needed secured and VIOLA, we had our trampoline set up!  We jumped our little hearts out!

Even my cat enjoyed the high quality pad.

Well that was fun yes?  It’s completely clear why the JumpSport Trampoline cost more than the ones you buy in the stores…..QUALITY QUALITY QUALITY. I cannot stress that enough.  It’s built to last for sure and ours has even endured golf ball size hail with no problemos!   Bouncing on it is fun, feels safe, and the enclosure eases my mind when Truett is jumping on it, well, and his Dad too since he seems to fall into the net on occasion!  HA!

This is for now but I have videos coming up in my next post so stay tuned.  I also have health facts and tips for those of you wanting to get in shape, lose a little weight, and feel good!  Until then…..

In full enclosure disclosure (haha..trampoline humor, get it?): JumpSport Trampolines sent me a trampoline, enclosure, and ladder to review. So far it has been the best thing ever for our family!!!  Wel all jump. We all love it.  We make it a family event!  All opinions are my own and kept real here at A Cowboy’s Wife.  That’s how I jump roll!  (<–haha, more humor!)


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  1. says

    Oh this looks so fun Lori! I love that you can all jump in it together – I’m a big kid plus I bet I could use it for exercise! I loved trampolines and when I was little my mom wouldn’t let me jump on them because she thought they were unsafe. And those were! No covered springs, and DEFINITELY no enclosures. This one looks amazing. Plus, I can tell the difference in the padding/cover of the springs – it looks like a much higher quality – it’s so obvious even from the photos.

    Maybe one day I’ll have a yard again…

    Great post!

  2. says

    You are so lucky to have them big, strong boys to help you put that together. When we put our Springfree Trampoline up last year it was just me and Jon, let me tell you, that thing was a workout. But seriously, a trampoline is the best fun (exercise) around. Ten minutes hopping around in there and I’m winded.

  3. Sunnie says

    Thats way awesome you were able to try this! We had a trampoline when we were young, no net though. I really want to get one now. And it is fun for everyone,

  4. Lauralee Hensley says

    Loved playing on the neighbor’s Trampoline as a kid. They didn’t have a safety net though, and my younger sis fell off and broke a small bone in one of her arms. My parents didn’t sue the neighbors though, and didn’t ask the neighbors to pay for her medical care. Why, because they were our neighbors and it was just an accident. They were good neighbors, with the moms giving each other stuff they grew in their gardens back and forth. My mom grew some items she didn’t and likewise their mom grew stuff ours didn’t. So when the crops came in they gave each other some of what the other didn’t grow. They had only boys, and we had only one brother and the rest of us were girls. Yet, we played with the boys and they played with us. Well, that is until a couple of girls finally moved in on the block then we started playing with them more because they were girls.