Last Cake Standing Challenge Winner, Mary Maher

The winner of the Last Cake Standing challenge and $50,000 was Mary Maher who finished the challenge making a sweet 16 cake for the sextuplets.


All three challengers making it to the end were deserving to be there and it was exciting to watch it unfold. I read through all the comments on my previous Last Cake Standing post and found everyone’s take very interesting. I have to agree, Bronwen was very ugly at times and her attitude towards Mary (when talking to the camera) could have been so much better. She is no doubt a wonderful cake maker but when you say catty things and sarcastically make fun of someone else’s cake, then you lose my respect quickly. HOWEVER, she’s really good at what she does and I thought all her cakes were awesome!

Courtney was a surprise to me and I thought her cake was awesome! She deserved to be right up there and gave them girls a run for their money! She’s a big sissy though and needs to toughen up. There’s no crying in cake making!!! lol

I would love to know your thoughts and hear how YOU would have ranked them 1st-3rd.

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  1. Dorene says

    I watched this as well. I really thought that Courney was going to win. In fact, I think Mary was my last choice and I was shocked she won. I loved the car part of her design, the rest, not so much. I thought Bronwen’s cake was nice, but it wasn’t her neatest and/or best work.

  2. Terry says

    I thought Mary won hands down next was courtney. Bronwen wasnt even in the running seen better work from her but Mary is the best perfect work couldnt get any better than that:)

  3. Sally Hansen says

    Courtney was irritating to watch. Her drama and crying was off-putting. She needs to go on anti-depressants or something. Someone give her a tissue. Her cakes were great, but her final sextuplet birthday cake didn’t shine.

    Bronwen has been accused of bad sportsmanship, but I just see her as confident. Her final cake was, I think, the worst work I have ever seen from her. It was sloppy and not inventive. For $50,000, one would think she would have put forth more effort.

    Mary’s theatrics were almost as irritating as Courtney’s. Someone hand her a paper bag before she hyperventilates. However, she consistently turns out excellent cakes. She won, hands down, in my opinion.

  4. says

    Mary is my hero! i was for her the entire time. she is an awesome decorator and i can only dream of becoming as good as she is in my own decorating skills. Congratulations Mary!

  5. Kathe says

    Mary winning was well deserved. I was pleasantly surprised at Courtney’s work – thought it was well done. I used to enjoy Bronwen, but her attitude and poor sportmanship totally turned me off! She’s just not as good as Mary and that’s that!

  6. says

    The Last Cake Standing challenge was the best, I couldn’t wait for it to air each week. Bronwen and Mary are both my hero’s I love both of their works. Bronwen didn’t put up her best work but in a week long challenge exhaustion had to have set in. Mary’s cakes were amasing the exhaustion set in on her as well but her and Brenda handled it in a winning fashion.

  7. Lea says

    Mary’s cakes are just consistently wonderful as for Bronwen, I would rather take a second rate cake for myself than buy anything from her. She did a great disservice to herself with her very unprofessional comments about Mary and I think it hurt her in the end. I am sure the judges watch a rerun of the show afterwards lady and they heard your nasty comments. Good luck to you Mary.

  8. C says

    Mary is such a cow! Bronwen is fantastic. Mary is the one who needs to grow up.

    Don’t know what show you guys were watching. Obviously not the version where Mary smiles at other’s misfortunes and cannot cooperate with others.

  9. Jb says

    I like Mary and her personality she respects her competition unlike Brownwen who acts like everybody around her are idiots and she’s the only one with talent. That’s why she keeps losing you can’t underestimate everyone else, they are there just like you are because they are just as good!! Go Mary.

  10. says

    I was so Very Muchly THRILLED at Mary’s WIN!!! It was Much deserved and the order was a Just and Deserving Order in which they were ranked! Mary has kept herself Humble and grounded with her Success unlike Bronwen whom has gotten WAY Too Cocky and Headstrong with her Success… So Much Congrats Mary!!!

  11. Rose F says

    I really enjoyed the last cake Courtney made. From the very beginning Mary always added that extra flair with her drawings. I was a real big fan of Bronwens cakes until the very end. It seemed to be a safe way out and I just expected so much more…I did like the details it just didn’t WOW me like Courtneys and Mary’s. CONGRATS MARY…. You deserve it!

  12. DD says

    Mary’s cake was SO awesome, and her styles are all so unique and different. She can do it all. No two cakes were exactly alike. One question????? Can someone explain why Courtney used the same quote (That’s what she said) on the “TV-topper” of the sextuplets cake that she did on the wedding cake??? Didn’t quite catch that??!!!! Overall, I thought the competition was VERY FAIR, across the board. I wish Mary would design a cake for my son’s Sweet 16!!!!

  13. lisa says

    i thought mary deserved her win and for a self taught cake artist,well who needs culinary college?! she has really inspired me to keep practicing,i always root for bronwen as her work is usually flawless,this time…i think she just gave up,she looked tired and ill and didnt have her usual confidence,i dont agree with any1 making catty remarks about each other,its not nice when the shoe is on the other foot and its directed at YOU! well done mary and im real sorry to hear about the fire hope u get sorted soon xxxxxxxxxxxxx

  14. Kristina Cunan says

    I thought both Mary and Bronwen were bashing each other. I really thought Bronwen should have won. I was routing for her from the beginning. I think all her cakes were better than Mary’s.