Just a Hint or Two for Mother’s Day

With Mother’s Day around the corner, not only am I trying to decide what to get my own Mom but I’m also dropping hints to my family for myself.  You’d think after 18+ years of marriage that my husband would be able to get the kiddos together and pick something out on his own but nope. He needs all the help he can get.  Don’t most men?

First hints revolve around a new camera.  I really want a Canon DSLR so what have I been doing to drop a hint?  Well, for one, I ALWAYS leave the tab open to the camera I want when I know he’s going to be on the computer.   Don’t tell me you’ve never done that!!!  You know you have.

Something else I’ve mentioning around the house is the fact that Summer is almost here and the heat is already blaring through the windows. I have sheer curtains at the moment but keep telling my husband how some pretty tan suede curtains would keep the heat out and look pretty.  Do you find that curtains help keep heat out?

Finally, something else I keep hinting about is a little relaxation.  Probably not what you’re thinking though…….Everytime my husband and boys leave the house, I turn off the TV for the silence so that I can work.  But something I’d really like to have is a relaxation fountain, one of those HoMedics soothing ones.  Ahhhhh, I can hear it now.  Can’t you?

So have you been dropping hints like me?  What ARE you wanting this Mother’s Day. And don’t say something like “I just want my kids with me..blah blah blah”. That totally doesn’t count because it’s a given.  Tell me something you want for yourself!

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  1. Carmen Williams says

    My wonderfull hubby bought me a Kindle so I can relax & read whatever I want. After 45 years of marriage no hints were needed!

    • says

      First off, congrats on 45 years. WOW! We had our 18th anniversary in Jan and are pretty proud;)

      Great hubs you got there, especially to pick something out on his own. I have to say, I don’t know too many that can. Well, I say that but I think they just pretend they can’t because they’re too lazy!! LOL

  2. says

    My DH is not a gift buyer or giver. When my oldest daughter was a Wal-Mart Jewelry DM, I got jewelry for every occasion (no complaints), he paid -she bought -and she has good taste!! One of our two girls still does his shopping and we will have our 50th anniversary this year.

  3. Sandy says

    I’ve totally done the “leave a tab open on the computer” thing. He has never once taken the hint. Men…lol

    I really want an iPod touch. I’ve been hinting about one for months now. What I’ll probably get is a card and a bunch of grocery store flowers. If they even remember it’s Mother’s Day.

  4. Heather says

    I bought myself a new DSLR…I finally saved up enough to do it…so I finally made a decision and treated myself. I got a Canon EOS T3…about half the price of the one on your wish list. :)

    I am guessing I will be getting homeade cards but a gift is unlikely. I know dh is saving up for a big gift in August…our 10th anniversary.

    Having my house to myself for a whole day and night…now that’s a gift!