Kool-Aid Pineapple Bites for Kids

I was in the store the other day and saw pineapples on sale.  I remembered Shelby talking about how they take pineapple chunks and sprinkle kool-aid over them.  I was like WHAT!  That sounds awesome!  So we tried it.

Kool-Aid Pineapple Bites for Kids

It’s VERY is to whip up!  You simply need kool-aid and pineapple.  Because the pineapples were on sale at Walmart, I went with the fresh produce but you could totally buy the can versions and just drain them.  Sprinkle the kool-aid all over the pineapple chunks and you’re good to go!  And for an added indulgence, serve with whip cream!

pineapple snack

pineapple snack2

pineapple snack3

pineapple snack with koolaid

Pineapple snack for kids 2

truett eating pineapple

You could totally do this with all colors of Kool-Aid for difference holidays!  Think Halloween colors, Easter, the Olympics!!! Use rings instead of chunks. OMG, fun! Enjoy y’all!


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