Lands™ End National Swimsuit Confidence Week

I haven’t worn a swimsuit in many years.  That happens after having 3 kids, gaining tons of weight, and just losing confidence in yourself.  But, I’m going on a cruise next January for our 20th anniversary and I’ve been working on losing some weight.  In fact, from the time that Lands’ End reached out to me and ordered this swimsuit, to the time I received it, I had already lost 6lbs.  I think I could have gone down a whole size.  THAT gives me confidence, along with a  swimsuit that helps minimize the areas that need minimizing.  I’m learning that we only have one life to live and we need to love it, enjoy it, and live it.  So with that……..

Lands’ End had some wonderful swimsuits to choose from and I’m wearing one with confidence.  Do you have the confidence to share a photo of you in a swimsuit?  If so, share it on their facebook page!  

Lands’ End will be hosting giveaways this week on Twitter using the #LandsEnd tag.  There is also a Swimsuit Sweepstake running right now on the Lands’ End Facebook.  Check it out y’all!


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