Kid Activities – Paper Plate Ring Toss!

Summer Summer Summertime!  We’re sharing kid activities to keep your kiddos busy this Summer and today, we’re bringing you Paper Plate Ring Toss!  Wouldn’t this be cool during the Olympics!  Don’t forget to alternate games during the weeks to keep it fresh and be sure to check out the Homemade Bubble Solution with Filling Station and the DIY Paddle for Balloon Bounce!

DIY Paper Plate Ring Toss

One of the things I love about these activities I’ve been sharing with y’all, is that they are simply creative (and cheap!).  I don’t think Truett had any clue of all the things we could do with paper plates!  It’s been fun watching him get excited and play with real enjoyment.  For this activity, I used the paper plates from the paddles I made for the balloon bounce, some duct tape, and a dowel rod from the crafting section at walmart.  I actually had duct tape already in stock from the Halloween Pumpkin Spider I made so I didn’t have to buy any but to keep costs low, you can just buy one color or one plain and have them use markers to decorate them.  I went ahead and splurged and bought spongebob duct tape for Truett!

DIY Ring Toss1

DIY Ring Toss2

DIY Ring Toss3

ring toss



  • Paper Plates
  • Duct Tape
  • Dowel Rod
  • Scissors
  • Saw (or something to cut your dowel rod in half)


  1. Cut your dowel rod and set aside (you can also paint it if you want!)
  2. Cut the centers out of several paper plates.  I did 6; 3 for each player.
  3. Wrap duct tape around the paper plate until completely covered.
  4. Stake your rod into the ground, several feet opposite of one another, like the Horseshoes game.

diy paper plate ring toss

That’s it!  You can keep score or just play for fun.  What’s great, is the duct tape on the paper plates provides weight and keeps them durable.

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