KitchenAid Recipe Collection Cookbook {love}

I’m actually not a big fan of cookbooks so when I got a new one in the mail the other day, I was hesitant that I’d like it, as I am with other cookbooks.  But then,  I opened it up and saw that it was a recipe collection from KitchenAid and was immediately interested.

It’s hard to find a cookbook that is special.  One that has ‘features’ and doesn’t put me to sleep or cost me an arm & a leg to buy the ingredients.  Thank goodness KitchenAid didn’t let me down.  Here’s what I love about the cookbook.

1) It’s a binder cookbook. I LOVE that I can take the pages out of the cookbook vs having to sit the cookbook upright wherever I’m cooking.  This means I can move the recipe around from station to station if I need to. It also means that I can laminate the pages if I wanted too!!!!  It’s a fun tip I learned way back then and it’s awesome.  You don’t have to worry about getting food all over the page and messing it off. You’ll be able to wipe it right off, so I highly recommend you do that.

2) Speaking of lamination, there’s a front plastic page that helps protect the start of the cookbook.  I like the simple things, what can I say.

3) TABS! LOVE LOVE LOVE the tabs. There’s 19 food tab categories which covers everything.  There’s a few additional tabs for the Glossary/Cooking Terms, Index, and ‘My Recipes’. I love the Cooking terms section and at the back you have your measurement conversions.  I just love the tabs because you can find the specific category you’re after super quick.  And to make it even easier, on the back of the tab page, there’s a list of recipes that are in that section, and their page  number.  VERY USER FRIENDLY!

4) Simple but delicious recipes. One of the things I hate about cookbooks is the fact that so many of them call for such special, high end ingredients that I either can’t find or can’t afford.  That is NOT the case with this cookbook.  I browsed the entire recipe collection of over 400 and was extremely pleased with the ingredient list with pretty much all of them.  That, my friends, is a rare thing.   Each recipe has a photo and clear recipe instructions.

As I mentioned earlier, in the very back of the book, you are able to write your own recipes on the pages.  What I’d like to know though, is if additional ‘my recipe’ pages can be bought to add to the collection, since they only give you three.  I think they should!

What recipe do I want to try?  The Rustic Plum Tart.  YUM!!! We love plums but I’ve never made anything with plums.  Totally gonna though when they are back in season.

You can buy the book at Amazon – KitchenAid Recipe Collection Cookbook

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