Kitchen Makeover Continues with a Few Extras!

It feels like forever but remember when I told you that Wilsonart would be providing me countertops?  Well, they will be installed next week!  First, let me tell you the issue I had, which had nothing to do with Wilsonart.  The fact is, I live in the middle of nowhere and none of the fabricators I called wanted to make the drive to my home to tackle the project.  Sad huh? I mean, you have tons of people who need a job and they just felt like the 30-60 minute drive was too much.  Anyways, I finally did find an awesome guy in Sweetwater, TX that was happy to take on the project.  We had a few phone calls and he came out to measure and check out the property. He had a few concerns with how old and crappy my cabinets were.  He also explained that he was Wilsonsart trained but hadn’t heard of the new HD Laminate and would like to know more so that he fully understands what he’d be working with.  I LOVE THIS because he clearly wanted to do a good job and learn more about the product!   A+ in my book!

Well, after a few more calls, I put him in contact with the countertop folks directly so they could hash out any other details.  The next thing I knew, I’m getting an email saying that I’m getting new cabinets!  HOLY GUACAMOLE!   The concern the fabricator had about my cabinets was a risk that he wasn’t willing to take. There were holes and places where the wood parts were broken…pretty bad.  So I can’t even express my gratitude to the Wilsonart team for going above and beyond in this situation!

So what exactly am I getting for my Kitchen Makeover?  Well let me just tell you!

First, cabinets are being made as we speak.  He’s putting the final touches on right now!  We have the bottom pieces of the cabinet in the garage.  The inside is white and very easy to clean and the outside is stained a beautiful color!  Here’s a peek at the unfinished pieces.

I am still getting the countertops of course. After TONS of opinions, I chose………Deepstar Bronze. I think it has a more rustic feel to it that will match the rest of the home.

Wilsonart is also providing me a sink!  What’s cool about this sink? You can wipe right into the sink without worry about getting gunk into the outer crevices.  Yep, no lip for easy cleanup.  SO awesome! That is the sink I am getting in the photo.  My responsibility was to get the faucet and hardware for the sink and cabinets.

Because I am so fortunate to have worked with some wonderful companies, I reached out to Delta Faucets to see if they would consider providing the faucet for me to review and for the kitchen makeover.  They were excited about my makeover and happy to have me review one.  The Delta faucet I’m receiving is the Pilar Single Handle Pull-Down Kitchen Faucet with Touch2O Technology and it’s a beauty.   The touch feature is a big thing for me.  With our family working the ranch with the cows, horses, and dirt; I really think this will help to cut down what germs will get spread around.  We’ll be able to use our arm to touch it so wash our hands.  Since I have an automatic soap dispenser, it will really be awesome! Watch the’s cool.

And finally, some of the finishing touches include Julia and Lucy and Max.  Yes, they all have names.  Julia will compliment the kitchen well yes?  Lucy will sit on those beautiful new countertops, glaring at me with anticipation of being used, and Max will make sure I’m aware of the time, while jamming to tunes or watching some tube.

I cannot wait for everything to be done and share the final look!  I think the countertops are just make the entire kitchen look so beautiful. It’s such a pretty color and all the additional accessories will just enhance that beauty.  Hope you continue to follow along to hear all about it and see video!  Until then, I encourage you to follow all of these companies on twitter and facebook.

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KitchenAid on Twitter | KitchenAid on Facebook | Website

Audiovox (RCA) on Twitter | Audiovox (RCA) on Facebook | Website

In full disclosure, please know that these companies are providing these items in return for thorough, authentic reviews.  My opinions are my own, always have been, always will be.  You can read more about my blogging ethics on my disclosure page.

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