Last Minute, Cool Gift Ideas

Oh my gosh, can you believe 2010 is almost over?? I cannot believe it!! It went by too fast and for me, it only means that I have one more year before my son graduates school.  I feel old.

It’s also your last chance to buy a gift before Christmas. Perhaps you are short on ideas??  I know that most years I am but this year, I experienced so many wonderful things that I had plenty of gift ideas and wanted to share a few of my favorites.

First up, we’ll start with something you might not have thought of, Rosetta Stone’s V4 TOTALe.

Now even though I am Mexican (half), I don’t speak any. I understand some but don’t speak much at all which is why I wanted to learn so badly.  I really like the way this teaches you and have picked up on enough already to have a small conversation with my husband is a full Spaniard.  It’s been fun and I highly recommend it!   A friend of mine used it to learn German so I know that it totally works and my small successes are proof as well.

Do you work at home like I do? Do you do any kind of contract labor and save receipts for tax time?  I was dying to try this out every since Amy from raved about it a long time ago.  I am that person, that person that walks in with the shoebox full of receipts.  It’s gotten ridiculous to be honest so I was thrilled when NeatReceipts offered to send me their product for review.  I am totally impressed by this machine. It’s amazing and I absolutely love it!!! It’s a must have for anyone who needs to keep organized with their receipts.  I only wish I had had it at the beginning of 2010 but I will have for 2011 baby!!  What a fabulous gift huh!  Look for a more thorough review of it, including video over at ELM.

Another of my favorite things is the new NOOKColor.  To be quite honest, this thing is pretty dang cool and I feel like it’s a fabulous alternative to those who can’t afford the high price tag of the iPad.  The features are endless and the quality of the screen images are amazing, just amazing.  You can listen to music, surf the web thanks to the wifi feature, download files, photos and of course read books and magazines and more.  At the price of $250, I can honestly say that it’s worth every penny.  I truly think it’s a great product.  I just attended a webinar that really allowed me to see all that it does and it just blows me away.  It’s such a huge change from the original Nook (B&W) that I also have.  Two thumbs up from this Mom!

BACK that computer up y’all!!  Over the past year, I’ve seen some blogging friends lose all their computer data and it something that just puts that pit in your stomach.  You know you never want it to happen to you but yet have you taken the precautions to make sure it doesn’t?  Probably not!  Another item in experienced in 2010 is Hitachi’s LifeStudio Desk External Hard Drive. Now while I can’t provide feedback on the stability of this hard drive yet since I’ve only owned it for a few weeks, I can tell you that it’s super easy to hook up and start backing up your computer.  You simply plug in the wall, plug in the computer and you’re on your way. It’s definitely priced right for the enormous size of the hard drive and it’s a must for any computer user.

If you’re looking for games, I have a few to recommend in that category as well.


  • Active Life Explorer – Truett cracks me up with this game. It does what it says, it keeps you active and you’re totally exploring new adventures.  Fun for kids!
  • Family Game Night 3 – I have to say that my favorite games on this are Clue and Life.  Me and Toby play both of them nonstop.  We’ve always played the board game Clue so I was excited to see this in action on the Wii.  It works the same in a lot of ways and it’s one of regular games we play before bed.  I don’t think I played the game of Life much as a young’un, however, we LOVE to play this.  It’s fun to see who wins at the end because it doesn’t always end how you think it will.  This is by far our favorite Wii game lately!! I must have for every family!
  • Disney Epic Mickey –  Truett thinks it’s AWESOME. We’ve only played a few times but so far so good. It’s always fun to have the ‘new’ games out!

XBOX 360/PS3

  • Tony Hawk’s Shred – I felt kinda silly at first doing this but once I got the hang of it, I was acting like Tony Hawk himself but on a high of Dr. Pepper.  Setup is easy just takes a tad longer than some things would to setup.  The older boys tried it and also felt silly because well, they’ve never been on a skateboard before. I cracked up at them flailing their arms about everywhere.  lol  fun stuff.
  • HALO Reach!! – Anyone who has played Halo must have the final one. It’s awesome, we love it, we love all of them.  For teens and up.
  • Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood – Great game. We have all of them and again for the older ones.  We really like the first shooter games.

Well, that’s all for now. If I think of anything else, I might write about it but if I don’t, keep an eye out on my facebook or twitter page for ideas because I’m always spittin’ them out!

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    I seriously need to learn to speak Spanish for work & your comments on Rosetta Stone really have me interested in learning more about this program, thanks for this treasure trove of great gift ideas!